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Wii U GamePad Lasts Three To Five Hours, Fully Charges In 2.5

According to IGN Executive Editor Richard George, the new 6.2-inch touchscreen controller, the Wii U GamePad, lasts for three to five hours after one full charge, which takes roughly 2.5 hours. George also reconfirmed that the Wii U Pro Controller lasts for 80 hours after a full charge, which takes approximately 4.5 hours.

86 thoughts on “Wii U GamePad Lasts Three To Five Hours, Fully Charges In 2.5”

  1. idiotic troll ”This is fukin shat , I am kancouling my pre orda now”
    Sensible guy ”well ofcourse it will be able to play whilst the AC is plugged in and the Pro controller last’s for 80 hours”

        1. The 360 one sucks, it rotates like a controll stick >:\
          The PS one isn’t too bad, but not as good as Ninty’s.

          Also, arrow keys / asdw keys, and they can all be pushed down at once :) (yes, no D-Pad)

      1. And that is why there are a quarter of a million people WAITING for pre-orders for the wiiU(not to mention the amount of pre-orders).And also the people,like me,who don’t have pre-orders.

        1. Learn2sarcasm.

          Also, misleading article. WHY would you post a pic of the pro controller when the info is about the gamepad? Doesn’t make any sense.

          1. It’s about both -_-
            “George also reconfirmed that the Wii U Pro Controller lasts for 80 hours after a full charge, which takes approximately 4.5 hours.”

          1. Dear god ! It’s 10 times better than black ops I shit you not!!!!!! GO BUY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

            The game pushes the boundaries of what is possible on an xbox 360.

        1. Just a shot in the dark, but it might have something to do with the 6inch LCD and the streaming and all that stuff.

          It’s not that bad. The original 3ds and vita are 5 hour life with a long charge am I right ?

          1. yeah they both have smaller screens to adress however
            screen size makes a hell of a difference
            i’d guess battery size would be very similar to that of the vita (since the vita is of course doing more than just displaying a video, different screen size and lack of processing power would pretty much cancel each other out when comparing power consumption)

            1. Yeh the handhelds do have full on processors under their bonnet. But the wiiu Gamepad between its big screen and Streaming and all the rest uses a lot of power.

        2. I think about burning you hands when the battery is running more than 5 hours while displaying a screen at kinda high res, vibrating, their buttons being smashed, motion sensors and conectivity with console; thats a hell of a battery men.

        3. i doubt the battery is actually smaller
          i’d assume the pro controller is charged with a smaller curret thus it’s taking longer
          the gamepad will use a lot more power than the pro controller while streaming, decompressing and displaying videos.. i know a desktop computer makes it look like handling video is a piece of cake but it is actually quite a power consuming task..

  2. not the best battery life, but understandable. and thanks to the AC charger i don’t even need to worry about the controller going dead. and then of course there’s the pro controller’s amazing battery life so this seems like a situation where anyone could be happy

    1. It also looks like it can be charged with 3ds/dsi charger,maybe?But that controller looks amazing!But this news is old .

  3. Not a problem! I can charge it while I sleep and get a full day or gaming in! I wish the Wii U Pro Controller was bundled with both bundles of the Wii U. DARN!

      1. Exactly. If I get a Wii U, I’m sitting that thing vertically. Now I have to pay an extra 50$ to buy the Pro Controller. :(

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  5. Yout not going to the crapper for a pii or shat in 5 hours your not going to get a drink in 5 hours your not going to put a gamepad down in 5 hours and wide your hands have a stretch fuuuuuuk offff clowns a 2 min charge every few hours wen u havea 5minute rest and or a piss or get a drink I do exactly this and mini charge my wii remote so same applys the gamepad so lets drop the fuking bs shall wii lol at the battery complaints

  6. The Nintendo Reviewer

    I’m perfectly content with this. With all my life obligations (homework and others) I really shouldn’t be playing video games for more than 4 hours at a time anyways. And if I do go over on those really rare days, I always have that trusty AC adaptor to keep the gamepad going. And the pro controller lasting 80 hours is still quite impressive. And on the subject of the gamepad, I got to try it out at Gamestop recently. It was actually smaller and lighter than I expected. Best news was that it controlled well. Is it November 18th yet?

  7. Just looking at the Pro Controller makes me SO much more excited about playing the Wii U. Makes me realize just how sick I am of all the gimmicks.

  8. This is not really a problem for gaming. However if the WiiU becomes something that my whole family will like to use for it’s many other great purposes, I can see that being a bit of a pain. Particularly when it comes to off-screen play or watching movies, etc.

  9. an inductive charger would be nice
    i’m sure some third party manufacturer will release one tho… IF the battery can be exchanged at all

  10. I grew up with my NES controllers plugged to the console so moving that cable to a diffrent source (outlet) is not a concern at all. Plus by the time I get a WiiU the GamePad+ should be out.

      1. Well I’m not planning on getting a wiiU till after Zelda or Smash comes out, by then the WiiU should have a solid library and hopefully it’ll be cheaper.

  11. One quick question my Nintendo brothers and sisters I pre order my Wii u deluxe set originally I had it pre order with pikmin 3, rayman legend, nsmbu and ac3 but as u all kno 2 of those games got push bak to next year my question is wat other game should I get with the Wii u when it releases I want to get one more game before I start doin my Xmas shopping

    Ps. Don’t say zombiu or black ops 2 cuz my brother got those pre order

    This the games I’m thinking
    Epic mickey power of illusion (3ds)
    Epic mickey 2 power of two (Wii u)
    Darksider 2 (Wii u)

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  13. 3-5 hours is reasonable considering how much technology is packed into the Gamepad. Not too mention taking up to 2.5 hours to charge is pretty reasonable too. I’ll most likely use the Wii Pro Controller for when I’m playing single player games for long periods of time but use the Gamepad to do everything else. This system sounds better and better each day. Can’t wait until November 18th.

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  21. As if people diss the battery. you try powering up a controller with a bloody good screen on it. Why you think Nyko helps out and make Batteries to help improve them for you? Idiots…

  22. With all due respect Sickr, why is this news? If you own a Wii U like a I do, then you already know this. Plus, prior to the Wii U’s launch, this information was made known.

  23. Up to 5 hours for a handheld device is fine.

    If people are going to play it longer than that then my advice is that they need to get outside more and get some sunshine.

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