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Here’s How You Transfer Data From Wii To Wii U

The instruction manual which comes with Wii U states exactly how you transfer data from your existing Wii console to your shiny new Wii U. First, you need to insert an SD card into your Wii U to initiate the process using the console’s Wii System Transfer. After doing this process you need to put the same SD card into your Wii, and download another transfer application from the Wii Shop Channel. This application will transfer data to the card that must be placed back into Wii U when prompted. This is when the Wii data is moved to Wii U and deleted from the SD card. Data that can be transferred includes:

  • Wii Software save data
  • WiiWare and save data
  • Virtual Console titles and save data
  • Add-on content
  • Wii Points
  • Wii Shop Channel activity
  • Mii characters

88 thoughts on “Here’s How You Transfer Data From Wii To Wii U”

  1. “and download another transfer application from the Wii Shop Channel.”
    So people without wi-fi can’t do it. Good…times?

          1. Sorry but cable modems (I have cable access) aren’t wirless or offers Wifi. If you want Wifi, you need to…
            – Purchase and or rent router from ISP (if there’s an offer)
            – Purchase a router from a computer shop or an electronic store.
            – Or change to a DSL or Optical Fiber ISP that offers a wifi modem with their offer.
            No wonder why so many people still doesn’t have wifi. Oh and, mind you, I don’t have a smartphone. Oh wait, I don’t have an Apple product either or any laptop or tablets you can think of. So no 3G or anything like to use as a wireless bridge to the internet.

            Call me “an old fag”, I don’t care. My point is : there are still people that aren’t lucky enough or not willing to get the necassry equipment. Deal with it, it’s the reality.

            1. So you’re just as retarded? Ongoing costs and once off costs are very different, fuck people are so stupid these days.

              1. You ain’t kidding…stupidity is through the roof these days…but I would at least think, for the most part, if you don’t have internet, you probably don’t have most of these things anyways. The only things I see are the miis and your game save data, which is probably the worst thing to lose. As for the internet, yea, I actually just got it 2 months ago in preparation for the Wii U…much easier to budget out a one time expense over the course of a year than to add a regular monthly payment(which isn’t really cheap where I am) to my bills.

      1. @bulby1994
        I don’t have wifi on my wii, why you ask? well because my wii is defective! No matter what I do it wont let me get internet on it

      1. That’s a bit of a scumbag thing to say don’t you think?

        I have many friends who can’t afford Wifi so I just let them use mine. So you’re saying people who can’t afford it shouldn’t enjoy the Wii U? Pathetic.

          1. Are you an idiot? Wifi is a continuous payment. Console is not. The console here in Australia about $400. I have to pay $1300+ a year just to have Wifi. Wifi is not cheap.

            Go back to school and learn what finances are you idiot.

            1. sure….what kind of connetion? the regular wired can even become wi fi with just some $15 in a shitty modem….and don’t worry I live in Latin america, here is where the taxes are really high, darling and the minimal broadband cost about $18….your not fooling anyone kid.

              1. ADSL 2+ that is actually pretty average. Minimum here is about $30 a month. You are by far the most retarded person I have yet seen.

                1. taxes = base salry in country, then you might notice work over these countries is about a 8hour job for a $80-120 minimum pay in a month…so whats your point?

              2. You must be the spoiled brat that gets his parents to buy him everything? Nobody who knew how bad the global economy is going would be spouting the shit you’re saying. I’m just thankful I have a well paying job and will always have it.

              3. Wow, broadband $18? Dial up here $30, and DSL is $40 a month and it goes up at the end of Dec. Thats for the slow cheap speed and thats when the system works.

            1. Not agreeing with stupid above you (although I might sound stupid for this) but…
              Job…That is my reply to people with no WiFi. Yes, it’s pricey, so get to saving :)

              1. But where I live, you have to pay $100+ just to get an average connection.

                And with the USA probably going to send the world back into reccession, Jobs will be scarce.

