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Downloadable Versions Of Retail Wii U Games Same Price In Nintendo eShop

Downloadable games are now available to download from the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Trine 2: Director’s Cut is a $19.99 download, whereas Little Inferno can be downloaded for $14.99.

Games that are available at retail, including New Super Mario Bros. U, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Madden 13, FIFA 13, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, and Sing Party, are also downloadable from the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Downloadable and retail titles are the same price, which means most of them are $59.99.

30 thoughts on “Downloadable Versions Of Retail Wii U Games Same Price In Nintendo eShop”

  1. Well considering that if you got the Deluxe package them it’s no biggy because of that digital pack promotion. So it’s sorta a trade-off type thing.

  2. Okay, i feel the need to explain why digital isnt cheaper (yet).

    So say a company just ships a million copies of a game worldwide, and it sells, and the company makes a profit.
    However, if a company ships 1 mil copies, AND does digital download, and it sells the same amount, for every digital download, thats money wasted on material for packaging and disks, as well as the labour to make it.

    The more we buy digital, the less physical copies they ship, the cheaper digital becomes. Simple.

    1. No they price them high so people wont buy them as much. Therefore retailers don’t get pissed off and stop stocking your stuff

    2. That’s kind of wrong. It’s true that they can lose money for overshipping a game, but that’s not the main reason why they do this.

      The main gripe is with retailers. If downloadable versions of retail games are cheaper, then retailers will make theirs cheaper to stay competitive, and the money that is lost comes straight out of the publisher and not from what the retailer makes (unless they’re doing a special sale). Retailers could also decide not to sell the game at all, which also affects the publisher. Retailers have a strong footing as of right now in the game industry, which is why game companies can’t do anything about it. Look at CoD on Steam; it sells like it’s the end of the world, yet it has the same price as the boxed version. It’s the same for every game except digital-only.

  3. Personally, gaming is on a downward slope now anyway. There is no fucking way i’m paying $60 for a video game, physical or digital, that holds my hand all the way to the end and treats me like a fucking gaming baby.

    In short… game is worth that cash. NO GAME. That’s why there will be a rise in those little “app” games, just because they are cheaper, they will get majority market share and change the gaming landscape forever. Sad days if u ask me……

      1. To annoy all the little CoD fanboys like you that get Mummy and Daddy to buy all their games. Have fun dickwad, I have better things to spend my cash on. (BTW, fyi….cash is what your parents give you when u whine u want the same game u got last year only with a new cover)

          1. O-kay then………
            It’s not about 3rd party publishers or where they want to release their games. They can release them as a stand alone handheld for all I care, they just are not worth the money any more, which i think a helluva lot of people would agree with.
            If you can’t handle that and want to hurl abuse at other peoples opinions then you sir are the one who has lost!!

            1. Hey nameless bastard… SHUT THE FUCK UP! It is YOU who is a loser. You don’t know fucking shit about video games. TheOriginalUNation is right. It’s not fair for top third party publishers to release their games on multiplats with the exception of Nintendo systems. You have absolutely no dick and should be posting your comments at a Nintendo based blog. This is the place where we love Nintendo games and systems… and the Wii U is one of the many examples. You’re nothing but a nameless troll that needs to die of cancer. You lose, cheap fucking bastard! Good day, sir!

                1. Oooooh, big man aint ya? So i’m a troll for having an opinion on the value received for money in today’s games and I must also die of cancer because of it?? Lol @ you very much, I have games older than you ya little prick so please don’t get involved in adult conversations.

                  Infact…..get the last word in all u want, I shall be doing what you refer to as “Mommy”.


                  1. No, you stupid brainless little boy. You’re a troll because you bash Nintendo and you don’t fucking belong here. We don’t give a fuck about your opinion just because of Nintendo’s innovation in video games. You don’t know me so shut the fuck up! I’ve been playing video games since the Atari 2600’s verge of meeting its demise… not to mention the fact that I had the experience of playing arcade games during their successful run– Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaxian, Galaga, and the one Nintendo arcade that was a huge epic hit created by Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto– Donkey Kong. It’s time to you to call on your mama because you need a fucking diaper changed. Have a seat, little bitch!

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  7. some poor guy on the interwebs :3

    personally to kids (like me) 60$ is alot of money, doesnt help that your not old enough to have a job, and when your old enough no one will acept your apucation (excuse the errors im half asleep brousing the internet) i’m not trying to help this troll’s arguement but there are so many games i would like. but my family simply can’t afford them and when your a serious gamer liek me :3 im not complaining about my life (still half asleep) i know it looks like it but you have to understand 60$ is too much money for a jobless gamer still living with his parents now im just rambling about certain problems. (still half asleep here) so if i say anything stupid, dont call me out on it. im just here posting a comment.

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