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Miyamoto Talks Metroid

Shigeru Miyamoto was recently questioned about the next Metroid game that many expect to make its debut on Wii U. Miyamoto said that the majority of ideas that he had for the Metroid franchise are already included in Metroid Blast, which is one of the game’s featured in Nintendo Land.

“You know, the kind of ideas I have on Metroid are already reflected in the mini-game that is devoted to the series in Nintendo Land, Metroid Blast.”

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    1. I don’t think the latter is implied at all. If anything the former is, he’s saying that’s what you should expect in a Wii U Metroid.

      1. Oh I saw it as more like ‘we don’t need a metroid because everything we can do with metroid is done in nintendo lands mini game’

        1. This is obviously corporate bullshit so that he gives Nintendoland a good plug. Always wanting more sales and to make investors happy. Metroid 5 for 3DS and Metroid Prime 4 will come out in 2014.

          1. Well, the Prime trilogy is done since all Phazon was destroyed at the end of Prime 3. So if there ever is a sort of sequel to Prime 3 it would most likely have a new name. I would love to see a Metroid 5 on 3DS release around the same time, that way both sides of the Metroid fanbase would be happy.

            1. I can’t imagine a new 3D Metroid game that is not named Prime. I grew up too much fond of this series. I tell you, I will not sleep when I hear there is a Metroid “PRIME” 4 in the works developed by Retro Studios. In fact, I don’t think I would sleep at all knowing that a Metroid game for the Wii U is being developed, despite it’s name.

              I agree that the trilogy is finished, meaning we can get a new one for this decade. :3

              Names? Hmm, it’s hard to beat Prime (as it grew stronger on us), maybe just name it Super Metroid “Something” in reference to the SNES debut.

            2. Yep, the Prime Trilogy is done, but towards the end when you see Samus escape, you see a different ship too, a ship possibly being piloted by Dark Samus perhaps. Of course it wont be a new Metroid game with Prime in it’s title but maybe something similar and explaining what was that ship and if Dark Samus survived.

              1. Or perhaps, it could be something else, but Dark Samus will make an apparition without actually being the main focus of the story. Like, as if she is that weak compared to Samus’ new enemies.

                  1. She destroyed Phaaze, the planet which was the source of all the Phazon in the universe as well as the main source of energy for the Dark Samus. However, by destroying Phaaze it doesn’t mean all the Phazon in the universe is gone.

                    Phazon was scattered across the universe in many ways, mainly through asteroids hitting other planets (like Tallon IV), and it was also spread and shipped through mining as done by Space Pirates in many worlds.

                    Dark Samus, as seen in the ending after the credits, is still alive as she is controlling her ship. So now, I believe all she wants is to feed from these lesser Phazon energies in other planets.

                    I tell you, Dark Samus is not totally gone yet! AH SHIT I LOVE METROID LORE!!! *-*

                    1. I did at one time come up with a story where Phazon could still exist somewhere. Phaaze has apparently been sending leviathans to corrupt planets for a VERY long time. It states in one of the logbook scans from Prime 3 (I think it’s the leviathan infant one) that after a leviathan impacts a planet after a certain amount of time the planet would become pure Phazon, essentially a clone of Phaaze. What if this Phaaze clone was able to survive the destruction of the original since it had it’s own Phazon core to survive off of? This new Phaaze could then send out it’s own leviathans and the cycle would start all over again. So there you have it, a little theory I came up with for how Phazon could still exist in the Metroid universe.

            3. mike s ever get a 100 percent on metriod prime3 something happens im not going to spoli it for every one but just get a hundred percent and see what i mean

                1. Continuing on that other conversation (I can’t reply to your other post I don’t know why):

                  That is a plausible theory. And I do remember reading about these leviathans. What intrigues me the most is the fact that there are still planets with Phazon, and also asteroids on their own sailing through the universe, at some point there could be one that was corrupted enough that it became a Phaaze clone (as you suggested).

                  Anyway, about a new Metroid game: I would love if in our journey, we had to actually come back to previous planets that were once visited, but not in the same area. Planets like Zebes (Super Metroid), SR388 (Metroid Fusion), Tallon IV (Metroid Prime and my personal favorite :P) and lastly but not least: Planet Aether (Metroid Prime 2, it would be interesting to see what the planet looks like after Samus drove the Ing forces out of the planet and now the Luminoth are awaken and perhaps living in peace).

                  Anyway, I really think that they should give us more lore about the Chozo and the traces of their civilization. There’s still too many mysteries behind them that could be connected to something else. Can be anything, as long as it doesn’t take the “The Other M” router. :3

                  1. All the planets that still had some Phazon (Tallon IV, Aether, Bryyo, Elysia, Pirate Homeworld) most likely had whatever was left destroyed along with Phaaze.

