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Microsoft Sold More Xbox 360s During Black Friday Week Than Wii U Consoles

Microsoft has announced that it managed to sell more Xbox 360 consoles than Wii U consoles during the week of Black Friday. Microsoft sold over 750,000 Xbox 360s and Nintendo sold 400,000 Wii U consoles. However, it should be noted that there were supply issues with the Wii U with a few stores completely selling out of the console. Nintendo has been busy replenishing stock.

159 thoughts on “Microsoft Sold More Xbox 360s During Black Friday Week Than Wii U Consoles”

  1. Exactly! Can’t help that they did not sell as much as they are so busy trying restock and when you find an Xbox that is stupid cheap, of course everyone will try and get one. It is a bargian for people who can’t afford original prices

    1. From what I witnessed, I saw a TON of moms buying an XBOX bundle that came with a bunch of that Skylanders stuff. Those sold like crazy.

    2. Everyone having a hissy fit , lol. Nintendo has been producing Wiiu’s for USA , Europe and Japan SImultaneously in a tiny amount of time since the hardware was finalized. That means , A- It’s hard to produce a lot , B- The total consoles produced has to be divided between 3 major regions+ .

      The xbox 360 on the otherhand has been in production for a long time. To the point where they have warehouses full of them waiting for shipment after shipment.

      They sold 400K and that’s pretty much 95% of day 1 stock in USA.

      1. That being said , Congratulations to Xbox 360 for selling so well. You can’t deny those sales. But still , Nintendo is doing fine :)

          1. Xbox is massive at the moment in USA . Wii and Wiiu together matches 360.

            Like I said congrats to Microsoft! , But the war has only just begun :P

      2. also, the wii u has only been out a week, and as of right now, its only in the USA. Of course its not gonna sell as well as a console with an established userbase, thats sold across all regions. Need I mention that Halo 4 AND Call of Duty came out this month? Gotta take into consideration that the two killer apps for the Xbox came out. Now, the company we SHOULD be worried about is Sony.

    3. If the Wii U is a flop, then the 360 was a catastrophe and the PS3 was the worst thing to happen to humanity.

      Wii – 600,000 first week
      Wii U – 400,000 first week
      Xbox 360 – 326,000 first TWO weeks
      PS3 – 197,000 first TWO weeks

      1. Oh is that so ? Because loads of Sony fanboys were spamming the other day Saying the ps3 had sold 800k. And I was saying , but just in USA , or worldwide ? cus 400K is just USA……

        1. Yeah it was probably 800k globally first week for the PS3. Although its launch was a lot more spread out than the Wii U launch will be, with the PS3 not launching in Europe until March 07 after initially launching in November 06 in the US and Japan.

    1. Yeah nintendo do need to sort out there marketing. I just watched a 3ds/Mario kart 7 advert, with loads of people using gyro controls. Who the hell uses gyro controls for that game!!! It also destroys the 3d effect.?Why are uk nintendo adverts so shit, I mean the jap/Asian adverts are cool/funny/clever so different. Lose the look Nintendo of europe and take some tips from where it originates

    2. The Wii U needs a marketing campaign comparable to “Wii would like to play”. That was pure and utter genius right there.

      1. hmmm…elaborating on Nintendo’s current tagline,

        How will U play? and have each ad showcasing the many features of the Wii U (TVii, gaming using both screens, gaming only on the gamepad)

        But I agree, they need to do something like they did with the Wii launch.



      1. Too bad, you are an idiot who doesn’t know how to turn off caps locks. By the way, even if you hate Wii U, thanks for visting this site we appreciate the support ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

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  2. This is really not a bad thing. Selling 400 000 console during it’s first week is a pretty good number if you compare it to the 360 and ps3 lounge.

  3. I wonder if majority bought a 360 because some stores said they were all out, and went for the secondary. But others may have got a 360 because it already have a large reputation with the games and graphics and Nintendo needs to build it back up to this generation which revolves around that. I hope store employees emphasize that the Wii U is a superior console and has a longer lifespan.

    1. Actually, most stores had Wii U’s back in stock on Black Friday and throughout the weekend. It’s likely because the Xbox 360 was cheaper and the fact that more people know about it too.

      It’s no worries though, the Wii U will still sell loads.

  4. It isn’t sad that a console much cheaper and with more stock sold more than the Wii U. The sad part is that there are consumers out there that would actually waste there money on a console that will be overshadowed by its next iteration in 1-2 years. What a waste.

    Same with the Wii. It outsold the Wii U, simply because it was cheaper. I don’t care how cheap you are, just don’t buy a console this year and save your money for what’s coming out in the next few years. So stupid..

  5. And yet the Xbox 360 sold just 25% of what the Wii U sold in its first week. Funny that. The Wii U is pretty much sold out and needs time to establish. This is hardly a comparable statistic.

