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Reggie: Wii U Offers A Much Richer Multiplayer Experience Than Kinect

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime gives reasons for as to how the new Wii U console differs from Kinect for Xbox 360. Fils-Aime claims that there are not a lot of games to play on Kinect. Fils-Aime says the controllers for the Wii U are a lot more precise than Kinect. He also says the new console offers a much richer multiplayer experience, compared to Microsoft’s Kinect.

70 thoughts on “Reggie: Wii U Offers A Much Richer Multiplayer Experience Than Kinect”

  1. This is why I love Nintendo.

    Microsoft: You know what we need to do make it so there is no controller, technology is that great.

    *Nintendo’s response*
    Nintendo: *Upgrades controller 1,000%* It cures cancer.

    1. Lol motion control gaming is getting old and u can use Kinect for games like cod assassins creed and basically every game out there ull have to memerze moves for every single command lol Kinect = party device not real gaming device lol

      1. Microsoft is destroying sony and once we upgrade our console you little fanboys are next. I cant wait for reggie to work for us

        1. Actually as of this month lifetime sales of the ps3 are higher than the 360. Ps3 always outsells 360, the only reason why they haven’t crushed 360 is because it had a year of market exclusivity, in which it sold 10+ million.

          So on average ps3 sold 2 million more a year than 360.

          Facts Yo.

          Ps. Wii still sold more.

  2. i agree. as much fun as kinect is, in ONE day, i’ve had way more memorable experiences playing the wiiu with some friends than the kinect.

  3. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Wii U for the past couple days, but there’s no need to throw stones. Kinect is good too, and while it may not be as precise as it could be it’s more interactive than the Gamepad thus far. Bottom line Reggie: let your hardware do the talking and let your software back it up.

  4. So funny how whenever a new system comes out they sell it like it is the king of all things it can do everything! Until you get it home and it can’t control a Yamaha Reciever so guess what no input changes and no volume control oh wait select cable box type in Tivo and bam it tells you it cant control your Cable Box luckily the code for the Tivo Premiere Box was locatable in the Satellite Codes for Tivo if you play trial and error to find it! Also Backwards compatibility is not all its cracked up to be as the Wii Shop Channel can only be used in Wii Mode and all 100% of the Wii Ware and Virtual Console Games have to be played in Wii Mode which is tucked away in the Wii U under one Icon which requires the system to reboot to go into Wii Mode.

    Dont get me wrong i like what Nintendo is finally doing with HD and the touch screen controller but why is it that the Japanese Developers always overlook some of the most quirkiest things on a new system! I wanted to play Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles but now i wont because its just to much of a hassle for lack luster graphics!

    1. You have to click on the Wii menu and wait about 10 seconds, its hardly a hassle.
      “Oh shit, 10 seconds? Fuck playing a 80 hour game!”

      1. u dont still ahve your wii? ya know back in n64 days, you couldn’t do that to the g-cube! heck i still play the n64 and gamecube games ON MY GAME CUBE. because idk, my somwhat scratched games like smash bros melee dont work on wii exiting for the “challenge mode”
        i’m afraid of that on my wiiU, and frankly, i dont want to use past gen games on new systems. i want to use them on the system they came with! why would i hassle with changing whats already perfect! haha!

  5. After playing Nintendo Land with my sister I fully agree. Haven’t had that much multiplayer fun in a while. Then she left and I played by myself, wishing the game had online ;(

    1. Yeah I played pikmin adventure beat 12/16 levels, luigis ghost mansion and the other multiplayer are good but I don’t care for the solo games at all. A starfox attraction and Mario kart bumper cars or something would have been better than octopus and that donkey kong game.

  6. Kinect seems alright. The Wii U controller on the other hand, is so light and feels comfortable in your hands. Aghhhhh I want one so bad !!!!

  7. I agree! I am just amazed what the Wii-U can do and what it’s capable of. Can’t wait till its the weekend so I can have time to take a break of College and play.

    1. lololol is this chris, chris, my cus chriss in hoffman?! XD probly not, but seriusly? im actually pissed off at the nintendo network since it wants that info everytime i do any thing. its like, dude cant u just remmember it for me? norton remmembers my logins for me!!! so simple!

  8. Wii U is a system. Kinect is a camera used as a controller… You cannot in anyway compare the two for the topic of multiplayer.

  9. … it’s a next gen console… and you’re comparing it to a camera/controller for a current gen console……. shouldn’t you be more concerned with other important matters Mr. Reggie?

  10. VAT?That is a lie! Viiu is veaker than xbox360 how can this be?Vell i think its time to tell you that shitendo is tallented making sycophants to other companies…how charming

  11. Come on now, the kinect was cool, but it shouldn’t be associated with games. I like how they was original with the idea, but I didn’t see it revolutionizing the gaming world just because it didn’t have a controller. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    1. recognising how Nintendo neglected to give fans what they have dealry wanted; a return of the Raccoon Suit. People assume the Raccoon Suit hasn’t returned because it looks silly, but it looks no sillier than a propeller hat that makes Mario fly.

  12. I agree thet the gamepad is beatter than kinect but to say motion is old tech that is wrong cuse the gamepad have motion too…i like my wii u but there is no games yet that waooo me and am a nintendo fan thats the only reason am heare in this web side i dont like kinect but nintendo wii u is not compiting with kinwct and the xbox its withe the new ones comining in so let see what hapend a year for now

  13. I’ve had more fun playing Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U with my family than any of the Kinect titles, and its only been two days. Also I bet Kinect Star Wars would have been a whole lot better on Wii U with Motion Plus (and also you would actually get to hold something that made it feel like you were holding a light saber).

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  15. In other news: Everything in the history of the world is better than Kinect. I laugh whenever I think of all the fat, bald losers that make up Microsoft’s base flailing around like they got a seizure.

  16. Reggie said “the new console offers a much richer multiplayer experience, compared to Microsoft’s Kinect.” But what I really want to know is… does the Wii U offer a richer or on par online multiplayer experience compared to Xbox Live?

  17. Reggie, Reggie, Reggie… it’s not Kinect you have to worry about. It’s this coming year when the next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft are announced and they feature tablet functionality but aren’t ridiculously underpowered. Then it’ll be Wii all over again.

    UNLESS… You actually use this time wisely and get GOOD third party AAA games (new ones, not ports from XBOX 360 and PS3) kind of like what MS did with XBOX 360. The Wii console may have sold well, but XBOX 360 dominated software sales and online market/playing like you read about.

    You’re not going to do that with console-specific profiles, no online multiplayer first-party titles, and several month old “updated” ports from XBOX 360 and PS3.

    Get your shit together, man.

      1. Do you even understand what “damage control” means? LMAO!

        It’s not damage control. NINTENDO is doing tr damage control with all the Wii U failures, freezing, slow operating system performance, shit reviews, MiiVerse crashing, and NO ONLINE FIRST-PARTY TITLES!

        Bahaha! Worst console launch EVER.

        Time to go cut your wrists, Original UNitwit :D

  18. im posting this comment from my wii u that has not froze while i play a game oh wait my girlfriend wants too watch tv oh now im playing an hd game on my gamepad get a life trolls

  19. They are both a lot of fun and really cheap. I don’t know why but i liked the signle player campaign on the DS more than on the wii, but i liked the co-op from the wii version a lot. So, if you can, get both. I’m sure if you look you can get both for about $40.

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