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Ubisoft Says Assassin’s Creed III For Wii U Is Not Delayed

A couple days ago, Best Buy sent out e-mails that suggested that Assassin’s Creed III is not a Wii U launch title. But, according to Game Informer editor Jim Reilly, Ubisoft says Assassin’s Creed III is still scheduled to release alongside the Wii U on November 18th in North America.

Despite Best Buy supposedly informing some customers of AC3 Wii U being delayed, Ubisoft says the game is still set for the console’s launch

35 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Assassin’s Creed III For Wii U Is Not Delayed”

  1. Good news, seeing as the alleged delay was such a huge emotional deal to a lot of people judging from the comments on that story.

  2. Ok, seriously, real talk…im fucking sick to death of this back and forth, “oh this is this”, then 2 days later, “oh, no its not”, for fucking EVERYTHING with the WiiU. Who the FUCK is doing it, its pissing me off…sit down, shut the fuck up, and leave it to the developers. Fuck.

    1. So true. Everything is back and forth. I have litteraly spent some of my wiiu launch money on Halo 4 because I thought AC3 was gunna be delayed. I DO NOT regret buying halo 4 its a fucking masterpiece but none the less I am pissed…

      I will just sell some shit , but shit I wil regret!

        1. Halo4 is truly fucking jaw dropping. So read the ign review and it said prepare for the most immense CGI scene ever at the start.

          So I start the game up and I’m wondering to myself ”where is this CGI , this is just a real life video” then I’m like holy shit that’s cgi :O.

          The game is awesome. Best.Halo.Ever.

  3. I won’t get this form my WiiU since I already grabbed the PS3 version. This game is excellent for those of you think of buying this game on the 18th. Now if only Rayman Legends wasn’t delayed…

  4. This is why one waits for more information…anyways, I can’t wait to pick up the Wii-U version next year. I still have some PS3 and 3DS games I want to play before I move onto next-gen.

  5. Is it possible that ONLY Best Buy’s Assasin Creed games are being delayed to a later date, but every other store will be selling them on launch day??? Just throwing out some speculation….

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  7. Thank god. I have to wait a bit longer than ps3 and xbox for this game but it will be worth. glad i can get sooner thou

  8. This is the main reason I don’t jump to conclusions whenever I hear rumors, u just look like a dumb ass when proven otherwise…… So to everybody that was talking shit on the last ac3 post how do them salty nuts feel in your mouth? … Idiots

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