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Edge Reviews Wii U Launch Games

Respected British gaming publication Edge has spent some quality time with a few of the launch games for Wii U. As expected, the reviews are rather tough, but that’s what Edge magazine is renowned for. Here’s the reviews scores for New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land and Ubisoft’s ZombiU.

  • New Super Mario Bros U: 8
  • ZombiU: 7
  • Nintendo Land: 7

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75 thoughts on “Edge Reviews Wii U Launch Games”

    1. Gee, that game thats always the same, no new game mechanics, except a new city?
      Oh you switch between characters that are basically all the same? Never seen that before or done better *sarcasm

          1. Actually, long time CoD hater here, Black Ops II is getting most of its praise from the fact that it actually does something different for a change – its story is dynamic and changes based on not only big choices, but also decisions made on the fly as part of gameplay. That’s pretty exciting right there, even if the basic modern day (+ a few years) soldiers shooting stuff thing doesn’t really appeal to me.

            1. The story did surprise me, and it is good, although those command/RTS sections suck, but overall, its just the same, the multiplayer hasnt changed, its just got a new coat of paint

        1. wow. rude much? I know this is the internet, but still, I would think most people would be civilized. I guess i was wrong.

      1. *That aren’t LoZ OoT and SMG2…..wait but they came from Nintendo…,.WHAT????

        Also GTA4 got a 10.

        But i have yet to hear a LAUNCH game to get a perfect 10.

    2. And when GTA V is announced for Wii U, what then? Is it still going to destroy? Or does the fact that it’s on a Nintendo console hamper it somehow?

  1. I love this talk of destroying, other games can destroy other games, unannounced consoles can destroy existing consoles by merely existing, it’s so incredibly exciting and mature.

      1. Hate to rain on your fanboy parade, pretendofanboy, but GameStop have NEVER scored ZombiU a 4.5 out of 10. And according to Gamespot’s website, they haven’t reviewed it yet. You’ve been looking at a troll’s video on YouTube. EXPOSED!!!!!!

        1. Actually, numerous gamers have recognised that the youtube video is indeed by a regular Gamespot reviewer and thus is fairly likely to be real. However, that doesn’t change the fact that most of his criticisms were based on it not being a run-and-gun game like Left 4 Dead and that he clearly doesn’t understand the idea of survival horror at all. A rubbish review with no real validity, yes. A fake review, not necessarily.

  2. Guys these scores are awesome!! To put things into perspective , they gave Halo 4 and Assasins creed 3 an 8 each.

    Trust me , a 7/10 from edge is a great score especially for a launch title. I stopped buying edge cus I felt they were a bit too harsh on certain games.

    You know skyward sword got 10/10 though ;)

    1. You mean when Skyward Sword was over hyped and had mixed reviews later down the road because of its obvious flaws ;) ?

    2. to be honest skyward sword didn’t sit that well with me either

      i thought twilight princess was worlds better but maybe that’s just me

  3. ZombiU is getting drastically different reviews. Looks like another, “oh why i just shoot ky way through everything” situation

    1. had a chance to play it and well.. it’s not that simple

      if you don’t stop every now and then to examine your surroundings so you can find that extra weapon/healthkit/ammunition you’ll find yourself dead pretty fast

      it’s quite tough
      at least that’s the impression i got however i’m not too familiar with analogue stick shooter controls


  5. I never really consider the reviews. Everyone looks for different things in games. Whether it be graphics, gameplay or online. Personally, I look at gameplay and think to myself “can i picture myself enjoying this game?”

  6. Legend of Zelda FTW

    My gosh so many fanboys and haters. I am a nintendo fan here but listen, some games are better than others don’t go saying “This is the best game ever and COD just sucks nothing interesting BAHAHAHAHA!” Well actually its the gamer’s choice. Nintendo has a better sale over adventure, longeivity, and all ages. XBOX and Playstation has better graphics, shooting, and fighting (Techn and Other games like that) then Nintendo. But one false thing sure is that COD is a original game. Why is it false? Because Resident Evil started shooting games before anyone else. Another things that is fake… Nintendo was the first video game company. FALSE! Why is that? Because arcade games like Pacman and Frogger were made before NIntendo was created. So in the end I am neutral on both sides.

    1. Resident Evil?

      Are you fucking kidding me? How old are you, 15? 16?

      DOOM and Wolfebstein are the original FPS games. And news flash: Resident Evil isn’t a FPS, so comparing it to Call of Duty is asinine.