                1. I feel bad for Australians and what you have to pay for internet. I wouldn’t have internet if it cost anywhere near a 100 a month for porn and online game play lol

    1. If you don’t have Wi-fi why would you need to transfer your wiiware and vc games?
      Just use the normal sd card data management thing in the wii already for your save games.

    1. Simple answer no it is a one way transfer no going back. This was created so that loopholes cant be made and points cant be multiplied.

    1. Overexcitement can be bad for your health because it can, and not limited to :
      – Attitude
      – Lack of sleep
      – Lack of concentration
      – etc.

  2. It’s a horrible process. Not user-friendly at all. This was one of the biggest shortcomings of the Wii and Nintendo’s network.

    Hopefully the Wii U will be able to store any purchase info to your Nintendo ID and if your Wii U is stolen or broken you can just redownload any items you have purchased on a new console without the hassle.

    As for save-data, maybe they can introduce cloud saves somewhere down the line. Or if you can transfer saves to SD cards, hopefully you can use those saves on a new system with the same account .

    1. They announced cloud saves. Not sure of its uses (nor can recall of any), though
      Or, even better, using your own form of storage, be it flash drive(s) or a portable hard drive.

  3. Will the Wiiware games still be able to purchase on Wii U’s store? I still need to get a couple of games.

    Btw, finally got all the star coins for worlds 1-8 in NSMBW. (Got the game a couple months back) Now just need to get star coins for world 9 then i could start playing NSMBU :) Levels 7 and 8 in world 9 are so hard though.

    1. Unless you like seeing all of the circles filled in, don’t bother. All you get is a little song and dance from Mario and a pat on the back from the game. No features or more levels or any other reward to speak of. Easily one of the biggest letdowns of my gaming life.

    2. Oh man world nine was a blast to get through it really is mind bogglingly tough. Me and my brothers got really good at the game beat it all the way through 6 times. As for the person below dont listen to him he dosent understand the fun in getting all the star coins.

  4. Ugh, wifi? I disconnected my Wii from online ages ago, and putting it back on it a pain…all the games are slow down anyway, Castlevania is so slow, the music doesnt sound half as good

  5. What happens if the content installed on your original Wii is a bunch of homebrew installed VC/Wiiware titles and -not- from the shop itself?

    That is the question.

    1. Yeah…that’ll be interesting. Like if you have homebrew on your wii will nintendo automatically detect it and screw you over? I like homebrew…brawl-…texture hacks ;S

    2. There will more than likely be a reading error or a “corrupted files” sign that pops up. It also could possibly delete that homebrew, but it will defenitely not allow it to transfer over smoothly.

  6. Well this kind of sucks. I was going to trade in my Wii at the same time that I went in to purchase my Wii U. Guess that won’t work now. Lame.

        1. Yeah you can, it’s a normal SD card like any other so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work, unless of course you don’t have enough space left on it…

  7. I hope this means we can pick and choose- I only want my most played games taking up my Wii U memory- plus, I don’t want it to try and move over the Homebrew channel and brick my shiny new Wii U.

  8. This is what it should’ve been like between the DSi and 3DS models…I know certain retailers may let you transfer data in store if you’re trading in your old DS for a newer one, but they should let you do it assuming you haven’t got the new one yet, and that when you get the new one you won’t have the old one anymore

  9. I’ll be interested to see what this process does to the source Wii. With my 3DS transfer the source unit wiped its own memory and went back to factory reset.

    1. otro idiota! la consola la pagas UNA SOLA VEZ! el internet es un contrato mensual! Acaso la gente no entiende la diferencia de entre estos tipos de pagos? No es lo mismo pagar $400 de un solo a pagar $100 mensuales! Diablos! Ademas, dependiendo del pais de donde eres, el internet puede llegar a ser bastante caro, la gente debe dejar de asumir que el internet cuesta lo mismo o siempre es barato solo por que en su pais asi lo es!

  10. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    I’m just glad that Nintendo did finda a way to transfer the Wii data to the Wii U because if that hadn’t I think I would have imploded, a lot of that game data can’t be redone for me because some of those games I no longer own. But anyways I can’t wait to transfer my data, bring on the Wii U!

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