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ZombiU Review Roundup

Based on 14 critics, Ubisoft’s Wii U-exclusive game, ZombiU, currently holds a 72/100 on Metacritic. Eurogamer praised the game for ‘taking a new path,’ and awarded it with a 9/10. Although Destructoid said ZombiU is awkward, ugly and often nonsensical, it awarded the game with an 8/10.

Greg Miller, the executive editor of IGN PlayStation, said ZombiU‘s controls are ‘clunky, melee combat is annoying, and the game doesn’t look good,’ and gave it a 6.3/10. GameSpot said ZombiU has an ‘uninteresting world and dull combat,’ and gave the game a 4.5/10 – its lowest score yet.

ZombiU can be purchased in North America via the Nintendo eShop for Wii U and/or at retail.

149 thoughts on “ZombiU Review Roundup”

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    1. Been playing this with my girl since launch= hooked. I really need an online mode with other running around so I can booby trap them lol.

    1. You’re right it should be 0.5 since it’s a shitty crappy game made by shitty frog leg, snail eating French.*

      *Not racist because my kid is French.

      1. Even if your kid is French, it’s still racist. It just means you’re being racist with a group that your kid is a part in.


    1. Same here, after hearing a few negative and medicore reviews I decided to cancel my pre-order. Now I’m not sure if I should re order it or get Black Ops 2 instead.

      1. Watch gameplay videos and judge whether or not its for you for yourself. Only a drone judges a game based off of a review or a number, especially given the quality of reviews these days.

    2. Wii u isnt just worth it yet…appart from mario there is no must have games for it and even this game is like all the others except with better graphics…i will definitly wait for a real new 3d mario or zelda to come before i buy this console

      1. Eh. Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2 were the true system sellers for me. But I still have about 6 launch titles that weren’t as much a system seller as a I-want-it title.

      2. There are plenty of games to play on this system, have you even seen the line-up? The hell you mean “Wii u isnt just worth it yet”?! The hell do you call Pikmin 3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Arkam City: Armored Edition, Project P-100, Lego City, Ninja Gaiden, or even Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing: Transformed?

        1. Pikmin, wonderful 101 and lego city i agree when they come out i will think about buying the system but batman ive already done it 100% on other platform and others are multiplatform of course sega racing looks really cool since i loved the first one but i can get it on any system…i didnt mean i hate the wii u i do love it but the games i was wanting didnt make it to the launch day so i will wait few months i think

      3. For SOME, you are correct, WiiU isn’t worth it yet, hold tight a few months. Buy it in Jan or Feb.
        But WiiU WILL provide a unique gaming experience.
        For those of us who already own one… We already know what an amazing machine it is. :D

        1. It is a really cool console. Played NSMBU all day with four of my neighbors. I, of course, was using the GamePad. I was also surprised to find out that this game and Nintendo Land are running at 1080p.

        2. Except for me who had to ship my bricked wii u back to nintendo. It was devastating. Was downloading zombiu not the update when it froze on the white wii u screen had to unplug and bam! Bricked wii u. Not the launch day i was hoping for.

    3. Just wait until the price drops since the game isn’t worth the full price. Or better yet just wait until Ubisoft makes a sub-par sequel.

  1. Basically if you look at the bad reviews for this game(like Gamespot). You’ll find that a lot of them cant figure out if they want this game to be survival horror or actiony like RE 6. They don’t grasp the concept of survival horror really it seems.

    Sure obviously there are flaws with the game, no denying that but a lot of these reviewers that completely rip the game apart seem like they’re looking for run and gun,left 4 dead type styled zombie game and obviously dont get the concept of this game that its not going for that.

    1. ^ This.
      This game has the classic “Survival-horror” formula down EXACTLY.

      It is NOT for everyone, and not everyone will like it. That’s ok, it’s not designed for people who just enjoy CoD’s Zombie mode.

      This is survival-horror in it’s purest form. I have played every zombie game EVAR. I love them all, and appreciate their differences.
      ZombiU is the best Survival-Horror game since Resident Evil 1. It’s not as good as RE1, but it is a close second.

      It’s EXACTLY like playing in the movie 28 Days Later.

        1. I’ll add you guys just so as long as you continue to comment in future articles so I can remember!

          I do not want to say what my NN ID will be, as their might be trolls who will take my name. :/ So once you both get your Wii U, let me know!

      1. I gotta add you too, bro…i’m in Aus, which means I’ll have mine, at around, your lunch time earlier that day. I wont be able to add you though as, you technically won’t exist yet.
        feel free to add me, pretty sure i’ll be keeping this same name, too.

  2. Never trust Greg Miller, whose for PlayStation.

    Of course he’s going to give an exclusive Nintendo game a bad score. But if it were for his PS3 exclusively, he’d give it a 10/10.

    He’s so biased.

