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Black Ops 2 For Wii U Won’t Feature Youtube Livestreaming For Multiplayer

While the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will feature Youtube livestreaming built-in, the Wii U version won’t come with this feature. The feature will allow players to live stream Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer League Play games, as well as the player’s webcam and audio commentary while playing. Hopefully it will come at a later date.

“Wii U will not have this feature at this time, but it is being evaluated for a future update.”

150 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 For Wii U Won’t Feature Youtube Livestreaming For Multiplayer”

    1. At least there’s a chance the Wii U has a chance of achieving parity with other console versions… it just may be a little while before that “update”.

    1. The whole point of the feature is that you wouldn’t have to go through the bells and whistles of using an HDPVR or some third party to stream to your friends.

      1. but who wants to do that because your still going to have to uploaded and record it so this doesnt make it easier lol anyway it doesnt take anything away from the wii u version

    1. i see this as better its the most stupid feature ive ever heard and its not that big of a deal we still get the game

    2. I highly doubt that the Wii U verison of Call of Duby: Black Ops II will be worst and worst. At least there will be DLC updates in the near future. Read the paragraphy carefully before you conclude your comment.

    1. lol the xbox and ps3 are even worse than the wii u version the wii u is running it at 720 60fps and the psxbox are running at 560p upscaled

      1. source? bet u will struggle to find one!

        and its 720p for the record…. and wiiU should be NEXT GEN but nope cant even handle 1080p COD hahahahahha

        1. Stop being a fucking dick. Do you understand the concept of Rushed Launch games ??? Go and look at the xbox 360 launch games. They look THE SAME as Xbox 1 games. It’s widely known that ALL 360 launch games were running off 1 cpu core out of the three.

          So if you are going to use a cross platform port as a graphics benchmark , please feel free to shove a spiked dildo up your anus.

          1. please tell me what games looked like Oblivion elder scrolls on the original xbox…. or Kameo


            ps: still waiting for sources from the guy above you…

          2. It’s 10 days to launch. I think it’s time you guys stop feeding such obvious trolls. And just wit to enjoy the Wii U. Seriously, it’s been almost 2 years now, aren’t you guys tired of it yet?

            1. True He is just a butthurt troll. 2 years ? I have been here about 2-3 months lol.

              I was just putting this noob in his place.

              1. I meant it’s been almost 2 years since Wii U was announced. I’ve been here since after E3 last year and the trolls have just gotten stagnant. No imagination. Just the same old dispelled rumours over and over again.

                Stop replying to them, it was never worth it.

                1. I will heed your advice Donzaloog. Unless Someone is raising a genuinely none valid and questionable point. Not just spewing nonesense from their butt cheeks.

        2. Uh… little kid, here’s a REALITY CHECK. The Wii U IS the next-gen console. Just because Black Ops II is presented in 720p doesn’t mean the fucking game is not in high definition. The producer of the game had misinformed the public about the game in full HD. Haveaseat, kid.

    2. Its at the beginning of its life, ps3 and 360 games were no better than GameCube or PS2 in 2006. This always happens to new generations.

    3. Are you stupid! The WiiU can do that easily, they just didn’t include it into the feature. Here’s the exact quote follow along. “Wii U will not have this feature at this time, but it is being evaluated for a future update.” Lets break it down “Wii U will not have this feature at this time” Hmmm mabye they will include it in the future.”but it is being evaluated for a future update.” Oh my guess was right. You see reading can inform a person, you should try it. I bet you feel so stupid right now.

  1. My Wifi is shit, just good enought to transfer enought data packets to play the game.
    I will NOT miss this feature, nor would I use this feature should it be available in an update.

    Happy with HD Zombies. Thx.

  2. Who even watches Black Ops 2 on youtube? Thats just sad. Im all for Lets Plays, if the people are funny, but no.

    1. So you watch COD on youtube? You watch other people play a game that provides no comedic value, just 10-15 year old, calling each other fags, and noobs.


        1. But was it funny because you were laugh at them, or because they were genuinely funny?
          I mean yeah, if RoosterTeeth or Game Grumps did a video on it, it would probably be funny, but i wouldnt last more than one video.

            1. Fair enough. But still, its a pretty pointless feature, and most good lets players have their own channel and would record it at the same time, and edit it. Plus live streaming is a little meh, if it looses connection then you’re fucked, and live streams always go out of sync or whatever. Most would just do it the old fashioned more reliable way

      1. So you suck cocks? You stroke sweaty Iwata/Miyamoto/Reggie dicks while they feed you a bunch of shitty reskins for the remainder of your basement dwelling, MLP loving, hipster-centric life?

