The first Wii U update will be available to consumers when the system launches on November 18th in North America. The Wii U update will add Miiverse, Wii U Chat, Nintendo TVii and the Wii U eShop. Presumably these features are only available via a system update so that gaming press don’t get to try out the features on their pre-release console’s before Nintendo has talked about what they offer.



  1. Is that Gary Barlow I see? But I’m upset that when my review console arrives, I can’t try it out to its fullest. Shame. I’ll probably offer two parts to my review. Makes me think Nintendo might be hiding something though…


  2. Holy giant update batman!

    Makes sense tho. That way if you have no intention of using it online you won’t have to take up the space on the drive for no reason.

    Now if only it had a drive with any space.


  3. So they’re adding, all the things on day 1, that they original said would only be available “shortly after launch” at E3 this year.
    Great example of a company that outdoes itself.
    With the awesome 3rd party support, they’re delaying some of their games to keep working on them and improve them further and giving us what we want from these little things that matter right now.


  4. So no one else noticed the hilarity of the screen-shot used as the face for this article?
    Luigi falling to his death from hitting a platform the mom made spawn above him, as the son gives her a fist-pump in celebration and the dad gives her stink-eye.XD


    • Lol, that’s a “Do that again, I dare ya” expression or it could be an “Are you retarded?” expression maybe even a “Go do the dishes or something..” expression.


  5. Well, we now know all those features will be available day one. As for people trying to complain about this, these are Internet0enabled features, so even if they came with the system, you wouldn’t be ale to use them anyways.

    Also, even though those features may seem big in size, it’s a system update just like on any other system. It will be a “normal” sized update with their active features taking up most of the system RAM.


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