  3. Well, IGNorants are mainstream fanboys, so a 6 for them its more like a 8… The main problem with te reviewers its the don´t understand the concept.
    A return to the essence of a survival horror. You can´t be like a rambo scott Keneddy and shoting all the time with infinite ammo. In order to survive you must be clever and avoid fighthing .

  4. Dude people should watch that interview with the ubisoft dev. He said they wanted the game to look dirty. Its an apocalypse the world wont be shiny and nice. But controls are…different. Hard to master. To many times your like okay im going to need more then this criket bat…seriously I cant kill 5 zombies at once with it. I give the game a 8/10

  5. Reviews be damned. I bet people would still enjoy this game if they gave it a fair shake. Don’t go into it expecting it to be Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil. Approach it with a blank slate. That’s the way I approach all my games. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Just pretend that your character is actually you. If you were in a zombie apocalypse, would you go hunting down every single one or would you try to get the hell out of there ASAP?

      1. nah u were up for it a few months back and i told u it would be another red steel and u was like how i would know and i was like that’s my opinion so yea u was diging this game homie so my opinion was right

  6. Isn’t the person who reviewed it for ign the cod fanboy who gave mw3 a 9 because if it is his opinion is invalid because he doesn’t know how to review.

      1. lol. I’m seeing the future, future , future , future *day dreams*
        ”Playstation all stars is trully amazing despite its many flaws. This game gives smash bros a run for its money and in some ways totaly beats it: 9.5/10”

        Asshole….. PSAS looks like shit compared to smash bros brawl lol.

        1. I played the beta, its just crap.
          The fighting system is nowhere near as nice or fluid as Smash, theres no skill involved, just spam, specials are uninteresting, and worst of all, the game has ZERO charm what so ever. You go onto a Zelda stage, you get a Zelda song, awesome. I recognise and do not care for any of the music in this game. The menu is fucking dubstep electro shit, its horrible.

          And worst of all beyond that, no nostalgia, or characters that we really want.

          1. My biggest worry about the game is a lack of nostalgic charm.

            Bigg daddy vs Haihachi . what relevance or chemistry does that have to lets say Ganondorf vs bowser , Mario vs Link , Falcon vs Fox , Peach vs Zelda etc etc etc

            The only fight that sounds good is Jak vs Ratchet.

              1. This times a million. I know what has happenedto Spyro *shudders*, but what became of Crash? He just kinda seemed to disappear.

  7. If only Ubisoft kept it as that Killer Freaks from Outer Space game they showcased last year, it would’ve likely fared better.

    Then again, I’m under the suspicion that these negatives scores are also the result of “cynical gamer syndrome” with a healthy dose of “this zombie fad needs to end” mixed in.

    1. This actually provides some true Survival -horror, so, not your typical zombie game, and not necessarily what people where expecting.
      Slow, fucking scary, hard as hell.

  8. Oh gee, the game isnt nice to look at? No shit, its a survival horror game, its supposed to look murky and dirty, it was actually a purpose design choice.
    Basically, stupid reviewers were like, “duh, should be like COD Zombies”, when really its like Walking Dead. Except no 20 minutes of talking.

    1. Dont get me wrong, the game probably has flaws in the cricket bat combat, that does sound boring, although im curious if that changes depending on if you survive longer, seeing as the characters skills get sharper over time.

      1. Yeh I don’t want some bitch screaming every time I use a cricket bat and the way they use the bat looks the same every time. Kinda remids me of playing Red steel on day 1 and all the enemies kept saying ”Stop , you bastard!” over and over again lol.

        1. I remember that xD i actually liked Red Steel. Thats weird gameshow level with all the neons and power rangers was fucking awesome.

          1. The Game was OK I still have it lol!!! The gameshow level was stunning amongst the rest of the mediocrity. I remember at the time being impressed with the graphics (especialy a few certain effects) but it has aged terible and looks bad compared to most modern wii games , especially red steel 2 lol.

    2. I think the main complaint of this game is that all you really do is survive. That’s it. Doing nothing else but surviving is no better than doing nothing but shooting, especially if neither of them offer much in game progression.

    3. I know right! And you know walking dead is the shit when it comes to zombies! I have Zombie U and that game has you on your toes…kinda reminds me of when I used to play the first two resident evils.

  9. Has anyone really played it? I was actually looking forward to it, but with these mixed reviews, it causes me to have doubts… Has anyone truly experienced and played the game?

    1. I’ve played it. It’s good. It plays pretty much just like it’s advertised. I don’t know what those other reviewers were thinking, but it’s not 4.5 or 6.3 bad. I’d give it like an 8 to 8.5…

      1. Ah , thank you! I’m a survival horror enthusiast, and it looks like is has the formula down to a tee :D will definitely be my first purchased Wii U game, that is when they are restocked here in Texas, and it’s my turn to pick mine up, as unfortunately I’m still on the Gamestop wait list :/

  10. i guess this is a Wii u game i would buy if like i finish all my Wii U games and im waiting for a new game in the meantime..

