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Ubisoft Says Wii U Will Drive The Industry Next Year

Ubisoft chief executive Yves Guillemot has once again announced that he’s feeling increasingly positive about Wii U, ahead of the console’s launch on November 18th. Guillemot expects the company’s Wii U games to account for six percent of overall sales during the second half of the company’s financial year. It should be noted that Ubisoft has six games in development for the console.

“[We are] more and more positive on the launch of the Wii U”

“Wii U will drive the industry next year.”

82 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Wii U Will Drive The Industry Next Year”

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            Apple can sell a billion iturds for all I care.

            1. selling a billion turds/apps still makes Apple money… dont forget both Nintendo and Apple ARE COMPANIES! They need money.

              How comes mobile gaming is on the rise then? cant be that bad surely… oh wait thats right…. FREE/cheap games and not overpriced rehashes of mario.

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              2. You’re seriously defending the free dogshit games on iphones lol. They won’t even have an effect on Nintendo. They’re just shitty free games.

              3. Worldwide sales figures:
                1.Wii – 97.18 million as of 30 September 2012
                2.Xbox 360 – 67.2 million as of 31 March 2012
                3.PlayStation 3 – 63.9 million as of 31 March 2012

                Keeping in mind that the Wii is using practically last-gen hardware, and still out selling it’s closest competitor by 20 million units.
                Have a good day, bro. lol

              4. Overpriced rehashes of wanna-be Mario games, then, in terms of sales.
                Mobile gaming is more casual than anything else on the planet.
                Go look down on that and leave discussion of games to actual gamers.

        1. Well neither of those games are next gen, so pur point was null.
          Rockstar are lazy and will only jump on when literally everyone else has, or when Nintendo gives them a shitload of money, seeing as thats what theyre like.
          Far Cry 3 is too far in developement and it would just push back the release date if it came (although we still dont know if it definitely isnt coming anyway.
          And Dishonored, while being an underrated masterpiece, is underrated, and not alot of people have played it, and its in the hands of bethesda, who are, at least recently, legendary for being lazy cunts.

        2. Take Two/Rockstar have not said GTA V is not coming to the Wii U. They’re just focused on the PS3 and 360 versions atm.

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      3.) iPad Mini’s processing is shit.
      4.) It’s pretty and has fast wifi.
      5.) Apple won’t release Mini sales, only combined iPad sales. Sound Familiar? Sony not releasing Vita sales? Only combined Vita/PSP sales… Hmmm…

      iPad Mini sold 3 million units at launch to a different Demographic, if anything, it cut into Vita sales as it’s more of a “Smartphone” type product. In my opinion, Vita shouldn’t have much trouble Pwning the iPad mini if it can get some more fucking software.

      You’re iPad is not a serious threat to Nintendo. Not yet, and certainly not the fucking POS mini.

      If you’re going to troll, know your fucking product dumb-ass.

      1. go die of cancer where are your sources then? and actually ipad Mini has already passed 3ds sales!!!!!! you clearly know nothing you nintendo cunt fanboy

          1. Note: Article #1 above.
            -underpowered processor
            -disappointing resolution.

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    3. If the other next gen systems arrive next year I’ve got some bad news for you. There will hardly be any difference in visuals.

  1. Of course Nintendo will lead again.
    I mean next xbox and ps graphics will be between this generation and pc, if courrent generation gets ports of PC, of course the WiiU (wich is stronger than courrent gen) will get a lot of third party, i still believe GTA V will come to WiiU, its really stupid if it doesnt, also Nintendo has the best first parties, so obviously Nintendo will drive the videogame industry again.

    1. Agreed. I imagine the WiiU being like the 360 was this gen – not the most power potential of the 3, but having a strong enough user base and quality titles to hold its own!

      1. Also next ps and xbox graphics wont be a huge leap, i just think there will be more objects on the screen and slightly better lights, and textures wont change a lot, nothing that will improve gameplay.

        1. Im interested in these ps4 dev kit rumours… 16GB ram??? Sounds a bit unlikely bearing in mind a vaio laptop with 6GB costs > £700

          1. Well if 16gb ram for ps4 is real it should be over five houndred and ninty nine us dollars, i would get a better pc with that money.

            1. yeah, im looking forward to their next ad campaign featuring such classics as “Im gonna beat you and its gonna hurt, cos… i dont even know!”

  2. Probably, depends how third party does. Maybe not drive it next year, but definitely in 2014 if things go well (people seem to forget that decent games take over a year to make)

    1. So… You feel dirty now, theres a lot of crap coming out from your hands, getting trough your keyboard.
      Well if you look at black ops 2 webpage, there is no WiiU name on it, but it will come to WiiU, and like black ops 2 there are other games that didnt showed the WiiU’s name but still they will come to WiiU, you still dont know anything about Assassins Creed Anthology and already started writing crap (as always) grow up dude.

      1. Don’t kid yourself, you know as well as I do this isn’t coming to the console. Just like the Mass Effect Collection. They would have listed the platform, this isn’t a website, it’s a promotional image.

        1. As i dont know, you dont know if it will come or not, or… Are you the Assassins Creed developer??? No you are not, you are a stupid man who just writes crap.

    2. You do realize that anthology was probably thrown together where as the WII U does not have AC1 & 2 which means the company will actually need to port them to a new console

    3. Unlike you, we’re not dumb enough to think that one game missing makes or breaks a system, nor are we dumb enough to count out future possibilities.
      Take your blatant trolling back to school until you can do it better.

  3. Just please make Watch Dogs for WII U and i will love u that trailer on e3 was so cool i and really hope they will not do jut standart ps3/x360/pc. Cause that game can be georgus and wii u will need titels like that

    Sorry for my bad english im stilll just kid :D

    1. There have ben talks that they could not make the games cause the where short on ppl but a ubisoft recruit video was post on youtube wichb could mean they need help whit the game or they are looking for ppl to do the wiiu version

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  5. guys the last mass effect and assassins creed games were not on the wii so it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make it cost little to make profit of it(because they would need to convert every single game and add gamepad functionality).
    don’t worry that doesn’t mean we won’t get 3rd party support just means no trilogy of old games which would cost a lot for a new console to be converted to.

    it’s like if sega would make genesis 2 it would be impossible to make a trilogy for it unless genesis had the games before.

    so gta5 may be comming =)

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