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Grab Disney Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion For $19.99 At Toys R Us


Toys R Us is currently selling Disney Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion for the Nintendo 3DS for the reduced price of $19.99. The recently released game has received mixed reviews from the gaming press and currently has a score of 64 on Metacritic. User reviews for Disney Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion stand at 5.5.


35 thoughts on “Grab Disney Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion For $19.99 At Toys R Us”

    1. just by playing the demo, and being forced to watch a non-voice acted cutscene for a solid 10 minutes of it, there’s no way im buying this game.

        1. Well, there is ONE really good modern cartoon *cough* Adventure Time *cough*. But yeah, the majority of them suck, and SpongeBob used to be so good too ;(

            1. So everyone forgets about Gravity Falls and Phineas & Ferb? The Fairly Odd Parents? T.U.F.F. Puppy?…I also miss Chowder, Foster’s Home, Grim Adventures, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, and American Dragon.

              1. I agree on everything except the fairly odd parents,it used to be good bit now it sucks!Don’t forget that’s so raven and lilo and stich.

            1. I like Regular Show, but Adventure Time is just a little better imo ;) And last time I checked, iCarly wasn’t a cartoon.

        2. The good shows were charlie brown,everybody hates Chris,full house,etc.My biggest fear for telivision is that the future show makers will base their vaunt,stale jokes and dumb main ideas from shows like Austin and ally and spongebob,

  1. The reviews are keeping me from getting this. I’m regretting getting Epic Mickey 2, so far the reviews for that game are spot on imo. Maybe the Epic Mickey games are just doomed to be full of potential that’s never fully met.

  2. I don’t even know if I want to pick it up for $20. The reviews definitely turned me away, and while I enjoyed the demo I heard the game is much more irritating and every guest character has a very similar script.

    I imagine Disney will hate having to pay the price protection refunds to the retailers on these Epic Mickey games.

    1. Wii u is giving good numbers at the uk sales are just 2 days? Impresive!, japan is not on the wii u sales data so this are good news for the wiiu almost 2milions in a month.

  3. I don’t know if this is still a good enough reason to buy the game. Hmm…. maybe in time I will buy it. I still haven’t bought Epic Mickey 2 yet because I was so turned off by the first game.

    1. It sucks because the series really has the potential to be great….. Oh well, i’m just happy I got Epic Mickey 2 on Black Friday for only $26 and now GameStop is having a trade-in deal for Power Up Rewards members that let’s me trade in the game for $25 before December 16th. It’s going towards a pre-order of Aliens.

        1. I liked the first game. For some reason I think I got more enjoyment out of it than I am currently with Epic Mickey 2. I don’t even know if I want to finish the game before I trade it in.

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