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Here’s Why Lego Lord Of The Rings Skipped Wii U


A Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment representative has explained exactly why Wii U owners will miss out on Lego: Lord Of The Rings. The representative told GameSpot that the developers were simply too busy creating Lego City Undercover for Wii U and didn’t have time to bring Lego Lord Of The Rings to the new platform.

“The primary reason is that [Traveller’s Tales] and Lego were already working on Lego City Undercover for Wii U.”

19 thoughts on “Here’s Why Lego Lord Of The Rings Skipped Wii U”

  1. I’m asking because I really don’t know, but is it that hard to port it? Even without significant gamepad functionality?

    1. I’m assuming it is since they at least have to map the controls, upscale the graphics and provide basic functionality. I don’t think it’s as easy as copy & paste and it instantly works. Their QA department would also need to do some testing on it as well to catch game-breaking bugs and such.

    2. They are generous, WB interactive, or WB entertainment has alot of the old school wise people still working there. There care about product quality and consumer customer income limitations and economy. Unlike greedysoft and some activision sounding company, Bestheda just sucks.

  2. That is okay, it shall arrive later in the year when we need more games, infact mid year sounds good. Lego Lord of the rings in June and July the slow month WB interactive make it happen.

  3. You can play the Wii version on the U. Just like the last few DS games were not changed for the 3DS. I will admit I know nothing about making these games, but I’m sure they would have done it if it would have been an easy change, but I am thinking they would have to re-write the entire thing for what would run on the game pad. I love my Wii U and can’t wait for City Undercover to come out. Nice to see there are others who love the Lego Games too.

    1. So it arrives for the Wii? that means it is a game playable on the Wii U. Just as well it shall help move more Wii consoles smart move on WB’s part, that way the capitalise, the release an enhanced graphical beast on the Wii U.

  4. Its a decent enough game. It’s just unfortunate it didn’t come as it woulda been a launch buy for me and I ended up buying the PS3 version a few days prior to getting the Wii U (finished it just in time.)

      1. Playing the wii version on the wii u is a nice consolation, but I would still argue that wii u owners are missing out. If playing a wii game on the wii u was just a good as a native wii u game, then the U would be nothing more than a $300 upscale machine

  5. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Exactly as I expected. Perfectly okay since I got LEGO Lord of the rings on Wii. Excited for LEGO City Undercover =)

  6. Its all good as I’m tired of getting damaged ports. I think warner bro should have said we don’t want to release a cripled port just for a quick buck.

    1. Its not an old dog. You can teach it new tricks.

      Is that a bad thing? Just because it’s “old news” doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used. Thats like saying they shouldn’t bring back star wars because its “old news.”

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