      And if any game(s) is responsible for modern FPS games, it’s Half-Life, GoldenEye 64, and Halo: Combat Evolved; they started many, MANY of the FPS trends that are now mainstays of the genre.

      My god the people posting on this site are clueless…

    2. No one’s saying that Nintendo was the first video game company. I’m pretty sure everyone knows that. But Nintendo DID save the crash of the video game industry in the 80s.

    3. So many wrong things with your comment, bud:

      1) You claim there are so many fanboys and haters. The next sentence you claim yourself as a Nintendo fan…that’s not completely contradicting…

      2) Gamer’s Choice: People stop loosely using the term “gamer” to describe everyone and everything that picks up a controller and plays a game. Unless you own and play games on all of the consoles, and/or all of the portables that come out from the main three companies (or console/handheld gaming while PC gaming, mobile gaming on the iPhone/iPad, etc.), you are in no position to use this term to describe somebody. There are broad categories of what people can be called when they play games based on the way that they view video games in general. The general consensus is that people are either a fanboy, loyalist, guru, analyst, journalist, collector, casual, or a gamer. Try swapping “gamer” with “player” next time, please.

      Last time I checked, when playing games alone, it’s called Single-Player; when playing games with others, it’s called Multi-Player.

      3) “Nintendo has a better sale over adventure, longeivity, and all ages. XBOX and Playstation has better graphics, shooting, and fighting (Techn and Other games like that) then Nintendo.”

      ^ The above quote is your own personal opinion. Don’t try to shove what you believe down other people’s throats because I, for one, can call bs when I see it.

      In MY personal opinion (learn to use this phrase), when I look at Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 3 games collectively, there is a VERY diverse lineup of games—I do not see the Wii being any more diverse than those two consoles.

      All three consoles have their own exclusives and games that make use of the technology powering the console in different ways (some games more than others). We could sit here until the end of the time discussing in how many ways each console is different in terms of the games they have available; realistically, it’s best to just accept the fact that each video-game player is human and can make their own choice/judgment however they want to—just as someone would have the choice to avoid drugs and alcohol compared to someone else who may prefer to have drugs or alcohol be a part of them in their life.

      While on the topic, CoD not being original is another opinion of yours. I know many people who have different opinions and would strongly disagree with you.

      4) HAHAHA! Resident Evil the first shooting game ever made?! Don’t make me fall out of my seat with another comment on this site like that EVER again. XD

      5) Nintendo was founded on September 23, 1889. You want to tell me that Pac-Man and Frogger were around since then…

      …really? You REALLY just made that statement?

      6) OH LAWL! You’re neutral on both sides, but you’re a Nintendo fan, right?! XD

    4. nintendo existed since the end of the 19th century
      and while they were not the first video game company (that would be either magnavox or atari) they started developing games in 1973 and entered the console market in 1974 just about 2 years after the first console and the first arcade machine were released
      so while they weren’t the first, they were one of the few first (and the only one that stayed true to its roots in the video game industry since then)
      frogger and pacman were developed in 1981 and 1980 respectively
      just saying

  7. Cue fanboy rage that they didn’t all get perfect scores because Nintendo “zomg is the neatest and anyone who doesn’t like what I like must be full of shit!! Even though I haven’t played the games and they have!!”

        1. True, I’m just really the exception, to be honest even if the games on Wii U like ZombiU did get a bad score I’d still play it XD

          1. Exactly,I feel like everyone on this site only buys things because of the ratings.You’re supposed to buy something because you think you’ll like it,not because of someones opinion.

        2. Couldn’t care less what a bunch of douche bags who call themselves “industry pros” think about the games. Enjoy your last few comments because a ban for you is forthcoming.

        3. So by your logic I can ignore exceptions to the rule and I can say with no mistakes that you are a Sony and/or Microsoft fanboy by not fanboy raging and saying that Nintendo “zomg is the neatest and anyone who doesn’t like what I like must be full of shit!! Even though I haven’t played the games and they have!!”

          Right… Ok bro, whatever helps you release your angst and sleep…You really “told” all those people on the internet. Here, have an achievment.

  8. Been reading reviews for a long time, and Edge is one of the toughest and fairest. Getting a 7 or 8 from Edge, is like getting a 9 or 10 someplace else. So looking forward to the Wii U, as well as the next Playstation and Xbox. Tomorrow can’t come fast enough!

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    1. That´s true. I personally don´t like Edge. They try to be professional but always let their arrogance afloat when reviewing anything. By the way, apart from those reviews, they almost published nothing about WiiU launch – on purpose

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