  6. “Pride cometh before a fall.” Heed these words from the good book Microsoft, for you are about to feel them. Watch the sales of the Wii U now until Christmas and beyond, and watch the Wii U sales as it launches in Europe, the rest of the World then Japan on December 8 :). Nintendo is humble, and true strong humbleness conquers pride and sells goodly.

      1. Great assumption but wrong. My cousin wanted an Xbox and he gave me the money to buy it. And where were they selling the Wii U for $100?

  7. so wait, a cheaper older console that is being packaged with kinect and two games, which also has a larger installed game library sold more consoles to start the holiday season than a brand new, more expensive console with a 26 game library AND supply issues? WOW. who would have guessed?

          1. Yup! Stores were cleaned out!

            But since he said, “Our question should be how much did PS3 sell black Friday” I threw my two-cents in about those specific items. =p

      1. Yes, I’m aware of those two games, but I have rather varied taste and I feel there’s too much similar to those that can be offered on the PS3.

        The real draw here is the fact that XBL is still a paid service, I guess.

        1. GT5 and Many PS3 shooters are on par with them I guess.

          PS3 has a bit more of a Japaneseness about it…

          I can’t really choose between PS3 and 360 , If I had to choose one it would be PS3 , by a nose…

    1. I wasn’t interested in the 360, and then I discovered the game that is Left4Dead, that game keeps me booting up my 360 on a regular basis! I hope The Grinder still comes out for Wii U as that looked like it could be an interesting competitor to the Left4Dead style of survival FPS.

  8. Well what a wast of money you may think thats cheap but its still over priced for 7 year old tech everybody just got fooled. The console will be out dated next year this time and how many new IPs or next sequel games are going to be released during that time not many that people want to play now your your looking at forking over money for a new one. And there no telling when developers will stop making games for the system.

  9. Why do they care and trash about wii u? Let the people who fuck!ng want it alobe and wait for your superior ultra hd graphics.

    I love the WiiU and I’m happy we are getting the 3rd party games, hopefully will continue for the whole life of the console.

    Invest your time on things you enjoy, you just look retatded.

  10. Just goes to show how many pathetic people there are out there. You’d NEVER see me wasting my money on an Xbox 360.

  11. I honestly have a problem with how nintendo does console launches. I know they created an artificial demand with the N64 by not sending enough of the console out when they had plenty of extra, therefore making a big media cerfuffle (“The hottest christmas toy this year is nintendo’s new game console, most stores are sold out!”) and I’m suspecting they’ve done so ever since. It kinda bugs me because that means a child is dissapointed because they didn’t get one, parents are frustrated because they can’t find one besides horribly overpriced ebay deals, and nintendo just sits there and lies saying they’re “trying to get more on shelves” when they have plenty sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

    1. And that’s where your wrong buddy. Nintendo DID have plenty of WiiUs in there warehouse before launch but a fire broke out destroying most of them. Didn’t you read the article???

  12. To be fair,the Wii U only launched in America.Also microsoft is american, so they would cater to our audience more,plus their weren’t many Wii U shipments.

  13. “Microsoft has announced that it managed to sell more Xbox 360 consoles than Wii U consoles”

    i would be very surprised if microsoft managed to sell even one wii-u :)

  14. Congrats to Microsoft on that. Nintendo is handling their restocking issues and moving towards their European and Japanese launches so Wii U stock is very limited right now. Wii U will be very scarce this holiday season. 400 units of a new console in one week is impressive and will only get better. Leave luck to heaven.

  15. It’s kinda Nintendo’s fault.
    -They didn’t have a sufficient supply of Wii U’s in stock. Thous forcing people who wanted to by a video game console, to get a different one.
    -People knows more about the 360 than the Wii U so it’s understandable
    -They did a terrible job in showcasing the new Wii U in their commercials. They should’ve just made an updated version of the Wii U’s E3 trailer with the redesinged game pad.
    Frankly Nintendo should’ve been more prepared.

      1. I get what your saying. Those commercials were ment to target the younger audience, and it did work. What I’m saying is that there are still tons of people that think the wii u is just and I quote, ” Another Wii but with a big ass controller.” In my highschool were there are a lot of gamers who know about the Wii U, but think it is just some setback in the gaming world. It frustrates me that people still belive that. Yet Nintendo didn’t show whatthe Wii U truly is in there advertisment. I love Nintendo, but when they are now fully competing with the 360 & the PS3 with Wii U, they should proove that the Wii U is the next console for all gamers.

      2. If hardcore gamer is buying a Wii U, I don’t think their money is in the right place. Don’t get me wrong, I like nintendo and (at least in terms of first party games) I like the Wii, but history tells us that most third party titles, if they come to the Wii U at all, will either be poorly done ports or suffer from trying to use all the gimicks of the touch pad when a simple button press would be more responsive and practical. Unfortunate, but likely. That’s the reason I’d love it if nintendo just went back to regular controlers, I might be interested in playing non-first party games on my nintendo console.

