While the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will feature Youtube livestreaming built-in, the Wii U version won’t come with this feature. The feature will allow players to live stream Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer League Play games, as well as the player’s webcam and audio commentary while playing. Hopefully it will come at a later date.

“Wii U will not have this feature at this time, but it is being evaluated for a future update.”



  1. My Wifi is shit, just good enought to transfer enought data packets to play the game.
    I will NOT miss this feature, nor would I use this feature should it be available in an update.

    Happy with HD Zombies. Thx.


  2. On one hand the feature doesn’t seem very exciting and it frankly seems a bit narcissistic. On the other hand, didn’t Activision say the Wii U version would get everything the other versions get? Maybe it still will via DLC or updates or whatever. Meh. As long as it has fun zombies, offline combat training and a good local multiplayer component, that’s all I really care about.


  3. Meh, It’s a feature I won’t care about, but it is a bit of a kick in the teeth to those who did want it. Hopefully they’ll release a patch or something later to add it in :)


  4. In my opinion games such san andreas (especially that),cod,battlefield and other hyper violent games should have not be allowed for children.I see in every video on youtube,internet coffee,friend’s house kids/teens playing those types of games verry usually.How can their parents allow that?Many kids and especially teens have been effected from those types of games and they became crazy,idiots,I meen…they act like a cod character or CJ from sanadreas.For god’s sake!I think it’s time for Ubisoft to stop making many first person shooters and focus on a good game with less violence and more fun.I also find cod a gimmick series.


  5. *shrugs*
    I’m not that much of an uploader, anyways.
    My laptop just doesn’t have the pick-up-and-go to do so reliably.
    So, yeah, this feature not being in at the out-set doesn’t bother me.
    Anyone calling this a gimped version just for not having this option, is only saying that because they can’t live without trying to wave around their Ego.
    The game will still play just fine without it, and for those who absolutely insist upon having something that is at least similar, there are ways of hooking up a Wii U to a computer, if you’ve got the right cords, so that you can record your stuff. You don’t actually need live-streaming.
    I should know; I’ve done it once before with my Wii and it worked fine.
    A shame I ran that other laptop into the ground with all the other games I played…..XD


  6. so many features wii u doesnt have, Not that I care about using those function, but what the hell, why would I replace a less function Wii U for my PS3. And most of the games don’t even run 1080p in Wii U, it is basically just a PS3 with a gamepad for now. Will see how they improve only consider of getting one.


    • Shut up, Meg’s boyfriend! U mad because the Wii U is the ultimate driving force in the next generation of video games. You can’t compare the Wii U’s native 720p and 1080p graphics to PS3’s scalable graphics. Not only that, the Wii U has so many features your inferior PS3 doesn’t have– 2GB of RAM, 2 player separate screens (one on the GamePad and the other on HDTV), and asymmetric gameplay. Not only that, the developers even say it’s easier to develop games on both Wii U and Xbox 360. Sorry, Matty… but everything that I’ve stated is reliable in black and white… clear as crystal. YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY, SIR!!!!


      • stop defending the lesser content console, face the fact, they are still not giving what Wii U deserve, Wii U version doesnt even have nuketown 2025. You are just saying those to make yourself feel better for buying a Wii U. come on, 2gb ram and better hardware so what? the game now is still running 720p in every console including Wii U. Not a fanboy to any of the console, but i will see how Wii U do and decide to buy it or not, for now current console has more games. and FYI, ps3 graphic isn’t even good, so your arguement on calling me a graphic whore is invalid.


        • You’re STILL a graphics whore, Mattie baby. So fucking what if BO II on Wii U doesn’t have Nuketown 2025? We all know that some Wii U titles will be in HD with a few titles running in Full HD… but I’m still buying Black Ops II… no matter what.


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