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Rayman Legends Coming February 26th?


A Ubisoft representative has apparently let slip that Rayman Legends is coming to Wii U on February 26th. The company has yet to officially confirm a release date for the highly anticipated game which was originally meant to arrive on Wii U on November 18th in North America.

37 thoughts on “Rayman Legends Coming February 26th?”

    1. Yeah, I was planning on getting Rayman Legends at the Wii U’s launch before it was delayed…

      If this release date is true, that’s great! I played the demo of this game and loved it. February 2013 is already turning out to be a huge month:

      Dead Space 3
      Aliens Colonial Marines
      Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
      Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable
      Crysis 3
      Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan
      Bioshock Infinite
      Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

      But I have seen some saying that Rayman Legends will be coming out in March as well. Would be great if it was January! =p

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  2. I am extremely looking forward to this. But I have to admit NSMBU has completely exceeded my expectations.

    It’s by far , the best NSMB yet. And too see mario like that is worth paying money for , let alone the perfect level design and awesome block assist coop and challenge modes and mii verse integration…

    Game is a 9/10

    1. I’ve been playing NSMBU for 2 weeks and got the opposite impression. In my honest opinion, Nintendo has made a face lift on NSMB, and that’s it. Same soundtrack, same mechanics… Boring, boring game. >.<

      And, unfortunately, I just cannot play it more than 30 min, or even less. Takashi Tezuka killed the joy we used to have in Mario 2D games.

      1. Well we all have our opinions. The game sits at 84/100 on Metacritic so it can’t be bad.

        In my opinion it shits all over NSMB2 ! The challenge mode is Genius,The miiverse integration is awesome, the HD visuals are stunning and Block assist mode is an absolout blast with a friend .

        I really love the game, it’s my favorite launch title so far. I also love Nintendo land and ZombiU though :S .

          1. In fact, 84/100 is not bad. At all. Additionally, it has all the features that you mentioned: HD graphics, improved challenge mode, asymmetric co-op…

            But I confess that I am one of those who wanted back that box on the top of the screen that we used to have in SMW to save an extra power-up to be used during the levels. I also would like to see the feather as a power-up. I wish we could have SMW porticos in the end of the levels instead of having castles. I wanted back the possibility to leave the levels taking Yoshi together and ride Yoshi in the map as well. Finally, I would love to have a 2D Mario game revisiting Koji Kondo’s SMW amazing soundtrack.

            I think I want too much… >.<

            1. I agree with everything you say! It needs better music and slightly more inspired Artwork like the van goff inspired level! They should just change the artstyle and add new music, it woulld probably sell more for them lol.

              They are my only negatives with the game though. I appreciate the modern style they have incorporated with 2d mario as they are a business. Things move on that’s why people had gripes about skyward sword because it wasn’t like ocarina.

              I really like the game though, the coop has me/us on the edge of my seat!!!! Once someone learns how to properly use block assist , the possibility’s are endless!

      2. But you gotta remember not everyone has a 3ds, ds, or Wii. So this is the first 2d Mario I’ve played and its good to me.

  3. If this was available at launch I wouldn’t be stuck pondering whether or not to buy this damn console in two weeks.

          1. You really are a dumb little child. Not like it matters because you’re a worthless waste of space and you will -always- be one.

            1. Actually, it’s you who is a dumb little child. You don’t play video games… You’re nothing but an ass hurt cunt who sits on your fat ass on a computer eating donuts while shoving your PS Dildo all the way up to your bleeding corn hole. You’re nothing, vagina boy.

    1. It’s definitely a pain in the ass this and Pikmin aren’t available.

      But try AC3 , Blops 2 , TTT2 , NSMBU , ZombiU , SASRT , Eshop games .

      I know you may have bought some on your 360 or ps3 , but trust me you will have a lot of fun playing them on the gamepad. I love using the TV remote to switch the tv off and then Jump in bed with the gamepad and shove a set of headphones in.

      That feature alone is well worth owning a wiiu for. Your ps3 , 360 , 720 , ps4 can be your hardcore console of choice. But unless they can play console quality games on the gamepad like the wiiu does , the wiiu will still be a must own device imo….

      I love it , it’s not without its problems. But the media are spinning all sorts of bullshit!

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