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Amazon CA & Barnes And Noble Cancelling Hyrule Historia Limited Edition Pre-Orders


Amazon Canada and Barnes And Noble have begun cancelling pre-orders for the limited edition of Hyrule Historia. Barnes And Noble haven’t even begun informing their customers that they won’t be receiving stock. You need to check the status of your order to find out.

32 thoughts on “Amazon CA & Barnes And Noble Cancelling Hyrule Historia Limited Edition Pre-Orders”

  1. That sounds like bad news. That book looks awesome.

    Completely off-topic, but has anyone who owns AC3 been able to get in a match online? I suspect that there is a problem with the servers. I say this because I’ve tried many times with many people from Miiverse, and we’ve had no luck. Any ideas, guys?

    1. Haven’t tried but the damn Wii U freezes 3 times a day playing AC3 or Black Ops 2. Damn Nintendo, get your shite together.

  2. This is just Canada, right? I’m in the US and switched my normal Historia preorded to the special edition last week…No word on a cancellation for me…yet.

  3. What is the Special Edition supposed to be?
    I preordered my copy on november 14th.. The cover of the book I got is green so I had no idea there was a special edition. Could anyone help me with this? I’m really confused.

    1. The Limited Edition is gonna be a Faux Leather Hard Cover version with (and Correct me if im wrong) it has a gold Triforce crest in the middle with Gold Guilded pages.

      Its gonna be a limited edition with only 4000 copies and it should be available for preorder (if they havent ran out already) for $70

  4. I picked up the Japanese version from a Japanese book store in Costa Mesa Ca for around $60. I also preordered the english version from amazon sometime ago. Can’t wait to read it.

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