        Mkay, I guess you do. I can throw a bunch of ASSumptions at you too since you want to pull that card, faggot.

        1. Awww mommy not lick your bum bum hole today? I made an ASSumtion once. I thought the ps3 was worth my money. Worst buy of my life.

      1. I.e., people who do not represent the ones who actually do and want all of these features intact.

        No CoD Elite, no livestreaming, I’m sure the list will grow over the coming months. While they try to imply it’ll come “later”, uhm why not now?

        You guys get treated like a bunch of dumb bitches. Seemingly enjoying it too.

        1. Who gives a crap about that stuff? I got Halo 4, but i couldnt give a shit about Waypoint, i just want to play the game, and if i get Black Ops 2, ot would be the same. I just want to play, level up, unlock whatever, and have fun. Can you do that on the 360? Yes. Can you do it on the ps3? Yes. Can you do it on PC? Yes. Can you do it on WiiU? Yes.
          Stop making mountains over molehills

                1. The list will keep getting worse in the coming months…..
                  Please explain. I thought black ops 2 was coming out in a few days? If anything, it should get better.
                  Try again, mighty aeolus

                2. Just like how your mother decided to forced you to suck her cock?



        2. UM WHY NOT NOW ? Launch title . Limited development/port time. It has exclusive features aswell. We can use a wii remote and nunchuch , a pro controller , a classic controler pro , 2 screens at once.

          So technicaly the xbox, ps3 and PC versions aren’t ”intact” compared to wiiu version.

              1. Dude…who the shit even cares about using a Wii remote on that besides nintenyearolds? News flash: Nobody buying the PS3/360 really gives a shit about that. Such a “feature” would be passed aside for their traditional controllers.

                “Dual screen play” you seriously act like gamers give a shit about this

                any decent player is going to spend more time looking at his TV, not a fucking controller


                1. Oh nevermind, found it. Doubt it’ll make a sizeable difference to what’s going to be flooded by kiddies who can finally have a Nintendo console with CoD.

                2. That was the most butthurt comment you’ve ever said . CONGRATULATIONS!!!.

                  Dual screen play on CoD wiiu – The ability to play competitive or cooperative multiplayer with 2 people on one wiiu without having split screen. One person uses the TV and one person uses the Gamepad.

                  Regardless of what you ”O SO HARDCORE” idiots think , that is superior to all the other options in every way. Also MANY MANY people appreciate the precision a wii remote pointer affords, It’s basically like a mouse and is far superior to analogue sticks.


                    1. You only helped cement that notion further

                      That control scheme is an afterthought at best, they really don’t give a shit about it.

                    2. Because it has never before been seen or done. They will care when its in everyones face.

                      So you’re trying to tell me you or anybody else would rather do splitscreen instead of a screen each ?
                      Or have the option to use wii remote?

                      Case dismissed.

                3. Thetruthandnothingbut

                  To quote you; “excuses”.
                  You’re just down-playing it because he hit your nail right on the head and sunk it deep.

          1. im with you on that one the 360 and ps3 will be missing things that the wii u will get and wii will get what they have in some form of dlc so the wii u version will have more in the long run if you think about it.

        3. Well for those of us who are buying a Wii U and don’t care about pointless features like Elite and YouTube streaming, it doesn’t mean shit. Buy the PS3/360/PC version if you’re so keen on those features. To each their own. As long as the gameplay itself is complete and intact, I don’t care about other tacked on features that won’t affect how I play the game at all.

          1. Sure thing, enjoy your crippled and/or gimped versions. I will be enjoying bang for my buck or actually having games right away rather than dropping $300-350 on an overclocked 360 with missing features or better deals absent on them.

                  1. Actually the average age for people who play games is actually quite high :S it’s between 25-30 I believe. Video games are for everybody, just some tend to focus on different markets.

                1. you really don’t know what your talking about do you? your shitty gaming practices are all to yourself ha ha ha aeolus you are one to talk

                2. Hypocrite.

                  If you are a gamer, you should know very well they all have their own gaming console to enjoy on. And you respect that. But no, you act like you know everything about it and talk of how PS3, Xbox 360, and a Wii are trash compare to PC gaming. Honestly, why do you even care? It’s not like you gonna buy a consoles so why even wasting time on this website? You got your own mouse and keyboard and we got our own controllers. Get the fuck over it. Imagine yourself a life with a gaming console and without a PC gaming, even you don’t run much game on the PC. Imagine whoever that person is a PC gamer and he talk how stupid and underwhelm your gaming console. Should you care? I wanna know.

