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Reggie Fils-Aime Apologizes To Consumer For Nintendo 3DS’ Region-Lock

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, along with Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo and GameTrailers TV’s Geoff Keighley, visited Nintendo fans in the Wii U launch line near the Nintendo World Store, after his appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

During his visit, a Nintendo fan requested that Nintendo makes its next handheld region free, so that consumers won’t have to pay for an expensive imported Nintendo 3DS from Japan in order to play Project X Zone, for example. Fils-Aime replied to the fan by saying he’s sorry.

Nintendo Fan: Can you make the next [Nintendo] handheld region free? Because I have Project X Zone, and I can’t play it… So I need $300 to import the Japanese version.

Reggie Fils-Aime: Sorry about that.

69 thoughts on “Reggie Fils-Aime Apologizes To Consumer For Nintendo 3DS’ Region-Lock”

    1. I don’t think my comment got through the first time but just in case it didn’t:

      Reggie has nothing to do with the decision of region locking. It is likely NoJ’s (seeing as how Japanese 3DSes are region locked too).

  1. sicr, the font that you use on your quotes in your news look like some of the letters are cut off when im seeing it on my 3ds…

    1. The same thing happens with my 3DS, it also happens with most text on other sites that is in italics. I think it’s mostly a problem with the 3DS’ web browser.

  2. Sorry isn’t enough, you know you can upgrade the 3DS to remove the region lock. Not that it will ever happen. Instead, we’ll now get region lock on the Wii U as well. Not that it was surprising. This is the only real aspect about Nintendo that I hate. People bitch about graphics, I call it focus on gameplay. People bitch about new controls. I call it innovation. But this…this is inexcusable

      1. Yeah I have Pandora’s Tower too but thankfully I live in Europe. If I had a NA Wii I would have done the same thing

      1. No it doesn’t, Microsoft on the other hand if you look close at the start up of Windows 8 and the xbox 360 dash board it says “Wow, I can’t believe these saps fell for an over priced footstep/coffee table “

  3. Reggie isn’t the one that’s responsible for the region lock. It is likely NoJ’s decision (think about it, the Japanese 3DS is region locked too) So quit blaming him.

  4. It does suck that it’s region locked. I LOVED buying PAL exclusive DS games and playing them. Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland was AWESOME! I don’t see any sense in the 3DS being region locked.
    But there’s also another problem Nintendo has. Releasing AWESOME special edition systems like the Pikachu 3DS in Japan and Europe, but leaving North America out in the cold.

    1. buhu north america is soooo “left out”… i will shed a tear for you when i finally get my wiiU weeks after it has been released in NA..

    2. I honestly don’t care about those specials. Mainly Cuz Nintendo dominates more over there while here in the USA most gamers are complete graphics n violent whores

      1. could probably be solved by patching the firmware

        but it’s not going to happen
        nintendo of japan would have to cave and even tho i’m sure reggie has quite a bit of influence over there i doubt he could convince them to (or even wants to)

  5. I feel bad for that fan.NOA cannot choose everything, they don’t have as much free will to actually do stuff to consoles.But I hope it will homebrew’d, as long it doesn’t have pirated stuff(that’s illegal, homebrew isn’t).Japan (the one with cocks everywhere,am I correct?) has all good games even the ones NOA and NOE makes.

  6. Hahaha. Sheesh what a joke. Now I’m not trolling I love Nintendo but I actually fully support region lock so people should stop bitching. I have yet to find 1 game I want to play that I can’t due to region lock. For me region lock keeps crap games I wouldn’t like in Japan.

    1. yeah for you.. unfortunately not for everyone else
      why exactly do you support region lock? so others can’t play the games they want while you aren’t affected at all? i don’t see how you’d benefit from that at all unless you’re a sociopath

  7. an apology isn’t wort jack if he can’t proimse that the next one won’t be region locked Oo

    wii-u will likely also be region locked so meh.. reggie, save yourself the effort of apologizing and instead make sure that region lock vanishes from nintendo consoles.. after all PC hardware/software isn’t region locked either

  8. And this is why people (especially americans) have to do some research instead of just sitting still ordered what to do by either politicians or ads…
    Don’t blame Nintendo for something you don’t have a clue about…
    It’s like some fat ass blames McDonalds for making him fat,
    Plain out stupid.

  9. It’s not Reggie’s decision if the handhelds and consoles are region locked. That decision comes for Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. The most the fans can do about that is petition Nintendo of Japan, but I don’t think it will make any difference. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I think region lock protect more agains piracy than anything else for example a hacker breack the copy protection of eu both not the american 1 so by the time he has something to release everything is updated

      1. This comment just pists me the hell off. Region lock protects against piracy? *slaps upside down* Have you lost your mind? One of the main reasons people mod game systems is BECAUSE of region lock. How the hell is it going to protect against it? You arrogant, ignorant idiot. Get your facts strait.

  10. I do find it funny that in a world where general home media (like blurays) are moving more towards region free, games are moving away.

    Still, this is pretty much a non article. I can read this both as Reggie saying it sincerely, or him rolling his eyes and saying it sarcastically. Also, he didn’t say he was planning on changing it or anything.

  11. region locking is truly the worst thing about any nintendo system. in my honest opinion, i think thats some of the reason why the PS2 beat the GameCube so badly.

    1. ps2 was region locked…

      back then the difference between PAL and NTSC was also sometimes a problem when importing consoles.. not all US TVs were capable of supporting PAL video.. and of course the other way round

      today with hdmi that shouldn’t be an issue anymore

      1. PS2 was not region locked, and it didn’t have this PAL crap you’re trying to spew. It could play Asian and European games without a hitch. With GameCube and Xbox, you had to buy seperate systems.

        1. it WAS region locked
          a 5(!) second query on google would have shown you that this is correct
          an imported US ps2 wouldn’t work on many european TVs back then and vice versa, very often a signal converter was needed
          a slightly longer google search will also show this to be correct (hint: try “connect ntsc ps2 to pal TV”)
          and also i am quite sure a PAL console would have had this PAL “crap” i’m trying to “spew” ;)

          don’t try to blame your own incompetence (or lazyness, whichever you prefer) on me

          get your facts straight

          then try again

  12. Rather than apologising Reggie should have instead called him a fucking idiot for buying a game and importing in a console for all that money then told him to either don’t whine about it or wait for the localisation. Prick.

  13. That’s reggie’s way of saying “I have no control over that, but please keep buying our stuff lol”
    Still, I have quite a number of japanese friends registered on my 3DS, and we can still do stuff like swapnote and mario kart.

    1. Just shut the fuck up you little piece of shit. You should be thrown into prison lifelong. Who needs this so-called “freedom” anyway, right?! It’s not like we’re demanding free games, asshole.

  14. If you have an issue with region-locking, just mod your console. That was the best thing I’ve ever done to my Wii and my DS Lite (even though that was region-free).

  15. The fanboy faggotry on this site is terrible. He’s not apologizing for anything, he’s doing his job. Saying anything else or not responding would’ve looked bad on Nintendo. He doesn’t care, he’s just doing what he has to do.

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