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LoveFilm Coming To Wii, Wii U Version Launching Soon


Nintendo has announced that Amazon’s streaming service, LoveFilm, has launched on the Wii today. The service is available on Wii from a starting subscription of £4.99 and is available via the eShop. Nintendo UK also revealed that the Wii U version will be launching soon. Here’s what Nintendo UK marketing and PR director Shelly Pearce had to say.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with LoveFilm to offer Wii owners and soon Wii U owners on-demand film and TV content to enjoy. LoveFilm has a proven track record of success and innovation in film distribution and is a very welcome addition.”


15 thoughts on “LoveFilm Coming To Wii, Wii U Version Launching Soon”

  1. this is news? I had the app on my wiiu since day1… though I believe it didn’t work – which didn’t suprise me, as here in Austria, those Video on Demand Services almost never work…

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