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Nintendo Network ID For Wii U Registration Process Revealed

To make a Nintendo Network ID on Wii U, you must accept a User Agreement and provide information, including your birthday, gender, state, time zone, username, password and e-mail address. After that, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail; confirm it to activate your Nintendo Network ID.

Your username can be between six and 16 characters. You can use numbers, letters, periods, dashes and underscores. You cannot, however, use punctuation as the first or last character of your Nintendo Network ID.

If you have a Wii U, update the system as soon as possible to gain access toward a variety of features, including the Nintendo eShop, Miiverse and Wii U Chat.

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  1. Best thing I’ve seen all day was the kaz parody account and it said “wii u launched with a day 1 firmware update that takes forever to download. And they said Sony steals nintendos ideas”

  2. My local Walmart has 7 wiius. Wtf Nintendo I thought their was going to be more available at launch they at least had 20 wiis in 2006.

    1. You should have gone to a dedicated toy retailer instead of a supermarket/department store. My wife and I went to our local Toys R Us just after they opened this morning (7:25 am) and were #25 on a line of over 40 people. We got a Deluxe Wii U, and pretty sure everyone behind us was able to get one as well.


    1. Now that I think of it, you may no be able to do that. I think on other consoles you need at least one letter or so in it. But O’s could fix that

  3. can anyone do me the great favor of registering an account for me ? I’m broke and can’t afford a U atm, it would really mean a lot guys..I’ve been a Nintendo enthusiast since forever :(

  4. No spaces?

    What is this, the web of a decade ago? AOL circa 1996? Makes no sense.

    Gamertags still better I suppose. But this is a big step for Nintendo. I congratulate them for doing SOMETHING right lately.

      1. Yes, I’m going to complain about it. There is NO reason not to allow spaces. It used to be due to database sanitization issues; that hasn’t been a problem for over a decade now with every modern database software. Ever. Sometimes, it IS the little things that count.

        And “a lot of things right”? Please. Anything they’ve done even REMOTELY right has been ham handed in some way or another.

        Let’s see, Nintendo…

        • Your first party Wii U launch games are in 720p, not the 1080p you promised (and should be EASILY capable of doing considering even the PS3, a 6 year older console, can do 720p).

        • Your big launch Mario game is a clone of the 2009 Mario game on the Wii but with SLIGHTLY prettier backgrounds and some tacked-on tablet functionality, a far cry from the revolution that, say, Mario 64 was.

        • Your biggest 3rd party titles are largely just ports of games that have already been released on other consoles (some of them moths ago) with almost identical graphics and some tacked-on DLC-like content, and you’re still asking for full price for each game.

        • No Zelda, Metroid, Super Smash Brothers, or Star Fox; not even ONE of them, and none of them have even been teased or announced for the next year.

        • No microphone port on the Wii U Pro Controller (aka the XBOX 360 controller clone) which means you’ll have to plug in a headset into the tablet controller and have that by your side, completely defeating the purpose of wireless controllers and making it bulky and cumbersome to use a mic headset.

        • Wii U finally has username-based accounts for online capabilities and play… BUT they’re tied to YOUR console alone and can’t be used on a friends console when you go to their house, making home-play the only serious option for competitive gamers/completionists.

        • The “Mii” characters have not been graphically updated and still look like they were designed back in 1996 on the Nintendo 64; vastly inferior in charm, design, flexibility, and overall appeal compared to XBOX 360’s very customizable, charming, clothing capable, prop accountable avatars.

        • On day 1, you’re making everyone download an update so large that it takes the average user (with the average internet speed) over 2 hours to complete.

        • No system-wide party chat, which means the only way to chat with your friends with a headset is if you’re playing the same game and said game included it, or by using video chat (which means you’re not playing a game).

        • No system-wide inclusion of an achievement system, like the other LAST-GEN consoles of over 6 years ago all have. Which means developers are tasked with programming and including an achievement system in-game, and thus can only be access in-game as well and not shared within one’s gamer profile.

        …I could go on and on but I’ve decided the console I used to be so excited for a year ago is no longer with my time. The only things they’ve done right is make an optional more standardized controller (Wii U Pro Controller, albeit sans mic port), reduce console cost by letting everyone use any 3rd party hard drive for storage, and the tablet/standard controller hybrid that is the Wii U’s GamePad controller.

        Apart from that, everything about this console is either done wrong, or done half-assed. I. Am. Disappoint.

        1. 1. They NEVER promised 1080p games at launch. WTF are you talking about? They said that the Wii-U can do 1080p

          2. Agreed

          3. How is that Nintendo’s fault? Blame the developers, not Nintendo

          4. Games take time to make and no console has every game at launch? I’m beginning to think this is your first gaming generation

          5. Neither did the PS3/360/PC controller. Your point? You can use BlueTooth head-sets or do you choose to wallow in ignorance just so you can bash Nintendo?

          6. Are you for real? They CONFIRMED that you can access your account on other Nintendo consoles and can use it on other Wii-U’s. Do you even FOLLOW ANY positive Nintendo news or do you just listen to the bad?