        2. This is how I saw it. I know they like to push Nintendo Land at every opportunity, but to me this sounds like “You’ve got this- don’t hold your breath for a new game anytime soon”.

        3. Obviously he’s going to advocate for NintendoLand. Do you think he’s going to come out and say that the Metroid mini game is not as good as the real deal? He wants people to buy and give it a chance before brushing it off as a mere mini game. If he told you a new Metroid is coming out that will blow the attraction in NintendoLand out of the water, it would lower the chances of people buying NintendoLand.

    1. Yeah, tbh i read this as, “We’re already experimenting with what Metroid will work like on WiiU. We’ve explored some ideas that you can experience there first”

      1. Except for Murasame Castle (Takamaru’s Ninja Castle) since Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Studios had recently expressed intrest in a reboot on his Twitter account. This was his response to question about if there was any other Nintendo game than Star Fox that he wants to work on.

  1. I am excited for Nintendo Land and I am impressed with everything Nintendo Land offers. However, there is no way Metroid Blast can substitute for another installment in the Metroid series.

  2. okay i’ve just about had it with him referencing nintendoland as if it would be a substitute for their major franchises

    stop trying to tell us nintendoland could replace metroid or f-zero.. next thing we know he’ll try telling us that all the new zelda ideas are actually already in nintendoland

    1. He’s not even saying that.
      He just saying as far as what we can EXPECT from Metroid, Metroid Blast is a nice look into what they’re thinking.

      They arent saying, “oh well we did a mini game so you dont need one”.

      1. when i read his line it actually sounds like “we’ve used all our ideas on the minigame so for now we don’t have anything unique we can put into the main game”

  3. A 3rd person camera, where you can aim is much more suited for Metroid. Not cover based shooter, but more run and gun, which is how Metroid’s always been, technically.
    The first person view is nice, but at least try something new.

    1. I agree. Metroid Blast seems to have a mix of both, switching back and forth between 1st-person and 3rd-person.

      I hope that’s what they go with for the mext Metroid: a game that allows you to switch between both. That way the Prime fans can be satisfied and a 3rd-person fan like me can be satisfied.

      1. Yeah i didnt mean switch to 1st person, i meant full 3rd person but free aiming, like Lost Planet or something.

        1. Oh I know you meant, and I would definately prefer full on 3rd person shooting. I’m just saying that Nintendo might keep 1st person around in some way or form to keep the Prime fans interested, of which I am not one of them.

  4. I think the chance of getting a new Metroid this gen is high. Obviously they can’t say anything else now except “We hope you enjoy the Metroid attraction inside Nintendo Land”

    Funny thing about Nintendo Land the day before Nintendo’s E3 2012 conference I was wondering what it would be like to have a Nintendo theme park like Disney World. and then voila Nintendo Land. Leave luck to heaven.

  5. I think Nintendo Land was basically used as a stalling mechanism for every single game Nintendo is working on for the Wii U.

    “While we’re making the REAL games, have some fun with some dumbed-down-but-nevertheless-really-fun-versions of those games all in one!”

  6. I hope the next Metroid game goes into detail of the end of Prime 3 where if you beat it 100% you see [SPOILER] a ship (most assume Sylux) following Samus’s ship… AND TEAM NINJA ARE OFF LIMITS. ONLY RETRO STUDIOS!

    1. You know they only did the gameplay part of it, right? Sakamoto penned the script, stop blaming Team Ninja all the time. I would love to see them develop the next Metroid game.

      1. Totally agree. Heck, Sakamoto wrote for all the titles bar the Prime series. If he tries again and considers of the personality that was “given” to Samus in Prime, it should the script would be fine. Otherwise Other M’s script was outside of that.

        Now Team Ninja has an HD system they can make a sci-fi title on, sounds sweet. If they can learn some things from a spin-off title of another one of Satoru Okada’s games along with their dark gory brutally difficult titles, I’m sure we’d have a masterpiece on our hands.

  7. I’ve been thinking, maybe Nintendo Land is actually testing the waters to see if people are still interested in the franchises like Metroid and F-Zero. That and the mini-games are the ideas that might be in future installments in those games, so what we’re seeing NL are possible ideas. We are just testing them and Nintendo will see if we like them and will implement them in the actual games later on.

  8. I just remembered something…remember the holographic technology they’ve been working on??. What if they were planning to release a 3D/AR/Holographic capable device for the wii U?. Imagine the possibilty with metroid!. After they invested in AR tech they were probably going for what the rumored 720 was gonna do

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