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Friend Codes Are Now A Thing Of The Past With Wii U

Nintendo of America has confirmed that those irritating twelve digit friend codes are now a thing of the past with Wii U. The company told Destuctoid that they’re being replaced with a much more user-friendly Account ID system. We already know that this will be known as your Nintendo Network ID, but it’s good to get some official clarification all the same.

“Our plan is replace Friend Codes with a much more user-friendly Account ID system, which employs user-created account names.”

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59 thoughts on “Friend Codes Are Now A Thing Of The Past With Wii U”

  1. I believe this was announced prior. Still, it’s a good thing to re-confirm.

    On the other hand, we still know little about the workings of the Nintendo Network. Less than two weeks to go, guys.

    1. It was mentioned earlier but, unfortunately, it was a rather vague statement so it could’ve been interpreted in any number ways. Anyways, finally nice to see them abandon the archaic Friend Code system. I hope to see you guys on the Miiverse!

    1. I’d rather have Fusion 2 or Metroid Dread. The Prime series revolved around the destruction of Metroid Prime. Now that phazon has been entirely destroyed, there is no need to return to that particular timeline. Or I’d rather they legitimize the web comic, by telling us the whole truth behind Samus’s past, instead of the mimicry that was Other M. A game that explains the demise of the Chozo, and the hard lessons Samus had to learn as she grew up.

      While I’d like to see another Retro Studios Metroid, I wouldn’t want Prime 4. I think a side-scrolling Metroid for the 3DS is FAR overdue. Though if one must come for Wii U, then I would hope for something that expands the universe, and can be related to the other games. Prime in general sort of sits in the scope of being “just another series of missions for Samus”. Other M may have damaged the series [for me anyway], A remake for Metroid II would be incredibly epic, and not to mention frightening. Or if length is an issue, they could combine the first thee games into a long adventure. That would really help in telling Samus’s story [like what Zero Missions did to some extent].

      Nothing like hunting Metroids in the winding tunnels of SR388…in HD.

      1. I agree with this. Especialy the metriod ii part. Such a good game, but the sprites were too big! The game boy couldn’t handle it , regardless, great game

  2. Good. I never really got to experience how bad friend codes were, but from what I have gathered, they were pretty bad. This sounds like a much better alternative.

    1. They actualy work perfectly on 3ds. It was when they were all seperated for seperate games where they were shit.

  3. Good on Nintendo. Much needed change.
    If anyone believes this is worth complaining about, have them shot in the foot… >_>’

  4. Thank goodness. Much needed change.
    And if anyone complains about this, they deserve to get shot in the foot… >_>’

        1. The original Xbox came out back in 2001. So they’re both at 2001 standards, they have yet to reach 2005 standards. I know you’re stupid but I didn’t know you were this stupid.

          1. The Xbox (Live) did not have an account system anything like the 360 back in 2001. By saying “2001 standards”, you’re talking about the bare minimum and not the -big picture- that makes these services as intuitive as they are today. Wii U has a few of those (notably multiple accounts on one console with purchases tied to each), so it is by no means “2001 standards”.

            So you’re actually the only idiot here. Good job, you fucking moron.

            1. Wow, you’re actually defending the Wii-U, I’m impressed. I’d have thought you would’ve agreed with me, seeing as I was bashing your least favorite corporation. BTW, why should I have to go and get a job? You’re the one who spends his time hating on Nintendo, not me.

              Anyways, by 2001 standard, I mean having the ability to use your username for online gaming, the Xbox had that back in 2001. The PS2 and the GameCube did not and Sony didn’t gain them till 2006 and Nintendo till 2010. I love how you took what I said and blew it out of proportion, how cute.

        2. Hey Aeolus, you cunt! Maybe if you love Microsoft so much you can ask them why they copied Wii U GamePad? Fucking antisocial creeps too busy watching porn to make their own ideas.

    1. Good for PSN….but this is a Nintendo fan website and we are talking about how this is good for Nintendo. No need to dwell in the past. What is done is done, time to move on to the future!! Nintendo is the future!!!

  5. im still getting WiiU & Mario, but i took Scribblenauts, ZombiU, & Black Ops 2 off my list to get an Xbox for Halo, BO2, & GTA

      1. You do realize it doesn’t have Elite, right?
        Plus he’s entitled to what he wants to buy. No need to force him.

        1. The free version of Elite is mainly to tally up your stats, due to the Wii-U being a new console, this was expected. Although, if you ask me, I would’ve gotten Black Ops II for the Wii-U due to IR pointing but I still need to pick up some other games so that’s not happening.

      1. I dont use this name for online, in fact, my PSN id and my old Xbox Live are both different names.

        Well done, you’ve passed with a merit in dumbass studies.

  6. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    To be honest this was one of the few things that really buggied me about Nintendo’s approach to connectivity. Friend codes were really tedious and made connecting to other people really annoying. So now that Nintendo are eliminating that practice altogther I am glad and hoping this new account ID system is much better on Wii U.

  7. Friend codes were not that big of deal to me because it seriously only takes up to 2 minutes max to input 16 digits. It’s only a minute of a hassle for me. With that being said, this Nintendo Network idea seems to be the right direction for Nintendo to take for it’s online experience. Yes, I am a Nintendo fanboy but that is because their systems are better suited towards my gaming tastes. I understand that not everyone’s tastes match mine so I’m not going to hate on other people for like other consoles. To me, $60 a year for the best online gameplay is something I could do without, I don’t care for the best graphics as long as the gameplay is good, and Nintendo’s first party titles outweigh the exclusives of other systems. Nintendo gave me everything I wanted with Wii: the ability to play older games via virtual console, the option to use motion control or gamecube/classic controllers, a free online experience (although not the best but still good for things like MH3), Netflix/Hulu, a photo channel, and I loved the “hardcore” third party games as well. Games like Madworld, Conduit 1-2, House of the Dead Overkill, Dead Space Extraction, The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, Tales of Symphonia Dawn of a New World, Call of Duty MW (I like motion controls for FPS over standard controllers), Red Steel 2, and Arc Rise Fantasia satsify what I want from a console. The Wii U is going to improve everything the Wii did at a fair price so I couldn’t be more happy with the Wii U and at the same time won’t hate on other systems.

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