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Conker Creator Would Like To Make Wii U eShop Games


Famed Conker creator Chris Seavor has revealed that he would like to bring his projects to the Wii U eShop. Seavor thinks that the Wii U GamePad could bring an extra dimension to the games that his development studio are currently working on. He wouldn’t promise anything, but it’s something that he may look into.

Would you ever consider porting your game to Wii U, PS Vita, or 3DS to take advantage of their touchscreen and tilt capabilities?

“Yep… Tablet and Smart Phones only at the moment… Although looking at the Wii U (as one of my tweeters pointed out last week), it definitely might have potential for the new controller… But only on their indie shop (eShop) thing, and not for while if we do decide to look into it… I’d rather start something new…”

Thanks, Joss

38 thoughts on “Conker Creator Would Like To Make Wii U eShop Games”

      1. Its pretty funny, and its got a lot of charm, but the gameplay and platforming isnt that great.
        Its one of those games thats better to remember, than actually play now.

        A lot of N64 games are like that even Mario 64, and Ocarina of Time, because the gameplay is much more polished in newer ones

        1. I agree with the Mario 64 but I have to say I play OoT and MM and still enjoy them. But thats just my opinion.

    1. I would play the multi-player with my dad and brother for hours and hours and hours…

      Oh my gosh, the squirrel head shots and teddy stuffing carnage. Good times.

        1. I don’t own an xBox, and didn’t even know it was out for xBox!

          The multi-player I speak of was local. We’s play split screen on the N64. ;)

            1. I am also one of the ancient Gamers. Grew up on NES and Sega Genesis. I’ve bought every Nintendo console on day 1, except the first. I can’t believe how far games have come.

  1. 1. Nintendo buys all Rare’s IP’s from them.
    2. Nintendo trusts Retro with them so it doesn’t distract them from their own IP’s.
    3. Retro make the long awaited sequel to Banjo Tooie (Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts didn’t happen).
    4. Retro make other sequels and remakes (Accordingly) to its other IP’s for the Wii U.

    Sorry but this is all I ever think about whenever something reminds me how much I love what Rare used to be.

    1. Banjo Tooie already exists (N64)… The correct is Banjo banjo threeie

      If Nintendo makes a Banjo Threeie and a Conker´s another bad fur day for WiiU, they wiil win the 8th generation home console

    2. The same i’m thinking over and over again. If they do that, uff dude, Nintendo will put WiiU on the spot. They need those franchises! They need all the good titles people remember! Just buy rare again, or buy all the old ips, even Killer Instinc! I want to play banjo, k.i, D.D.K, D.D.R, conker in a nintendo console. For example Kameo was supposed to be on a nintendo console, It doesn’t feel good playing something that was meant to be for another console. And i know Kameo on xbox its really good, but it’s not quite the same.

    3. I rather that Retro made its own iPs, i hate that they Constantly given dead IPs to revive.
      They have proven to be more than capable of making instant classics so why not let them add another great IP to nintendos roster.

  2. I still own conkers bad fur day :) me and my boyfriend beat it, and we want to sell it to someone who will enjoy it just like we did! :)

    1. I would buy it from you, but I still own it, box and all. It sits among my other N64 titles, Perfect Dark, Armorines, OoT, Majora’s mask, and a host of others.
      Not my favorite N64 game, but a hellava lot of fun with a group.

  3. Hey guys. My WiiU is still freezing after the update. Not often, and only once so far, but I had to unplug the console. I save OFTEN, so I didn’t really lose anything, except my hopes that the freezing issue had been fixed.

    I feel strongly this is connected to the background online functionality. When my internet is buggy, my WiiU has a greater chance at freezing.

    The system SHOULD just be unable to get online updates, it SHOULD NOT freeze when the internet connection is flickering.

    I have had issues with Nintendo before, and they have always fixed their problems and took care of the customers (my experience anyway.)

    I just wish they would hurry up and fix this freezing issue.

      1. Good call! My brother is borrowing my wii usb adapter. I will steal it back and try again.

        I want Ninty to fix this, but I absolutely love how integrated Miiverse, my games, and the online components are bound together.

        I played ZombiU for 5 hours, spending at least 2 of those hours off and on Miiverse – no freezing, so I think it’s “better,” just not fixed.

        Ninty’s online gaming network is so fun, it’s worth being a WiiU beta-tester for Japan! ;-)

    1. I think there might be a connection with Miiverse and the freezes. I don’t have an Internet connection at the moment, so my Wii U is a launch system with the basic OS (no eShop, Miiverse, etc). I’ve had not experienced any hard locks or freezes whatsoever on any of the games I’ve been playing (AC3, NG3, Batman, BLOPS2). I did experienced a system error while playing Batman which kicked me out of the game with an error code and told me to eject the disc and unplug the console. It was not a freeze though, so I did not turned the console off and jumped back into the game once again. The next day I played AC3 for a good while, and the following day I played Ninja Gaiden 3 for 5 hours straight (that’s a hard game). I haven’t experience that error thing since the first time but no hard locks so far.

      The Miiverse updates on Warawara Plaza might be causing the freezes from what I’ve seen.

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