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Toys R Us Warns That Wii U Pre-Order Shipments May Be Delayed

Retail chain Toys R Us have been contacting customers letting them know that some of the stores have not received their Wii U hardware ahead of the launch tomorrow. We’re not sure how many people will be affected by this, but it will clearly come as a blow to those that have pre-ordered with the retailer. Here’s what the email says:

“We wanted to inform you that we have not yet received inventory on your Wii U Black Deluxe Set Hardware pre-order which was expected in-store on November 18th, 2012. We will send you a follow-up email once this item is available and ready for pickup.”

62 thoughts on “Toys R Us Warns That Wii U Pre-Order Shipments May Be Delayed”

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        1. A lot of them are saying that there is not enough stock left to justify a midnight release, also the release of the Wii U falls on a Sunday, obviously that has something to do with it as well.

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  1. im so happy gamestop called me and said that i will get my wiiu tomorrow at 11 the waiting list finally paid off. I wish u all luck on the list like me : )

    1. I would like to say FUCK YOU GameStop !!!
      I come into your store and you cocksuckers always talk down to Nintendo like you ever made a game to sell so you could have a job giving your opinion of games. You are big hemroids on the ass of Xbox. Fuck you for telling me you would have a midnight release until I paid off all my Wii U items then tell me you will open at 11am. Fuck you GameStop and your momma’s pancake titties.

      1. I talked my guy into opening at 9am on Sunday, so I think they are pretty decent (except for the fact that they are a corporation which hurts local shops). Especially since you can pay a little bit at a time when pre-ordering. You sure can’t do that everywhere, which is cool. To be honest, I’d rather pick it up at 9am with no dilemmas and waiting in line as opposed to a midnight pick-up at Wally-World, but I’m getting to be an old man. If I lived in New York the Nintendo World Store would be the choice though.

      2. I know what you mean! Last year when I went to GameStop (EBGames where I live) to get Zelda: SS, and they were soooo rude. I go up to the counter and ask for Skyward Sword. The guy working there scans it and says, “That will be $50 000!” I ask him, “Are you on crack? Tjis game costs $50 not $50 000!” The guy says, “Well guess what, Zelda sucks and CoD is better so won’t give you this game until you buy CoD and an Xbox!” I tell the guy to fuck himself and he gives me a slap in the face. I grab a copy of MW3 and chuck at is ugly face. The manager comes stroming out and asks what’s going on. The guy has the nerve to say,m “Uhh…This guy was being an asshole and I tried to calm him down and he throw his game at my face!” The manager kicks me out. But on the way out I go up to their pile of Xbox 360es and stomp on them all and then go to Best Buy and get my game. So yeah GameStop/EBGames sucks and are complete cunts never buy anything from those thieves.

        1. I really have a hard time believing this, they would check the security film to see what happened. Doesn’t matter if you’re online or offline, don’t be a bullshitter mate.
          Btw you live in Australia right?

          1. No I live in Canada and of course that story is made up…Except for the part about GameStop being the worst video game retailer.

      1. Considering it was one of the only retailers accepting pre orders still. I was going to get mine from target then the pre orders sold out and I had to get it from toys r us.

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  3. just talked to EB GAMES and they said if i dont get my already bought wiiu in the first hour of sales tomorrow CANCELLED MIDNIGHT LAUNCH then they will sell it to the next customer. dufferin mall toronto be warned.

  4. Wal-Mart has them in stock already. I wonder what’s causing Toys R Us to be behind….

    Sorry to hear some people won’t have it right away. I can’t get mine tomorrow because my job screwed me over and changed our payday to Tuesday. Ah well, hopefully those of you who have it pre-ordered at Toys R Us don’t have to wait too long.

  5. I got this yesterday, and blood almost shot out of my eyes…but then i woke up this morning and around noon I got an email that it is there to pickup for the 18th…I will be there at midnight, can’t wait!

  6. “We will send you a follow-up email once the item is available and ready for pick up”

    Wait. Does not that mean that only the local preorders may have delays? Because I am getting my Wii U from Toys´r´us though the mail since I cannot pick it up ( I live Germany. But I have a normal U.S post office since my father was in the U.S Army)
    Does that mean I will be affected? Well if not I will have to wait around 2 weeks anyway since I live overseas.
    But I want it tomorrow.
    It really sucks.
    I WANT IT NOW!!!!!

  7. even though i bought the thing, EB GAMES says if i dont get in the line tomorrow morning between 10 and 11 -after cancelling and not telling anyone about the midnight launch- they will sell my already bought wii u to the next jerk in line.

    they also said i have to come into the store to cancel and refund my order.


  8. I was sooooo pissed yesterday when I got this email from ToysRus. Today I received an email from them letting me know my WiiU pre-order “WILL” be available for pick up on NOV 18th as expected. I guess their shipments hadn’t arrived at the stores when they expected them to so they thought they were gonna be delayed and notified all who pte-ordered the black one.

  9. Ok guys I just got the low down from my boy at ubisoft… Watchdogs is coming…How do i know this? I’m Miyamoto bitches and I kick ass daily!

  10. I have a question: if you pre-ordered from ToysRus, will they ship it to your house or do you have to go and pick it up at the store?

  11. I received a call from Gamestop this afternoon to remind me to pick up my Wii U tomorrow, which is Sunday afternoon. Too bad I can, Im working. Have to try and make it Monday dang it. Was told Monday would be the last day to pic up the pre-order. Would be nice if they would hold it longer, I do have to work and the Gamestop is 35 miles away. Hey, its paid for, what are they worried about. Never been a fan of Gamestop.

  12. To all the atheist lowlives posting their CRAP on a Nintendo forum/news post, hurry up and go to hell so that the rest of us can enjoy eternal life and Nintendo. Losers!

  13. I just checked my email now, I haven’t gotten an email yet from Toys R Us. I am sorry for all of those whose units are delayed.

  14. I preordered my Wii U with Toys R Us on 9/15/2012…and they said that it was shipped on the 19th. So, I won’t receive it until 11/27/2012…WTF!!! And I selected store pick up too! FAILS R US!!!

    I was lucky I still got to play it on launch day though, because I also pre-ordered one with Best Buy on the same day, as a Xmas gift to my sister.

    But F U Toys R Us!!!

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