          7. Somewhat agreeable but the Mii’s have superior facial adjustments

          8. Congratulations! You just described every console since the 360, want a cookie?

          9. Funny, I don’t recall the PS3 having cross-game chat and the 360 didn’t have it at launch either. The PS3 didn’t have achievements at launch either. It took time for the consoles to get every feature, why would it be any different for Nintendo?

          You can definitely go on and on, that’s what you do best; Bitch about Nintendo

      2. By the way: both PSN and XBOX Live allow spaces. So… why is it Nintendo, with a 6-year newer console, can’t?

        One good reason: that’s all I’m asking for. Please, let’s hear it…

          1. Wrong.

            I’ve bought every Nintendo console since the NES.

            But just because I have, doesn’t mean I blindly think Nintendo can do no wrong. The fact that you can’t stand someone who doesn’t look past every flaw of this console just shows how much of an intolerant fanboy you are.

            The fact that you can’t even begin to refute any of the MANY claims I just made furthers that point.

            Just because I recognize things done wrong doesn’t mean I hate Nintendo, nor does it mean I can’t appreciate the Wii U.

            All it means is that currently, I believe the Wii U to be inferior both to current gen consoles in many, MANY ways (even if it is SLIGHTLY superior in a few ways), and that I hope Nintendo works hard to improve on said flaws in the future. After all, you don’t improve upon something simply by thinking it’s perfect.

            1. K?

              Cool story, bro?

              Difference being you look for false flaws, exaggerate any known “flaw”/flaw, and downplay good news

              I did

              If you can say one positive thing about Nintendo, one truly heartfelt positive thing about the Wii-U, I’ll give you a cookie

              You were a fool to expect stuff that took years to develop and improve to be done on day one for the Wii-U. It takes time for something like online to get as good as say LIVE and it’ll take YEARS for it develop a good gaming library, like any other console. Why are you pointing out stuff that’s a flaw with every console upon launch. Also, I love how you, again, downplay the Wii-U’s advantages, like usual. It really does seem like this is the first time you’ve ever seen a console launch.

          2. On a positive note, here’s how I think the Wii U could be amazing:

            1) More exclusive 3rd party games; NEW ones, not ports of months-old games from other consoles with a few new “features”.

            2) Get more NEW AAA 3rd party multi-platform games on the console (Crysis 3, Watchdogs[a no brainer for the tablet functionality], etc).

            3) Allow system-wide party chat, a la XBOX 360.

            4) Release a revised Pro controller with a headset/mic port.

            5) Allow for signing into my user account while at a friends house using their console, a la XBOX 360.

            6) Make 1080p the standard resolution for all games; exceptions are inevitable, but the console should be more than capable of this for the vast majority of games.

            7) Firmware update to allow for more customizable, updated Mii characters (flat 2d facial features, spheres for hands, lack of arms in many cases, no clothing or textures other than preset ones for specific games? Come on… this is 2012, almost 2013… get with the times!).

            8) Less focus on cartoony, ABC Family-looking games and interfaces, more sleek, modern, cutting-edge designs and themes; I don’t want to feel like I’m in Toys-R-Us when I log onto my video game console; doesn’t have to be gritty and bloody in order to be “mature” or “cutting-edge”.

            If they did this or even MOST of this, I’d be overtly happy and would likely only ever touch my XBOX 360 to play Halo, or touch my PS3 to play Twisted Metal.


            1. 1. That’s up to DEVELOPERS! Do you want Nintendo to hold a gun up to the heads of various third party developers and force them to make Wii-U games or something?

              2. Up to third party developers and that’ll take time. It took the 360 time to so it’ll damn well take Nintendo some time as well

              3. It might be available sometime after launch, the 360 didn’t have it at launch eihter

              4. Why? PS3/PC controller don’t have them. A head-set jack is only present in ONE console. Looks like you’re just bitching for the sake of bitching. You can use BlueTooth head-sets, you do realize that, right?

              5. You can do that, it’s just that you choose to ignore good Wii-U news is all

              6. Yeah, force developers to make games in 1080p for their console only and spend millions of dollars! Gee, I don’t see that going wrong /sarcasm. Also, you do realize that both Microsoft and Sony promised 1080p and yet we never got it? Why don’t you bitch about the-oh wait, you only bitch about Nintendo

              7. You seriously don’t think this will happen? Really? This is pretty much guaranteed

              8. This will probably never happen and they won’t do it just to appease insecure adults and teenagers

              Somehow I doubt this because you’ll find something else to bitch about

        1. Why is it such a big deal? That’s all I’m asking for…you’re the only I know who bitches about the most minor thing. Hell, you also downplay every good Nintendo news so don’t act as if you aren’t biased. You’re most definitely biased.

  5. So I’m guessing we actually need a WIIU to create a Nintendo network ID, or can I create one online and reserve that ID for myself when I actually pick up the console in a couple of months?

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