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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U Trailer

Sega of America has released a brand new trailer for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on Wii U. The video shows the unique things that the Wii U GamePad can bring to the series – which sees Sonic take to the air and to the water. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed launches alongside the Wii U in North America on November 18th.

48 thoughts on “Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U Trailer”

    1. Not even in the slightest. Mario Kart is a luck based spamfest, S&ASRT actually requires skill and -feels- like a racing game.

      1. You guys have to agree with Aelous this time.

        Mario Kart requires little to no skill while still rewarding you, while Sonic Racing Transformed actually rewards you for being skillful.

        Racing Transformed is nothing like Mario Kart 7.

          1. @OriginalUNation- You know, I used to like you, but you now come off as a D every now and then.

            I have MK7, and it’s great. I just dislike how I skillfully get in first place, and then go all the back down to 12th before I even know it.

            Sonic Racing Transformed will be different. You’ll see.

            Btw, it is very rude to say that I have sexual relations with some stranger, JUST because I agree with him. Please grow up

            1. If you want me to grow up, you need to stop kissing Aeolus’ ass and sucking on his vagina. If you can’t… then suck my dick because I don’t give a fuck what you or Amir Stuart a.k.a. Meg think.

              1. @OriginalUNation- I’m done talking with you. As much as I love Nintendo, biased blind fans of them make me sick. Good day.

                Oh, and watch your language. Talking like that won’t get you anywhere in the future. Again, grow up, tween.

                1. What’s wrong, rocky. Did I hurt your feelings just because Sony have lost billions of dollars and losing 20,000 employees? Have you lost your virginity to Assholus? You are nothing but an intruder and a Sony fanboy ass kisser. You are aware that you are now at My NINTENDO News… it’s not My Sony News. You don’t fucking belong here.

        1. dimaria-messi-kun-higuain fantastic 4

          bullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt there isnt a karting game in existence with mario kart polish and controller feel response and feedback

          you will be BIGGING UP NITRO KART ON PS1 VS MARIO KART ON N64 NEXT please stop

          iv never even found such a game with anything like kart 64 ds gamecube wii in the driving controls and SHEAR ANALOG SWEETNESS

          driving games need wm+ for motion and gamepads motion should be cool also the level of feel feedback and pure driving skill and physics needs to evolve into a motion control experience just as wii remote revolutionized fps

          analog sticks need to move a character and thats about it time gaming evolved .im expecting gamepads motion to be very good for this actual steering like a steering wheel with lag free realistic driving physics GET THAT TAIL OUT on bends

  1. Sickr, are you going to have a post for Nintendo World Report’s Child’s Play live telethon today? You should, considering you have used media from their site. Everyone, it’s live now.

  2. Bad ass. While Sonic Racing’s not as refined as Mario Kart Wii, it’s in many ways better. Way more attention to detail, it’s a much faster paced racer with emphasis on speed (although that’s not necessarily better) unlike the kart racer. And the tracks are just much more detailed and more thoughtful than most MK tracks. The music’s better too.

    LOVE the land air and sea vehicles, Diddy kong racing ftw.

  3. Woooow!!! This looks pretty good. I have had my eye on this title for a little over a year now! Good to see it has come along nicely. Can’t wait to play it!!! Only 8 more days!!!!

  4. 5 players local multiplayer? Motion based controlling, rear view and tracking the trajectory of the items? Off-tv play?

    Seems like this is the definitive version. But it’s no surprise. :)

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