        1. They will lose Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Metroid, Starfox, ZombiU, Monster Hunter and better versions of CoD, Tekken… and you can always use the ProController….so what´s your point ? There´s plenty of content and gameplay options right now for the so-called “harcore” gamer.

    1. Nope. It was just that they didn´t have enough pieces on stock, as the product has just been released for a few days and the 360 was cheaper. Just that. I wouldn´t argue about the commercial but I doubt people are that confused about Wii / WiiU differences. Those are videogame magazines/websites editors, not consumers

  16. Why do people keep assuming this means Nintendo is doing bad? The Wii U just came out, there are hardly any games for it compared to the 360, and, being a next gen console, its obviously a lot more expensive. This has nothing to do with how good its doing, if the Wii U came out months ago THEN this would mean something

      1. I’m sorry, what? lol

        All I see online every day is crap about how bad the Vita is doing, how it’s failing, how much trouble Sony is in, that the handheld needs to be scrapped.

        People say the Vita did bad all the time….

          1. But this is nothing new. Every company goes through it. Especially Nintendo and Sony in the West because here, Microsoft is dominant.

            But people will find any opportunity to troll or start debates about the quality of one company’s product. It’s about hits, sensationalism, and some people just like to get others riled up.

        1. Sort of. Media always take it softly when talking about Vita. But when it´s about Nintendo they´re always saying that it´s going bad even it outsells 12x Vita (like this week in Japan). Unfortunately Videogame journalism is full of moron fanboys

  17. Well duh. It was impossible to find a wii u during black friday. How the heck are people suppose to buy something that’s sold out?

    1. almost all gamestops had wii-u’s deluxe and basic on black friday, its just the xbox 360 250gb with 2 games for $199.00 was a great deal, and people are broke so of course there gonna go with a cheaper alternative. it still doesnt matter christmas is almost here and who doesnt want a wii-u for christmas.

    1. or maybe because of half a dozen other reasons Oo

      it’s not like 1 week is going to make or break the success of a console sheesh

  18. its understandable why, 360 probably had a ton of black friday price drops/ cuts Wii U is brand new and cant do that, black friday is for deals

    1. you are correct black friday is for door buster deal like 50% off on products. the wii-u launched a little over a week ago and there was no deals for it at all anywhere not even on games so of course it wasn’t selling like hot cakes on black friday but wait till december and see how many wii-u’s have been sold.

      1. only cause there consoles was constantly burning out, so the truly stupid kept buying the same consoles over and over again.

  19. Just picked up a game at the local GameStop. They have sold 3 wii u since launch. Me and the manager started talking about it and he said its mostly cause most people rather have a ps3/360 because they’re cheaper.

    1. also there’s probably no actual deals to be had for a console that’s just been released.. even on black friday .. or am i mistaken? never been there but it doesn’t seem logical to discount a fresh piece of hardware

    2. WiiU will do great when the other console launch then, if theyre just going for the cheaper model. WiiU will mostly likely have the initial 3 years of next gen titles, but after that once developers get used to the ps4/72″ hardware, WiiU might struggle, but then their new system will only be 2 years away

  20. its because wii u just came out. and it wasnt on sale anywhere. ofcourse xbox sold more than wii u. duh. lets see the numbers of xbox too the wii on black friday. that would be a fair compairision. fucking dumb asses.

  21. Sikr, did you really need to add the fact that Nintendo also had stock issues? It just seems tack and biased to say something like that

  22. Dont tell me about rubbish Microsoft. I came here to escape those X360 motherfuckers!!


  23. Dont forget my MASSIVE strap-on of rightious justice ….

    It vibrates whilst smashing peoples teeth out better than a baseball bat.


  24. Technically, you could say that the 360 still lost. It’s a 7th generation console, along with the Nintendo Wii. But Nintendo has a second console which caused a large number of the 400,000 people to change their mind about the Wii and buy it instead – the Wii U. So it might be better to factor in the sales of both consoles. If you look at it this way, Nintendo actually could have sold anywhere from 600,000-1,000,000 Wii consoles if the Wii U didn’t arrive. So you can’t really say which company won. Hopefully, that made sense. XD

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  26. Derp u cannot sell what isnt there the original shipment almost fold out there wasnt 750tho wiius avalable its called common flaming sense

  27. Getting a Wii U tomorrow can’t wait. Nintendo has next gen in the bag. All they got to do is fix the loading and friend adding thing and they have it. Seriously Wii U sold amazingly well.

  28. … the fuck is the title supposed to mean? As if Nintendo could’ve sold 750 000 consoles at launch. That would’ve been the greates platform launch in the history of videogames LOL

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