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Wii U Has The Second Most Retail Launch Titles Of Any Video Game System

There are 27 confirmed retail launch titles for Wii U, including Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, Scribblenauts Unlimited and ZombiU, which makes the upcoming console the platform with the most retail launch games after the PlayStation 2, which launched in 2000 with 29 titles.

For the sake of comparison, Wii launched with 22 titles, Xbox 360 with 18, and PlayStation 3 with 15.

How many games will you be picking up alongside your new Wii U?

122 thoughts on “Wii U Has The Second Most Retail Launch Titles Of Any Video Game System”

      1. 5 – NSMBU, Nintendo Land, Ninja Gaiden 3, ZombiU, and Darksiders 2, would have been 6 if Dragon Quest X was available :)

    1. XiiStation 4..... ( Javi )

      4.. Nintendo Land, Assasins Creed 3, Darksiders II, and I don’t know if 007 legends or Mass Effect 3 or another game… Please help

      1. NSMBU , Nintendo Land , ZombU , Scribblenaughts , NG3RE , Batman , Tekken Tag 2 , Blops 2 , Darksiders 2 , Sonic Racing , Fifa 13 , bout 5 E-shop games and a couple of others have my interest peaked!!!

    1. Try something new! I’m not a huge fan of COD, but my friend is. He just got BO2 and he is impressed with it; he said the game is actually different.

      1. A different CoD game? Wow, I might have just regained interest in the series. Me and most people I know stopped buying or playing them after they started getting repetitive – nowadays all I ever play of it is the “zombies” mode on BO1 at a friend’s house, but even that is starting to get old. But if this new game is supposedly different, then it’s a maybe…

  1. I’ll be getting Nintendo Land bundled with my console, Black Ops 2, and Darksiders 2. Then ACIII, and NSMBU for Christmas. And possibly more as they are announced.

  2. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 would be one of my first choices. Majority of the games I am interested in as well, like Scribblenauts Unlimited and that Sly-look alike.

    1. Well scribblenauts looks pretty decent, I know it’s one I’ll be getting. There’s a few others that intrigue me but the eshop games like Nano Assault Neo and such look pretty good too.

    2. Well they’ve got some eShop games, as well, that people seem to forget about. I’m not sure if they’re launch, but Mutant Mudds Deluxe and Mighty Switch Force HD are going to be on there. If you likes them on the 3DS, I’m sure they’d a worthwhile to get on the Wii U. Also, there’s a bunch of others like Runner 2, The Cave, and a lot more that I’m forgetting. Just keep looking, and you might find one you’d like. If not, wait for Rayman. You can’t really lose here.

      1. Hey Don’t Forget about Toki Tori 2,weird thing is whenever i put it in Wikipedia it doesn’t show up,maybe because it’s a download game only or whatever the case is,but it doesn’t show up. :/

  3. Alongside Nintendo Land (as part of the Wii U Deluxe Set), my first Wii U game I’ll purchasing is Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge and my first downloadable title that I’ll be buying will be Nano Assault NEO. And after that, it’s Trine 2: Director’s Cut.

  4. To be honest, I never got into Playstation 2 that much back then. The systems i played the most on are the Gamecube and Xbox.

    1. Cube was great with Smash , luigis Mansion, star Wars and Waverace and Pikmin coming a couple weeks later that ended up being fun.

      1. I have about 40 games to the cube all great and some masterpieces.
        don’t get it why people bought the ps2, the controller is horrible and for me the controller is 50% or more of what makes a console good.

        1. It was cheaper and could play DVDs. The DVD-playback feature was a seller for casuals.

          But I agree, there’re over 30 Gamecube games that I enjoyed, some of them being my favorites of all-time.
          What I liked on the PS2 though, was Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, GTA San Andreas and Star Wars: Battlefront 2.
          But it’s nothing compared to GC.

          1. The GameCube is the king of consoles to me, i love it so much i dont think anything will top it, unless Wii U is……….

  5. The ones that I’m interested in are:

    1) Scribblenauts Unlimited
    2) Trine 2
    3) Nano Assault Neo
    4) ZombiU
    5) Epic Mickey 2
    6) Skylanders Giants

  6. I have already paid for:
    1. ZombiU
    2. Black Ops2
    3. Arkham City
    4. Aliens: Colonial Marines
    5. Rayman Legends
    6. Scribblenauts Unlimited
    7. New Super Mario Bros. U
    8. Assassin’s Creed 3
    9. Nintendo Land (with my deluxe set)
    And I plan to get a $30 eShop card too, so maybe a couple eShop games.

    1. I envy that you can afford that many games. I’ve had to trade about £120 worth of books and games in to Amazon, save up for about 2 months, and get the final £100 as an early Christmas present from my girlfriend. Oh, and my Kinect is currently on eBay in order to pay for ZombiU. Hopefully it’ll be worth it in the end.

    2. My only problem would be with Aliens, from what I see you only play as marines unlike every other game for the franchise which kind of turns me off from getting it. I could be wrong though…

  7. zombiU, NSMBU,BO2,Nintendoland with lots more coming by March. I remember 360 didn’t even have 3 games I wanted had to buy Kameo and NBA2k6

  8. I’m just getting Nintendo Land. I would’ve gotten the Wii U version of Epic Mickey 2, but it doesn’t have motion control so I’m getting the Wii one. Plus there’s that Black Friday deal at Walmart for the Wii version.

