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Xenoblade Is Time Magazine’s Second Best Game Of 2012


Time Magazine has published its favourite games of the year, and there’s two exclusive Nintendo RPG’s featured on the list. The stunning Xenoblade Chronicles was awarded the second best game of 2012 by the publication. Mistwalker’s well-received The Last Story claimed the seventh position. Here’s the top ten as decided by Time Magazine staff.

  1. Guild Wars 2
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles
  3. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  4. Dishonored
  5. Assassin’s Creed 3
  6. Papo & Yo
  7. The Last Story
  8. LittleBigPlanet Vita
  9. Halo 4
  10. Torchlight 2


63 thoughts on “Xenoblade Is Time Magazine’s Second Best Game Of 2012”

      1. I disagree, my friend. I found it rushed and buggy. The potential was there, but it was far less enjoyable than AC2.

          1. It is gorgeous, and there are some nice set pieces. But the story is derivative, and I felt completely disconnected from the characters. With AC2, you do get quite attached and care about your actions. I really recommend it.

            1. I’ll give it a go when they release it on WiiU! I love the native american culture, as well ad the colonial setting.

              As far as being disconnected with the characters, I do wish I was actually playing them, without thinking (Well, I’m really Desmond) I want to actually play and be Connor! Not just his puppet master. Are all the AC games like this?

              1. Yeah, all the AC games are a story of Desmond. Its conclusion in AC3 was really underwhelming. Its a broken story, but try not to let it take you out of the experience of being Connor hunting some bears!

              2. At least in AC2, puppeteering actually felt awesome. Because the story was awesome.

                But none of the games do open world activity as well as AC3. That much is certain. I actually tried playing through this game a second time–couldn’t do it. It just sucked way too hard for me to do. I could at least replay the missions in my first game though.

        1. i agree
          very buggy.. it felt to me like they downgraded everything.. from the climbing (which didn’t work nearly as good as in the predecessors.. controls seem to become ever more inaccurate) to the combat which is a joke now

          all in all a good game though

        1. I have been a huge AC fan. I got the first game when it came out, I thought it was decent. Then I got AC 2 on the day it came out and LOVED it. Since AC 2 (Brotherhood, and Revelations), I have picked up every game on day 1 and enjoyed them.

          I got AC 3 on day 1 and wow…. the whole story that has been built up throughout the games, characters, lore, gameplay, everything is left in shambles.

              1. wow you were not joking

                the game didn’t pick up at all, even though i thought it would as soon as you started dressing like an assassin

                man what the heck the ending was worse than 2’s

  1. well deserved!

    Game of the year for me. you know those games that you play and finish and you feel sad and wish you lost your memory so you can play it live the experience? this is one of those games

          1. Ohhh, that’s what you meant.
            Yeah, some of the tracks are worth turning on the game itself just to hear them.
            But then again, Youtube exists for that purpose as well.XD

      1. im the opposite. its about time it does something different. every single fantasy game always has to go for generic music that fits well into. thissong is upbeat n perfect to run through the fields to battle.

  2. The best game for the Wii! I hope people who didn’t get a Wii and are getting a Wii U would get it!

    Getting awarded and such is great but they need sells aswell.

  3. I would say that Monolith is the best second part developer Nintendo has. Most of their games are really wonderful

    1. Monolith Soft are first party btw ;) and I agree; they make brilliant games. Xenoblade deserves number one spot really, but second is also good I guess! :P

  4. Xenoblade and The Last Story were certainly some of my favorite titles of the year. I actually like The Last Story a bit more, but that is just my taste. Xenoblade seems a bit too expansive at times, but I still love it. Both games are truly great on their own, and masterpieces on the Wii. It is sad they came out at the bitter end, and it is also a shame some people shunned the Wii because of no HD. I love HD as much as the next guy but these games are instant classics in any genre, but especially RPG’s. Having said that, I can’t wait for Ni no Kuni! Totally my type of game.

    1. While the lack of HD on the Wii was/is disappointing, I have to say that playing Xenoblade on my Wii U hooked up to HDMI definitely made the whole world look more vivid and with less jaggies than it ever did on my Wii…it just feels so much better on Wii U, and I loved it so much on my Wii…definitely my GOTY.

  5. I’m still hoping for Xenoblade to come from a Christmas gift. I will play it on Wii U most definitely, just need the game. If not, it is one of the higher priorities of games to get.

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    1. Not me. There were tons of other great games that came out this year. Halo 4 was way over hyped. The multiplayer was good (not the best MP game of the year) but the campaign was weak. Reach is still my favorite Halo game.

      1. Really? Hmm I actually liked tthe halo 4 campaighn. I found reaches campaign(sorry I don’t want to knock on your favorite halo, as it is still a good game and its of course your opinion) kind of bland the locations were just boring most of the time. But we all have our opinions. But I found halo 4 as a breath of fresh air. And yeah there were a lot of other games that should be on this list. But I feel halo 4 belongs right where it is on that list, not the best this year. But certainlly one of the best

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