  11. Metacritic usually averages out to be correct, as I would say the game is about a 7 or an 8 thus far. It’s a lot of fun but not perfect. I still recommend it though, I am really enjoying it so far! I’m having a lot of fun with the Wii U

  12. First of all ign, second ign playstation, third survival horror; nobody understands what it means anymore. Resident Evil was always the king of survival horror in my opinion. 4 different direction but it was still awesome. 5 tried to be a complete action game and it was terrible. The market is filled forgiving games that have made people not like anything that is hard, or at least has an option to be hard.

  13. I’m really surprised, I thought this would get an 8.5 to a 9.5 in most reviews, given the fact everyone raved for Zombi U even nintendo thought this game was promising, after all it is a pack in game.

    1. It’sz because they didn’t count all the incredibles gameplay innovation of zombiU and all the GamePad uses since they were known for long time :/

  14. American reviewers not liking a game set outside of their country. Seriously, not noticed how all the good reviews are from Europe while the bad ones are American sites/magazines?

  15. I have stopped listing to game reviewers over what is good or not, it is personal anyone can be a critic. I manly stopped listing to them over mirrors edge that was a waste of £40, but still that is my opinion some people liked some people hated it. so I think I will play it before I start criticising or saying it is the best game ever

      1. I am a veteran, but I’ve never contacted Sickr or paid attention to those tags at the top of the page. Honestly never used them before today.

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  17. I’m enjoying the game quite a lot, and I’m a fairly hard critic with 25 years of gaming experience. I think it’s ambient, challenging, and hearkens back to early RE when survival horror meant sneaking and earning weapons, not mowing em down the whole time.

  18. In the end, it was just another forgettable zombie title that has been overhyped by the dorks in the Nintendo fanboy camp.

    Seriously…where are the worthwhile retail games? Also, has anyone reviewed Nano Assault yet?

        1. You have a diffrent IP adress AGAIN! What a cunt. You actually use a proxy to comment on video game site. Hope you’re enjoying Wii U, your first HD console.

    1. NSMBU , Nintendo Land (if you’re not too hardcore) , Tekken Tag 2 , blops 2 , NG3 , Scribble Nauts , Batman , AC3 , Darksiders 2 ,NG3 and maybe a few others.
      Some of the ports have come across lack luster which is dissapointing! But maybe has more to do with half assed development than the specs of the console.
      There must be some sort of bottleneck for 360 ports even if the wiiu has better ”graphics” overall…..

      But from what I hear , TTT2 , AC3 , Blops 2 (for the dual screen local play and off screen play) are all very good and arguably the best versions.
      And zombiu is a love it or hate it as you can see 72/100 meta critic which is not bad by any means.

      The games I am getting in order of highest priority are :
      NSMBU , Nintendo land , Scribblenauts , AC3 (waitin to play it ) , Blops 2 (for local dual screen testing) , Tekken tag 2 – definitive version ,
      There is Trine 2 , Mighty Switch force hyper drive, Nano assault I want digitally.

      And then I will keep my eye on the rest of the dodgey ports.

  19. I am a very de-sensitized person.
    This is the first game that made me jump, or feel Afraid (which I love to feel fear!)

    This game makes you scared. If you like that, (which I LOVE to be scared) then you’ll like it.

  20. I was hoping this game would do well cuz I wanna see Ubisoft do welllll!!!!!! Anyway I am still getting this game cuz it looks fun. NINTENDOLAND is great by the way… if anyone was wondering….

  21. Honestly, if a review is the only reason you do or don’t play a game, then YOU are not a gamer and should find another past time. Not being mean just cant put stock in game reviews alone… play and decide for yourself! I have this game and am thoroughly enjoying it, don’t really care about the reviews!!

  22. I played a bit of Zombi U so far and I’m loving it =D. I have reason to believe that Ubisoft will make a sequel that will see improvements. The graphics will be better, there hopefully be some sort of 4-player co-op mode, and since critics have been complaining about lack of depth the sequel could have a deeper more interesting story line. Other wise the game seems to do what it set out to do very well so far. It’s meant to be a game that puts an average person in a zombie infested city with as much realism as possible. And realistically ammo would be very scare so you would have to use a bat often. But melee attacks could be better and more engaging if they could be done with the motion controls of the gamepad as originally advertised. That’s something else the sequel needs as I haven’t been able to do that so far. Maybe I need to change control options idk. But either way, my thoughts on Zombi U so far and a supposed sequel. Forget the less friendly reviews of gamespot and IGN. This is a fun game. And btw why was the executive editor of IGN Playstation reviewing a Wii U game in the first place?

  23. I’ll hold off from buying this when The Wii U hits EU. I would rather have a game that is probably good over a game that is possibly great.

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