  9. Zombi U
    New Super Mario Bros. U
    Nintendo Land
    Assassin’s Creed III
    Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed
    Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition
    Rayman Legends
    Aliens: Colonial Marines
    Pikmin 3
    Baynetta 2
    Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge

  10. I am getting the Black Wii U console with Nintendo land, for games, im buying Assassins Creed 3,Black ops 2 and Zombi U.i feel some what guilty for not having a mario game :/

    1. wow this is what Mario does to you, people say they won’t buy it because its a rehash (which it’s not) but then feel guilty for not buying it either that or it feels like it’s a Nintendo game you just HAVE to own! :D

      1. Not true(well for me) i wanted to get it but i just felt like i had too many games on my hand,sometimes its best to have moderation,i could buy it,not a money issue but again,moderation.i said i felt guilty because im not buying a mario game for a Nintendo console at crazy enough for spending over 500$ for a console launch so yeah :)

  11. Also the list that the article links to is incomplete, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was a launch title for GC (at least in Aus).

  12. Nintendo Land (Wii U premium)
    Assassins Creed 3
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
    Darksiders 2
    Aliens: Colonial Marines
    Rayman Legends
    Pikmin 3
    Maybe Scribblenauts Unlimited (still undecided)

  13. I preordered Duluxe Wii U, New Super Mario Bros U, Zombie U and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Still wish Retro made a Metroid or Donkey Kong game for the launch of Wii U.

  14. Wow, SO MANY comments after I just barely seen this post.
    I’m very happy for Nintendo. I hope the Wii U is a HUGE success for a long time to come. I also hope that the Wii U can shut the people’s mouths who keep bashing Nintendo and calling them a baby company.

  15. However, there was only one game that I was positive about wanting, and it was delayed until next year. And that was Pikmin 3. If I get the Wii U on launch, I seriously don’t know what game (if any) to get for it? Because I won’t have ANY (yes, I’m buying the basic set).

    1. If you don’t see any games you want don’t get it.
      wait until it’s a bit cheaper or something or else you will regret getting it!

  16. Well I hope to get New Super Mario Bros U, and Mario has been a game I get first with all my Nintendo consoles since the N64 and doubt it’ll change anytime soon. And I hope to get Sonic and All-stars Racing Transformed on the Wii U, the Special Edition, hoping it has Mario as a special character. Also weird fact, Super Mario Galaxy and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics were my first 2 Wii games outside Wii Sports, I’m getting the Black Wii U, it’s basically the same this time around lol

  17. 6. Batman Arkham City Armored Edition, Nintendo Land, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, New Super Mario Bros U, Zombi U

  18. For a system a lot of people thought would fail it sure has a lot of games to launch with! I didn’t realize the PS2 had so many though! Glad to see there are plenty of games to get right at launch, this’ll definitely drive some sales!

    1. First of all..ps2 was on the 6th generation.WiiU has current generation gpu but…if the other consoles will be expensive thanks to their powerfull specs then wiiU might be a good chance for gamers and other interested people.But the question is,why Nintendo didn’t at least increase wiiU’s power by another 50% so that it can look a little better.Anyway the good thing is that the console has something new except from power,new controller,specs,GAMES,third party support and i hope it can run UE4

      1. Wii U’s GPGPU is next Gen, it runs direct X11 equivalent and has been confirmed to run unreal engine 4 games, moving alone now. ZOMBIE U is my game.

  19. Seems that I am the only one who is getting mass effect 3 (played the others on xbox). I also plan on downloading NSMBU, and I’m getting Nintendo Land with my premium pack.

    1. I was going to get ME3 but then I saw they will be releasing a ME trilogy pack later next year, why buy one for $60 when you can get all 3 for $60. Assuming WiiU gets the trilogy.

  20. I’ve thought about Assassin’s Creed III. But that game will be a major gamble for a person like me. I would only be able to get 1 game if ANY at launch (or soon after) because of the prices. SUCKS that Wii U games are $10.00 higher than Wii games are. Wii games was already so expensive that I never bought anything but retro games. Because with retro games, I could buy several for the price of just one Wii game.

    1. 60 dollar standard was set about 6 years ago, not to mentioned that SNES games were very expensive, some were up to $80, if the next gen is too expensive just wait till the WiiU gets a price cut and the games. Are a lot cheaper, you’ll still play the games regardless of when you get them.

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  22. Batman, zombiU, Tekken, Scribblenauts, my daughter is getting Just Dance 4, Lego city…. Prolly some others I hadn’t thought of.

  23. WiiU got delayed in Mexico until November 25 u.u
    Anyway im picking my deluxe WiiU that day along Zombie U and Black Ops 2 (because i’ll play these with my friends, thats a lot of replay value) and im exited too for Nintendo Land, that Metroid Blast game looks so good.

  24. Sorry for the english, it's not my native language

    NSMBU, Nintendo Land and Pikmin 3 \o/ and i’ll buy a white Wii U, not because of the price, because of the color! i’m sure there are more people like me who want to buy a white Wii U

  25. Ive already pre-ordered Black Ops 2,I want to get Batman Arkham city,but im stuck in a rock between Goldeneye 007 Legends and Batman,guys help me out here with deciding,also im gonna TRY to get a deluxe wii U even if my it means wasting the $5 on my target Wii U reservation card.

    1. If you haven’t played the recent Arkam games, then Get Arkam City, Rocksteady did an amazing job developing the game. Plus its just a phenomenol game.

    2. Get batman highly acclaimed and multiple awards. 007 legends was a dissapointment crittically getting very negative scores.

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  28. Getting Premium set (Nintendoland) with Mario, Call of Duty, Sonic, and Ass 3. Planning on buying Neo Assault on the eshop! Looks reallly goood :)

  29. I feel like getting Transformers Prime: the video game, just because the show is the best television show I’ve ever watched.

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