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US To Get The Majority Of Wii U Stock

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has revealed that the majority of Wii U stock will be going to America. Guillemot wouldn’t say much more on the subject when he was questioned by press. We already know that launch supply in the United Kingdom will be limited when it launches there on November 30th.

“The US seems to be having more machines than the other countries, but that’s the only thing I can say.”

76 thoughts on “US To Get The Majority Of Wii U Stock”

      1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

        Come to america during the holiday, people fight over socks that are on sale. Companies like apple can make over $1 million on black friday, that’s just 1 day.

        1. That is when I am getting my Wii u.Black friday,or Christmas if there are no more wiius in stock on black friday.I am going to shoot everyone with my nerf gun on black friday.

  1. That’s lame. It makes sense, but I’m already concerned that Zavvi, where I’m getting mine from, will not actually get stock. We’ll see though. Maybe between the 18th and the 30th Europe will get another shipment…

  2. The holiday season in the US is pretty nuts, so this is no surprise. Plus, the system launches here first, so even when the others get it, Nintendo will have to restock the system after initial launch.

  3. Don’t worry, the wrong person will win the election, imports from foreign companies will be banned and the rest of the world will enjoy the surplus stock instead…

    Sorry, wrong year, this isn’t 2016… 88 miles an hour, here I come….

    1. Japan is actualy the biggest per person. And EU is a load of small scattered countries. So America is about the same as Japan and EU. But Considering America is just one HUGE country, it kinda beats any EU country on its own obviously.

      Japan is the biggest gaming country in the world PER PERSON.

    1. Nope. They wouldn’t. Your point? You seem to think that Europe purely consists of a single small country. In reality it’s a huge continent with a population greater than that of America yet lower stock. To be fair however, gaming demand is much lower in Eastern Europe but the huge European stock shortages still aren’t acceptable.

      1. As a single example, I could have made many more – but obviously, one statement always brings out the idiots. Is it not obvious that I was saying it’s kind of obvious that a much larger country would get a much larger stock?

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  5. My English Wiiu is Guaranteed for Launch day , So I dont give a flying fuck :). I ordered on september the 13th! And have repeatedly asked my loacal game store owner if my wiiu is safe and he says of course it is. But the short stock will only affect last minute buyers.

    1. America , Japan , And EU (mainly western EU) are the three main territories. But America on its own equals the game sales of UK.France,Spain,Germany,Holand,Italy,Nordic countries all added up.

      Japan is the biggest gaming country though. It’s a small country and the sales there can Match USA and EU and even beat them…

        1. Well you should be one of the first there so you should ^_^!! I’m from Manchester too, where bouts in Many you from ?

            1. Well , I am temporarily licing in St Annes at the moment so I have ordered mine from there! But I would of Gone to Gamestation in the Arndale or HMV on Market Street :)

              Probably get Mugged by a load of thugs on the way home from a midnight launch though!

                1. No it shouldn’t do bro. I would ask them to make sure. It’s who ever pre orders first at Gamestation. so considering you ordered on the 14th of SEP, you should be pretty high up on the list :)

  6. Ive actually had to cancel my preorder due to money problems .___. Suck maaaaan.

    In other news, Halo 4 is great, although its pretty much the same as 3, but with ODST and Reach elements in there, and it looks nicer.

      1. Nah, it just feels like a better Halo. The visor view isnt used in anyway like Metroid Prime, it doesnt have that sway effect, where you feel like you’re in the helmet, it just seems to be there as an outline (dont know if theres a setting to change that though).
        The “heat vision” is just a equipment ability, like amour lock ect, you dont scan stuff or anything xD some of the music reminds me of Metroid Prime, or how it would sound in Prime 4, and the Promethian enemies are pretty much space pirates, they literally have the same attack patterns, the side step, the teleporting away, even the retractable sword charge is there, its definitely made by the same enemy designers.
        But yeah, its just Halo, no big changes at all, just small improvements that long time players would appriecate.

      1. Well first of all, i didnt buy it, my brother owns it, and we just went on co-op and online.
        Second, we didnt even know the price, and i wasnt completely sold on getting one till a few months ago when we found out the actually launch line up.
        Third, guess what, real people have bills, and food, and other priorities before spending £300 (£350 in my case for the bundle i wanted), less than a month from Christmas, when i need to think about buying things for other people first.
        Oh, so i wont get a WiiU day 1, and i played Halo 4, fucking sue me, im getting one, i just cant get one yet.

  7. well we already got screwed with the pricing over here so i don’t see why we shouldn’t get screwed with the availability aswell :)

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  9. So hold on… America are getting more than enough stock to last the year… And Europe is sold out almost everywhere. Anyone see the problem? I understand giving the US more but don’t give the US more than required when Europe have nothing. Us Europeans get to pay $100 more than our American cousins for the pleasure of the possibility of not receiving our Wii Us until next year. Yay?

  10. And then the fucktards wonder Nintendo why isn’t that popular in Europe, no-wonder Sony has the market over there all wrapped-up, Nintendo can be retarded motherfuckers at times…

  11. Well… at least America got something over the other countries for once with the Wii U. You got Europe with their cool ass zombiu bundle and special graphic charizard 3DS, asia with their special graphic sleeves, bravely default, ex troopers, and special graphic 3DS pikachu/charizard

    1. na, the charizard is japan, not eu. and zombiU bundle isn’t that great either, especially coming from a german speaking country where you have to fear that they package the (cut) USK version instead of the (uncut) PEGI Version.. God i hate Germany for that bullshit USK stuff…

  12. oh yeah you Europeans gamers get mad that the US gamer are bitching over this that you guys have that we don’t but irony you guys are doing the exact thing. Plus keep in mind that US will be the first country to be release the wii u, then Europe, and last JP.

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  14. I don’t give a f***ing damn if USA is the biggest market or whatever sh*t it’s just so wrong. IF that’s statement is true, it kind of show you that Nintendo does not give a damn about Europe and I really hope for them they have enough stock for the Japanese market cause the Japanese wont forgive them. But this kind of statement does not surprise me cause I forsaw that 3 months ago.No wonder Sony and microsoft doing better in Europe, when you treat people like sh*t…..message for nintendo it’s true you won’t please everybody but doing that it’s just disgusting….

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