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New Super Mario Bros U World Map Leaks

It was inevitable that we would see the world map for New Super Mario Bros U ahead of the game’s launch on November 18th. 1UP has already received a copy of the game – along with other media outlets – and have snapped a photo of the expansive and colourful world we will soon get to experience ourselves in a couple of weeks.

66 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros U World Map Leaks”

    1. The same shit for COD, the same shit for Zelda, the same shit for Halo, the same shit for Street Fighter. What’s your point?

  1. Holy Sh*t! There’s no lava world! Mabye you need to go to Princes Peaches castle for your adventure. Ok this has renewed my intreat in this particular series.

  2. It disappoints me greatly that the worlds are exactly the same themes yet again. The only difference is the way you navigate them… Too bad, I was expecting more from it after all the comparisons to Super Mario World, which to me, still remains the best Mario platformer to date.

    I will still get this, but I don’t expect great things from it.

    1. What about the fact that there’s no lava world. Also the fact that you might fight Bowser at Princes Peach’s castle. Other than that I agree with you.

    2. Yeah, remember all those unique themes SMW had?

      Like, grassland? And grassland… and cave… and sky… and forest… and brown grassland… and MORE FUCKING CAVES.

      1. Yes, they were all unique. For every New Super Mario Bros it’s the same.

        World 1 = Mushrooms and happy shizzle
        World 2 = Desert
        World 3 = Water
        World 4 = Swamp
        World 5 = Snow
        World 6 = Rock
        World 7 = Sky
        World 8 = Lava

        Plus they reuse a lot of backgrounds from previous games so it always feels the same for me, at least that is true for the 3 games out now.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love Mario and hope this will be an absolute masterpiece, but I REALLY doubt it.

      1. Why? I’m not a game designer.
        For NSMB Wii and NSMB 2 I’ve felt like I played it before, that’s not what it’s supposed to feel like when it’s labeled as a brand new game.

  3. For the last level, instead of Bowser’s Castle, it’s Peach’s Castle? Also, why is every place food related. Looks like a nice CHANGE!

  4. So wait, there may only be really 7 worlds as the story? (Since I saw a closer look at the Castle and saw no levels but the castle) I hope there will be a 8th world before Bowser that has levels too. I was already upset of the amount of levels in each world.

    (BTW there is another video somewhere that has a closer look at some parts of the East side, a good look at the Castle area, there are no levels, but at that time, there was no dark cloud thing.)

    The world map looks awesome, like a real world map though. :)
    I just hope there will at least be the same amount of levels as Wii in the game.

  5. I saw this at 1up, also the image from the Pro controller was from 1up as well. I skipped the part about the book at 1up because I didn’t want to spoil it, well name-wise but I love it that it looks like a SMW styled map since it’s my favorite 2d Mario game. Also loved that Nintendo Land comes in an actual box and not in a sleeve.

  6. I’m buying 5 games and delux set. Wich game I should play and finish 100% first ?

    – New Super Mario Bros U
    – Assassin Creed III
    – Ninja Gaiden III
    – Darksiders II
    – Zombi U

  7. People aren’t giving this game enough credit. I think this game is going to be an absolute blast and hey this is the first time Mario has launched with a console since the N64. This isn’t just the usual make it to world 8 and the game is over. There is going to be a bunch of bonus challenges that you can complete and then brag about it on Miiverse. I mean it’s cool that you can get all 121 stars in Super Mario Galaxy but how will you be recognized about it amongst your fellow gamers? Miiverse is going to solve that problem. I don’t care that the graphics are not 1080p. I just want a good Mario platformer that will keep me entertained with friends until a 3D platformer arrives on the system.

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