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Here’s The First Look At Retail Wii U Game Box And Sleeve

US gaming publication Game Informer have managed to get their hands on the first Wii U software title from Ubisoft, Rabbids Land. The publication has taken numerous photos of the game’s sleeve, case, manual, and disc. Rabbids Land launches alongside Wii U in North America on November 18th.

62 thoughts on “Here’s The First Look At Retail Wii U Game Box And Sleeve”

        1. Don’t be a dickhead. The GBA had carboard boxes. The DS had futuristic plastic at the time that ”screamed next gen”. The N64 had carboard boxes,The Gamecube had DVD sized plastic boxes that ”screamed nect gen”. The ps vita has different boxes to the psp. The ps2 had different boxes to the ps1 the ps3 had different boxes to the ps2 and all ”screamed next gen”. All my life the difference in Game cases has always been an interesting change from GEN to GEN. And like Nintenlord said , compared to the wii these wiiu cases ”scream next gen”

          Yours truly , Morgan freeman.

            1. IKR ?? XD. Imagine that comment in Freemans voice with his typical emphasis every time I said ”Screamed Next Gen” :)

            1. Shitty old plastic :). Still the jump in Game cases always gets people hyped for the new generation. I am sick of wii cases but am extra hyped for the blue wiiu cases. Changeing the case has worked on me.

  1. Man this is getting real 2 years of waiting it about to come true i was i lived in the us get it 13 days before me

        1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

          I was thinking it to. I should comment “Speaky any english biotch?” but someone stole my light!

    1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

      When I got my PS3 for christmas within a month o two of my games had broken cases from falling of the couch.

      1. That’s what i hate about this gen cases. )= . I don’t understand that “environmental holes cut into both the front and back”, what is the purpose of that? Less plastic = Less money?

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    Xbox Surface: Microsoft chasing Wii U with next console?

    Posted by Brier Dudley

    Rumors of an Xbox Surface tablet device are surfacing again today, with The Verge hearing from several sources that Microsoft’s making progress on a 7-inch tablet device.

    But I’ll bet this isn’t just another challenger to the 7-inch Kindle and Nexus tablets and the iPad Mini.

    Instead, it looks more like the controller and auxiliary display for the next Xbox.

    That would mean that Microsoft’s following the path of Nintendo’s multiscreen Wii U, which is starting the next console generation off with its launch next week.

    The Wii U includes a stationary console plus a wireless controller with a 6.2-inch touchscreen display.

    Console game developers are already starting to build titles that take advantage of this sort of display.

    Microsoft is now offering the SmartGlass application on phones and tablets as a bridge between touchscreen displays and its current console, but it’s a more complicated approach and doesn’t offer developers a fixed platform.

    An Xbox tablet could be sold as part of a console bundle and also as a standalone accessory. Like the Wii U’s tablet, it would work as a super remote control and device for watching video streamed via the console.

    A spec sheet that surfaced (sorry) last summer actually lays out Microsoft’s plan for its next console and lists it as the “Xbox Surface.”

    The Xbox Surface is described as a “stationary computing device” or console with an auxiliary “tablet computing device” with a 7-inch touchscreen.

    The tablet has a “custom IBM engine for scale-out workloads,” according to the spec sheet. Today’s report says the Xbox Surface tablet will have a custom ARM processor, which would be a cousin to the tiny ARM processors used in Microsoft’s Surface Windows RT tablet.

    The Surface console has two six-core IBM processors and a custom AMD graphics processor that drives ultra-high-def displays with up to 1440p resolution. Also listed is a 250-gigabyte spinning hard drive. No optical drive is mentioned, so the console won’t howl like a hairdryer and games will be distributed digitally.

    Microsoft’s skipping the Consumer Electronics Show in January – where the original Xbox was unveiled in 2001 – so the E3 game conference next June appears to be the likely place for Microsoft to roll out the new hardware.

  3. I was expecting a slot in it to hold SD cards if we’re going to be using them for game data and saves, like the slots they had for memory cards in Gamecube cases.

  4. Nothing will stop ne from buying a wii u and probably like every single launch title and evety other title tht comes after. I seriously i hate the ugly color of the box, but to hell with that, its the games and the system that matter. Who cares how stupid thee inside of the box looks.

  5. Back, again.

    Hurricane Sandy didn’t let me go on the computer for days O_O

    Well, i finally got $330/$390 (shipping and tax included) Planning on getting the Wii U for Christmas :)

  6. To the Hurricane Sandy people, stay strong! Hope you guys get help. On another note, I love the color of the case. It stands out.

  7. Please tell me this is a joke right? This means Downloadable manuals? wtf -__- like this gen? Hate those, i love my old reading material on gc,ps2 and xbox.

    “The package does include a 4-page, black and white manual with a note that you can access the in-game manual by pressing the HOME button and touching the eManual button on the Wii U Gamepad.”

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