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Wii Mini Not Compatible With SD Cards

wii_miniThe forthcoming Wii Mini doesn’t include an SD card slot, unlike the original Wii and new Wii U. This means that transferring saves is not possible on the compact console; it cannot import or export saves. Also, unlike the six-year-old Wii, Wii Mini can’t connect to the internet and doesn’t play Nintendo GameCube games.The redesigned Wii console launches in Canada on December 7th and will cost $99.99.

Nintendo of Canada’s Matt Ryan also detailed the difference between the Wii Mini and Wii U markets this holiday season, “… they are two very different products for a different type of player. It really depends on the experience that players want and their preferred investment in their gaming console. If a player just wants to play Wii games, Wii mini is a great choice at a great price. If the player wants more from their system, Wii U is the latest innovation of fun from Nintendo.”

100 thoughts on “Wii Mini Not Compatible With SD Cards”

        1. The Wii U already looks better, this one just looks more bad ass and doesn’t need no internet.

          Plus, give me atleast 50 games on the Wii that had online?

          1. A lot of NES, SNES, N64 games plus Sega and other classics, not to mention the download games like World of Goo. I assure you there were more than 50.

            1. Oh no,
              We fans knew that Nintendo could learn a few things from their competitors, But we didn’t want them to learn this!

          1. I think it is a waste if it doesn’t have AT LEAST those aspects. I really hope they don’t lose money from lack of consoles sold. The Wii U should have had these color schemes instead.

          2. I’d only buy this for the wii remote and nunchuck and then give it to my niece and nephew since their dad has plenty of wii motes and no wii. The lack of no online is so stupid. Yeah I know the wii doesn’t have many great online games but Mario kart wii is one of the best.

                    1. When someone say “but atleast it does look good….” doesn’t mean they are dying of excitement, that means that they try to find a single good reason for it to be released.

                      Only reason I can see behind this is to turn non-gamwers into consumers. But that doesn’t mean I approve of it, just that I get why it is being released.

                    1. Put it down all you like, some people like streamlined products. My parents used to go to the store and get those fancy printers which all have scanners, copiers, faxes etc all built in and it would always break down every week and I would have a hell of a time fixing it for them. When the thing kicked the bucket for good I took them down to NCIX and got them a basic black and white printer with no other features for 50 bucks. The thing works like a dream and I was able to go away for a year without having to repair it the whole time. It’s not like they needed those features, they just need to print an email they get from work occasionally.

                    2. So Nintendo releases a technologically outdated console which, due to the lack of SD card slot, can’t even be soft-modded? Pfft, yeah like it’s gonna sell well just because of its looks.

                    3. Anyone getting a Wii now has either
                      A. Not enough money for a Wii U (which is excusable, but they’re stupid for not just saving their money)
                      B. Cheap ass parents.
                      Or C. Parents too stupid to realize the Wii U is a new console.

                        1. exactly, even though i (happily) have my wii u, i still have my original wii purely so i could play all of my backed up wii games and emulators.

                        2. Maybe people can’t save their money because they may be in unfortunate situations? How does that make them stupid? I’m seriously getting sick of people thinking everyone should be afford the latest greatest technology with ease or by saving. Volunteer like I do and you will see why people cannot afford things.

                          1. I saved 5 months for my WiiU and the games I bought!
                            I know a kid who visits here also earned like 3-4 bucks a day (online Surveys) to get his WiiU.

                            Probably not everyone is as driven, motivated, or has access to the tools to do so, But I know a lot of people who hauled ass to be ready at launch! :D

                        3. stop bitching about this, its only for canada.
                          the only thing that looks worthwhile is the wiimote since its in red.

                        4. this console wouldn’t appeal to me at all Oo
                          a full fledged wii only costs about 30$ more.. including mario kart.. i just don’t see the point to release something like that.. especially in canada which isn’t exactly a high value market for consoles

                          on an entirely unrelated note: is there anyone here who owns a wii-u and a power meter (you know the ones you plug into the power socket and then connect the electronic device to) and would like to check the power draw of the system when rendering a demanding 3D title (such as black ops 2, assassins creed 3, arkham city or zombiU) and tell me here? :)
                          i know anandtech has already done this but for some inexplicable reason they did it with NSMBU which uses mostly sprites and can’t really be called demanding.. and i was unable to find any other figures on power draw of the system
                          thanks :)

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                            1. All I can think of, iss Nintendo had a metric fuck-ton of spare parts, and could throw these things together for $25 bucks, Sell them at $100, then $80, then $70 – then what they can’t sell, they write off for some kind of tax break.

                              IDK, just my theory.

                              1. i think a lof of the hardware in this console is going to be custom made parts judging by the size of it
                                as far as i know it doesn’t need ventilation either which suggests a shrinked CPU/GPU

                                1. They make be able to shrink the size if you remove all the shit they stripped off. I replaced a Disc drive once, and with a smaller, stripped down motherboard (so yes, that would be custom) you could plug in the CPU, GPU and disk drive at a fraction of the space.

                                  Again, my theory.
                                  IF what you say turns out to be true… This is one of Nintendo’s decisions I feel was really, really dumb.

                                  1. well it still doesn’t explain the lack of a vent of any kind.. and that in spite of the case being much smaller allowing less heat to be dissipated
                                    in order to lower TDP of the main power consuming components, that is CPU and GPU, and keep their performance on the same level, which is of course necessary, you need to shrink the feature size of the chips (for example from the 90nm feature size the hollywood is made in down to 55 or 45nm) which would mean you need to manufacture an entirely new set of chips

                                    1. oh i just thought of something:
                                      chances are they were able to use CPUs and GPUs from wii-u production that didn’t pass the quality checks (for example because some of the cores/shaders are damaged) and put them into this system running with wii specs .. that would get them a 45nm CPU and a 40nm GPU capable of running wii games and with low enough power consumption not to require active cooling

                                      this might also explain why they’re only introducing it to such a small market so far.. 40nm and 45nm processes are very well established and there shouldn’t be that many deficient chips

                                      to be honest i’m not even sure there would be enough to warrant the creation of a new console.. it’s just a guess

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                                    2. Nintendo… this is a pointless release. Why bother? With no internet support you know out a huge function of it. No Wii Shop at all, certain games are pointless to buy. Why would they even release this terrible variation? It looks cool, but I guess looks are deceiving.

                                    3. I don’t see the sense in the Mini Wii, looks nice but if they are taking away a lot of the features from the Wii it won’t sale…. unless this marketed towards parents who are fed up of their kids bitching about how they are losing a match on Call of Duty: Modern Borefare

                                    4. lets be real. they took the SD slot out so whoever buys it, won’t be able to hack it. fucking bastards.

                                    5. @DarkD: well my dads crappy old printer broke down so he got this sweet new printer where you can basicly print from anywhere, his work, in the yard, ect. it also has facebook so he can print his facebook photos and more, if u ask me, he’s got one awesome printer, and it so far has had no problems.

                                      also it would be cool to print things from ur CPU with the Gamepad.

                                      1. Kid, let’s be foreal.That’s the most stupid feature I heard to add to the gamepad,even the paper screen plug-in thing that Iwata showed was pretty much useless…

                                    6. so my thing is… why did they not release the original wii in this model? or the wii u with the model? Hell all they had to do was make the model a bit longer and wider for the Wii U version of the model..

                                      1. “why did they not release the original wii in this model?”
                                        it could be a model to get rid of faulty chips they couldn’t use for the wii-u but were fine to use in a wii.. if that’s the case then production numbers of this console will never be very high

                                        “or the wii u with the model?”

                                        heat dissipation

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