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Yoshi’s Land For Wii U Listed By Retailers

Best Buy and Future Shop are now taking pre-orders for Yoshi’s Land on Wii U. The game was originally discovered after an unwitting user accidentally hacked into the Miiverse and stumbled upon the name of the game. Here’s the product descriptions from both retail outlets.

Take Yoshi on an epic adventure to remember in Yoshi Land for Nintendo Wii U. Check out Yoshi as you’ve never seen him before: in glorious high definition. Enjoy dual-screen control thanks to the Wii U Touchscreen GamePad, while you’ll also be able to experience full integration with Nintendo’s MiiVerse service.

Join everyone’s favourite dinosaur in his first big starring role on Nintendo Wii U – Yoshi’s Land. Utilise the power of the Wii U Touchscreen GamePad to enjoy dual-screen fun in this epic adventure with stunning HD graphics and connectivity with the MiiVerse.

Thanks, Aeolus

89 thoughts on “Yoshi’s Land For Wii U Listed By Retailers”

  1. Three words i never thought id hear: Thank you Aeolus. Kidding aside this is ok news I guess, doesn’t seem like a great game but nonetheless having a Nintendo 1st party game is always pretty nice. Any news on release date?

    1. While this game could possibly exist, there is nothing in the game description that is specific about gameplay or story, a.k.a. it is rather vague. Those companies are more than likely just trying to get a jump on pre-orders just in case the game does in fact exist. To them, it’s all about profit. Doesn’t matter to them if the game doesn’t exist, they just give the money back to the customer or give them in-store credit. Having said all that… An interesting thought might be is this the game Retro is working on? Chances are around 14%

    1. It wasn’t a “hack”. It was a security exploit that he stumbled upon and even though the user could’ve done everything from deleting admins to changing passwords, he didn’t.

  2. The descriptions don’t exactly burn with excitement. So much emphasis on ‘HD’. I love Yoshi, but am gonna wait to see how this pans out.

    1. Who said it was a side scroller? It said that it was controlled by “Dual-analog” sticks, so I’m guessing that we might finally see a 3D Yoshi game. Now that would be cool

    1. I think they said new Wii U game announcements would come on December 10th. Also, Reggie said more surprises would come in the Wii U launch window.

  3. Sounds great! I loved Yoshi’s Island so with touch controls and those gorgeous pencil graphics in HD will be fantastic! Can’t wait, literally, I can barely wait!

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  5. That description gets very repetitive, but I am excited to hear about any future first party games. The only one I have now (and plan to only have in the near future) is Nintendo Land.

    1. Aw you should have taken advantage of those really good black friday deals in order to get NSMBU. Not sure if it’s worth $60, but its a great game if you can get it at a lower price.

      1. I wouldn’t take that game even if it was free. Well, I would, but I would trade it in to GameStop to get a discount on Aliens: Colonial Marines or something.

          1. I’m sure,Mikey doesn’t hate on Nintendo,but he does sound…like Aeolus?Seriously Mike,do you even know the gameplay?

              1. speaking about gameplay,it really needs smb2 core gameplay,that probably would convince you to buy that game,trust me,search SMBX.

  6. Maybe it’s the old school announcement that’ll be shown at the VGA’s? For now I’ll say that I’ll believe it when I see it.

  7. Yoshi Land? Hmm I hope it’s a 3D game. Not that side-scrollers are bad but I think we’ve had enough Nintendo sides-scrollers to last a while. If they can pull it off right I think a new 3D Yoshi game could be realllly good!

  8. i just remembered that during the beta versions of wara wara plaza it had a yoshi egg icon app that represents game. anyone have screenshots of that?

    1. I remember that. I thought It might be something like a specific game in nintendo land being shown. That doesnt make sense. That was definately there thought. Smart thinking.

  9. This would be a great game to introduce these younguns to Yoshi’s Island. The orginal was pretty cool and unique game. I need to see some gameplay footage for it. Is it a digital or retail game? If it was retail and being released before Christmas, I would think Nintendo would’ve made announcement by now. Leave luck to heaven.

  10. Wow Aeolus keeps up with Nintendo news “what a surprise”.

    The only Nintendo hater who seems more interested in Nintendo that any of its fans.

  11. The possibilities are just uncountable… I wanna throw Yoshi eggs with the gamepad! Now I’m curious:what’s the story? Will Yoshi carry more babies on his back? FOR THE GODDESSES OF HYRULE PLEASE TELL US NINTENDO!! *

  12. We all know if its anything like Yoshi’s Island, its going to be the 2nd best Wii U game.

    Especially if its in 3D.

  13. Hahahaha, this game might not even exist? Nintendo stated that they used things like “Yoshi Land” as a place holder whilst testing Miiverse. The description those companies gave is so vague, it’s not even funny. They just want your money, THEY don’t even know if the game exists or not. I’m not ruling out the possibility of a Yoshi Game being on the Wii U, but I’d take this with a grain of salt. Or maybe a bag.

  14. I wonder if Yoshi land and Donkey Kong are in the works as in the miiverse video they were both in there? Could be a hint like the before launch 3ds videos with Mario kart &starfox

  15. It’s coming, it correlates with the Miiverse leak (which means some of the other games listed there exist) and it’s the first (first-party game) other than Super mario, Pikmin and SSB revealed, and since Retro was meant to reveal their game at E3, they’re the best at capturing the retro feel, then this looks like that game.

  16. can we take a moment hjvbekcugjevbkubasevukd,yvwkeurbckhuvsefukhbaf OMG I CANT! i just want it now… but first i must buy a WiiU LOLz…. :(

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