UK trade publication MCV has spoken to numerous retailers throughout the United Kingdom who’ve told the publication that they’ve already sold out of their allocated Wii U stock. A number of retailers have also taken orders against future Wii U shipments. Nintendo has already announced that launch day stock in the United Kingdom will be incredibly tight, but promises regular Wii U stock deliveries in the run up to Christmas.



  1. Damn true. My branch of GAME has been sold out for months. Meanwhile in America, some people are getting Premium Packs without even queueing! Da fuq? They say there will be more shipments before Christmas but really, as someone who works in game, I can reveal they are making one small one on December 15th and the next confirmed one after that is early January (no exact date confirmed.) Awful work from Nintendo. Utterly awful. We WANT to give you money Nintendo!


  2. In Germany, the big online sellers like already sold out, too. I guess, the best chance to get one is to hope for the local shops. I don’t plan on buying a Wii U anytime soon though ^^


  3. I just bought Virtues Last Reward for 3ds to last me till wiiu comes out. This game is absoloutly amazing! A mixture of Intense escape gameplay and japanese Quirky humour, it’s a must own for any self respecting 3DS or Vita owner.


  4. LOL not surprise here (actually saw that coming for more than 6 months) since the yanks were allocated some of the “original” European stocks and there is not way Nintendo going to borrow some units for the Japanese (Asian) market to supply the European Market. Here in Europe we are and always will be an after though for Nintendo


  5. I bought a Wii U for my son. He is afraid to touch it. He knows the truth in his heart. I found him the other night asleep with his thumb in his mouth. If only he would grow up…


      • Canadian. I don’t know. I don’t think the majority are sold on buying the system yet, however I was surprised to see them available at 2:00pm on black friday. Naturally I’m curious when any console is released, but I just can’t justify buying the wii u when I already have a ps3. Held the demo controller… It is very nice. What was alarming though is that it didn’t work, I have also heard that many other demo units are broken down already.


    • Zavvi are usually pretty good. Shopto too. Amazon have been failing all sorts recently. People who paid for on-day delivery for Halo, Ass Creed and Cod. Some had to wait a few days since they dispatched 8pm the day before.


  6. preordered day one at mall of goregia got there at 10:00 am sold out at 10:10 am i was last one got delux preordered soo i have recomand when wiii u 2 comes put preorder preorder preorder


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