Miiverse Nintendo Direct Happening Today In Japan

In roughly ten hours time Nintendo of Japan will be hosting a Nintendo Direct presentation focussing entirely on Miiverse for Wii U. The presentation will last around thirty-five minutes and won’t feature any new Wii U game announcements.

Thanks, JesseAwesomeness


    1. In the picture you can see the 3DS, which means they will definitely be putting the 3DS’ in mii verse.

      1. They confirmed before E3 that Miiverse would be implemented somehow on the 3DS.

  1. Great!

    Can’t wait to see the wiiU online and see how shit it willbe. Can’t wait to see dissapointed fanboys.

    Steam over shitty nintendo online anyday

    1. Well of course steam will win. It defeats any online service. I’m interested to see how well Nintendo will handle starting to go online a lot more though.

  2. but yeah, I’m kinda excited to get some details on Miiverse and such :D I want the app for my phone too lol!

    1. エドワードこんにちは。

  3. Sounds good this will hold us off. I honestly can’t believe a new home console is launching from Nintendo in a few days. Even though I won’t have many wii u games to play at launch, it’s going to be nice to have the system just in case we can’t find it like the da and when the wii launched

  4. Why do I have the feeling that the Miiverse feature is yet another feature I won’t ever use or care about?

    1. Not sure, Do you have any friends? If not then that’s what I would put my money on to be the source of this feeling. If you do, have gaming friends that is, then maybe you’re anti-social and don’t know it, better ask your mom.

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