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Wii U System Update Is Now Live

Many were left wondering when it would come, but now it’s here. Yes, the Wii U system update is now available to download for those who’ve gotten their Wii U systems early. The update presumably contains Miiverse, Wii U Chat, and the Wii U eShop. So, those of you that are picking up a system at midnight will be able to download all the extra functionality when you get home.


82 thoughts on “Wii U System Update Is Now Live”

        1. It might be faster. Like anonymous said below, it depends on your internet speed. For me, I dont think it’ll take more than an hour.

        2. A guy who has 25mbps took 80 minutes. But most of the time his gf was playing Halo 4 which was pulling him back heavily according to him

            1. I was just playing Halo 4, so I must be smart too, Yeah! Although, I’m sure there is a large amount of people that would appear smart in your eyes. Of course, that’s due to your obvious lack of intelligence.

    1. forever at 6mb/ all updates for games for wii u ..and set up tv control .. i probably started about 8 hours ago and havent even started transfering wii data to wii u …good night at 10:40am

    1. the over abundance of crap that is made for frat dude with half of his brain not dwrnoed in beer, so he can be a gamer , that is what is decaying this industry. its like this there is a church where just very very important people can become priests .and 2 years later BOOM every meth head can become a priest is that place holy anymore? no starts a decaying process .that will ultimately destroy it.

  1. Awesome Cakes!!! Congratulations to those of you who have your Wii U(s) early! Buying online isn’t fun. Hah! Enjoy chatting it up with your friends!

    *Stares down at my 3DS* …Damn it. Give us a massive update already!

    1. ^ Same way I felt when I first say the Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 footage hosted by Iwata-san. The second that I saw the WaraWara Plaza and Miiverse, my jaw dropped. Then, we heard that the Nintendo 3DS isn’t getting a full version of Miiverse…

      …I wasn’t surprised when I found myself at GameStop trading it back soon after. :c

      Oh well, I’ve been waiting for the Wii U for 4 years now. It’s time. So long, longest Nintendo generation of all-time.

      R.I.P. Wii and Nintendo DS/Lite/i/XL

  2. I hate my GameStop for not having a midnight launch. I’m not going to be home tomorrow and I was hoping to still be able to get it on launch day.

    1. The wait is killing me! Can’t believe I have to actually try to sleep tonight…ugh…I’m about to call my GameStop and see what time they open.

      Gonna try to get there earlier, though, of course. >.>

    2. Nintendo don’t ship where i live so you have it easy. I got to get it from oversees. :( The Life of am man in de West Indies

    3. yeah glad i went to walmart instead .. gamestop said they didnt want kids waiting out side at midnight …you might get some cool gifts thou wal mart was 5 dollar gift card i put toward madden 13

    1. Everywhere is sold out on their preorders at the moment, basically. :c

      You need to sign up for the waiting list (GameStop has one, I believe), and try your best to keep checking with them daily to see if anyone forgets to pick up their preorder. If someone doesn’t pick up their Wii U at that store location within 48 hours, you can rush to the store and nab it for yourself. :3

      If you’re saying that the Wii U is supposed to be a Christmas present, then I can’t be sure of that. Nintendo tends to manufacture their devices at a very good rate, but the Wii U (just like the Wii) has hit an all new high in terms of consumer demand. Not sure how long the wait could be because of that…it could be well into the middle of next year…

      1. mine’s already bought i just don’t has it yet should be tomorrow or Sunday for the least. Things are harder to get when you live in a small country.

  3. Currently downloading its been 10 minutes and its about 13% finished. Internet speed 4.5mps, ill keep updating you guys so you will have an idea how long itll take.

            1. Andy Says
              “Currently downloading its been 10 minutes and its about 13% finished. Internet speed 4.5mps, ill keep updating you guys so you will have an idea how long itll take.”

              Anonymous asks
              “Is your internet speed very good?”

              Dr.Mario Says
              “You’re welcome”

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  5. Lucky for everyone in the states, still have to wait 2 more weeks for it to be released in the UK.

    On an unrelated note on the UK game retailer GAME’s website they have a pre-order bonus for Paper Mario: Sticker Star where you get a poster and by the looks of it one side has Paper Mario: Sticker Star artwork and the other has Paper Mario N64 artwork, though they could be two separate posters, I just thought some of you might want to know.
    Here’s a link to it…

  6. Mine isnt coming in the mail until MONDAY!!! FML!!! I am sooo pissed!!! AHHHHH all the good usernames will be taken!!! Who is going for “Mario” lol!?!?!

    1. Mine won’t be arriving until Monday either, I was pumped when the store charged my CC a few days ago and when using the tracking service it had been processed already and began its journey home, but now it says it won’t be here until Monday. Well at least ill be able to at least get my games tomorrow.

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  10. My system update is taking forever. Going on about 60% complete and it’s been over an hour. Haven’t even gotten past the set up menu! Need sleep, might just let this sucker go over night!!

  11. Ugggg I won’t be able to get mine forever. I TOLD MY DAD TO PREORDER AND HE WAS LIKE NOOOOOOO. Well anyway even when i get it I live in a small town and my internet is a haltingly 1.5mb/s so I might die in the process. Anyway….

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