  3. The Nintendo Reviewer

    On one hand the feature doesn’t seem very exciting and it frankly seems a bit narcissistic. On the other hand, didn’t Activision say the Wii U version would get everything the other versions get? Maybe it still will via DLC or updates or whatever. Meh. As long as it has fun zombies, offline combat training and a good local multiplayer component, that’s all I really care about.

      1. Not that I don’t like violent games cause I play games like Borderlands, Uncharted series, and Halo, it’s just that CoD doesn’t interest me. But not having this feature does suck for those getting it on the Wii U.

  4. Meh, It’s a feature I won’t care about, but it is a bit of a kick in the teeth to those who did want it. Hopefully they’ll release a patch or something later to add it in :)

  5. In my opinion games such san andreas (especially that),cod,battlefield and other hyper violent games should have not be allowed for children.I see in every video on youtube,internet coffee,friend’s house kids/teens playing those types of games verry usually.How can their parents allow that?Many kids and especially teens have been effected from those types of games and they became crazy,idiots,I meen…they act like a cod character or CJ from sanadreas.For god’s sake!I think it’s time for Ubisoft to stop making many first person shooters and focus on a good game with less violence and more fun.I also find cod a gimmick series.

          1. Why should they stop making them because on guy doesn’t like the violence? Just don’t buy them. Simple. I like my Assassins Creed thank you.

              1. Mario kills turtles and teaches kids that eating magic mushrooms gives you special powers …. we going to tell Nintendo to stop making that then?

                1. There’s pretty much a lot of violence behind the scenes in some Nintendo games. Look at Kid Icarus Uprising for example, a freaking war and Humans dying . Their souls being transformed to more monsters that kill more humans. And your own body killing more humans for like, two years, while your souls is inside a ring and crap.

                  Asking someone to stop illustrating violence is a bit ridiculous, isn’t it? Even a innofencive game la Chess is full of violence.

                  If you want to censor a game, censor the world first.

    1. Sorry if a person starts doing crime or acting like an idiot its the parents fault. I have been exposed to extremely violent flash games when I was little and Im fine.

  6. *shrugs*
    I’m not that much of an uploader, anyways.
    My laptop just doesn’t have the pick-up-and-go to do so reliably.
    So, yeah, this feature not being in at the out-set doesn’t bother me.
    Anyone calling this a gimped version just for not having this option, is only saying that because they can’t live without trying to wave around their Ego.
    The game will still play just fine without it, and for those who absolutely insist upon having something that is at least similar, there are ways of hooking up a Wii U to a computer, if you’ve got the right cords, so that you can record your stuff. You don’t actually need live-streaming.
    I should know; I’ve done it once before with my Wii and it worked fine.
    A shame I ran that other laptop into the ground with all the other games I played…..XD

  7. so many features wii u doesnt have, Not that I care about using those function, but what the hell, why would I replace a less function Wii U for my PS3. And most of the games don’t even run 1080p in Wii U, it is basically just a PS3 with a gamepad for now. Will see how they improve only consider of getting one.

      1. Who gives a fuck that Xbox360 and PS3 has more games? U just mad because the Wii U has more games in their lineup than the two rivals’ line up of games. Quit being such a graphics whore and STFU!

    1. Shut up, Meg’s boyfriend! U mad because the Wii U is the ultimate driving force in the next generation of video games. You can’t compare the Wii U’s native 720p and 1080p graphics to PS3’s scalable graphics. Not only that, the Wii U has so many features your inferior PS3 doesn’t have– 2GB of RAM, 2 player separate screens (one on the GamePad and the other on HDTV), and asymmetric gameplay. Not only that, the developers even say it’s easier to develop games on both Wii U and Xbox 360. Sorry, Matty… but everything that I’ve stated is reliable in black and white… clear as crystal. YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY, SIR!!!!

      1. stop defending the lesser content console, face the fact, they are still not giving what Wii U deserve, Wii U version doesnt even have nuketown 2025. You are just saying those to make yourself feel better for buying a Wii U. come on, 2gb ram and better hardware so what? the game now is still running 720p in every console including Wii U. Not a fanboy to any of the console, but i will see how Wii U do and decide to buy it or not, for now current console has more games. and FYI, ps3 graphic isn’t even good, so your arguement on calling me a graphic whore is invalid.

        1. You’re STILL a graphics whore, Mattie baby. So fucking what if BO II on Wii U doesn’t have Nuketown 2025? We all know that some Wii U titles will be in HD with a few titles running in Full HD… but I’m still buying Black Ops II… no matter what.

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