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Dark Souls II Announced, But Not For Wii U

dark_soulsA sequel to action RPG Dark Souls was announced at the 2012 Video Game Awards.

From developer From Software and publisher Namco Bandai Games, Dark Souls II will be released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unfortunately, a Wii U version of the game hasn’t been confirmed.

Christopher Marcil recently started a petition to bring the upcoming third-party game to Nintendo’s new console. If you want to support Marcil and want Dark Souls II on Wii U, go here to sign the petition.

DARK SOULS II can reach an even larger audience by including development for the Nintendo WiiU. As of now, the game has only been announced for development on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

I can see many ways that the WiiU could benefit the game, such as managing inventory on the touch screen without having to obscure the player’s vision on the TV (the Souls games do not pause, so you must be able to pay attention at all times).

The affordability of a WiiU console compared to a gaming PC, and the free online play compared to Xbox Live fees on 360, make the WiiU version ideal for anyone who does not have or want a PS3.

113 thoughts on “Dark Souls II Announced, But Not For Wii U”

    1. Wow, isn’t it sad that we have to actually sign petitions for developers to bring games to the Wii U? The more I hear about it, the more I think the majority of the 3rd-party developers simply don’t want to deal with the Wii U when it comes down to “mature” content. And then supporters of the console have to bend on their knees and sign a petition hoping that it might or might not come? Pfft…

      I love the Wii U, because I love Nintendo 1st-party games. They are just too good and look appealing to me each iteration. But my wallet would say thank you if I didn’t need to buy a new video-game this generation and just stay with one who would supposedly get the good 3rd-party games as well. Well, it looks like it won’t be the case and I’ll have to buy a PS4 or NextBox. >.<


      1. With an attitude like that. It’s why we don’t get the games. You have to understand from a business perspective your in it to make money. If your game doesn’t sell then how can you make money. Developers fear xactly your attitude of not buying there games. Lets face it Mario sells better for nintendo than other games So if I make a game game that sells 20 million each of the other systems and it sells 500,000 on the nintendo system why should I waste my time effort and money. What I’m saying is if you want to see the wii u have success you need to get with the bigger picture stop being closed minded.

        1. At launch however it is in developers and the overall industry’s interests to support a console with new titles at least in the first year. Look at Vita! they still have support even with abysmal sales, Wii U is far from the vita, and with the developer support will go on to sell in the region of the 360/PS3, probably about 60-70m units. Nintendo has stated and clarified their approach is to target gamers and non-gamers alike, and to recapture the lost core base, while also providing for those who came in with the Wii. Therefore developer support should mirror that really. I mean look at all the ‘core gamer’ third party titles at launch, even if they were ports. That says something about Nintendo’s drive to recapture at least some of this market, so I personally don’t see why they can’t make a Wii U version, especially considering that by release date, it’ll have plenty million users. 360 in 2005 didn’t seem particularly ‘hardcore’, it’s just a matter of developer bias. The only thing that may not be in Nintendo’s favour here is the unusual architecture of the console, meaning ports take more effort rather than less, although some developers have said porting was relatively easy. Strange.

        1. Correction, Dark Souls is COMPLETELY different from Demon’s Souls because its only a “Spiritual successor” meaning they can call the 2nd Dark Souls game whatever they want.

            1. Still Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls are based in different universes meaning they can call Dark Souls’ sequel Dark Souls 2

  1. Every day I spend with my Nintendo Wiiu the more it grows on me. The gamepad is the probably the best thing Nintendo Has ever done. This isn’t a gimmik , it’s Major evoloution of standard controllers.

    Take assassins creed for example the buttons make it play like the other versions , but being able to check your big Map and change weapons and call the hors on the fly makes everything……better.

    And ZombiU adds a nessecary level of Complexity and tension to play which makes it more…..Hardcore.

    I have the wiiu pro conbtroller. And it’s basically just for multiplauer. The gamepad is better in every single way.

  2. The inventory screen blocking your view of the neverending real-time gameplay is part of why Dark Souls is so damn hard. Taking that away defeats the purpose of why it was there in the first place. These guys have no brains whatsoever.

    1. doing it on the second screen means to take your attention away from the actual game. Also, they could implement off tv play to it.

  3. Getting Gimped Again not a good sign for the Wii U. its comparable to 7 year old Consoles. You Nintendo Fans Crack Me Up With your kidde games lol. Buy a real platform and stop Playing Baby Games With Shitty Graphics. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wii Urinal

    1. Already have bought a real platform… its called the Wii U and those “Baby games” you are talking about… yeah kinect and move… just saying.

      So you are saying Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, Project CARS and many more games like Trine 2 are “Baby games”… Pah, U just mad bro

    2. Why the FUCK are you in here with the “kiddies”. I love Sony and Microsoft,but Nintendo holds a special place in my heart. Please get your trolling ass outta here you stupid turd!

    3. Anni, you are such an asshole. I bet you never seen a Wii U in REAL LIFE because all you do is talk shit on the computer.

    1. 1st your a fake aeolus

      2nd no it isnt it tells the developers that a certain amount of people are interested and not a waste to port the game over.

      1. You’re*

        Port begging is lame, period. No developer is entitled to port a thing for the Wii U, especially if the audience on that platform would make it a worthless endeavor. Money talks these days, if they not it won’t sell on a platform associated with kids, casuals and fake gamers who only know Nintendo IPs. They. Will. Not. Bother.

        Proof can be found in pretty much every “core” Wii title that third parties tried to sell to the userbase, but failed miserably.

  4. LOL!!!! NINTENDO SUCKS BALLS. All you ZELDA Playing Faggot, social Reject, Wii Tards Need To Buy Better Consoles Exposed! Exposed!! Eposed!!! You Exposed Bitch!!!! You Exposed!!!!! Bitch You Got No Gamed!!!!!! You Exposed!!!!!!!! If You Play The Wii U is Under Cover Gay!!!!!!

  5. I dont think its worth putting on the Wii U. I wont buy it because i want to play games to enjoy the story and not throw a controller in fustration and spend 2 hours on the same area because the devs wont make any easy mode to enjoy the cinematics and story instead of the challenge dont get me wrong i believe its good to have challenge for people who want that kind of stuff but the Wii U no matter how you word it is still a kids system and does not offer any sort of achievement trophy system in which to enjoy the success of a challenging game if your hardcore and love challenging games and being the best you more than likely game more on an xbox360 or PS3 or even a PC but sales of this game on Wii U will not be successful enough to profit.


    I did buy Dark Souls and after 2 hours of playing i was so pissed off with my purchase and my friends recommendations to buy it that i went back to gamestop traded it in and swore i would never buy a game like this again unless they made it more enjoyable with less of the hassle. If i want challenge like this i would re buy a nintendo system and play some of those games like teenage mutant ninja turtles or what not. i would not sign the petition i want an RPG like from the PS2 or PS1 era not the PC-centric Elder Scrolls type games with the crappy controls in my opinion it just not worth it!

    1. You dont seem to enjoy the game and its clouding your thinking.

      Theirs a difference from saying

      – Im not going to buy this game because I dont like it.
      – I wont buy the Wii U version because ( insert)

    2. I finished Dark Souls on PS3 twice to get 100% trophies. A part of my soul is dead… but you cant be a true hardcore gamer until you finished this game. In 2008 I won a World of WarCraft tournament at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational and in 2010 I was the first on my server get the legendary weapon Shadowmnourne … I destroyed the Lich King with it .. and stoped playing WoW forever. But all of this was nothing compared to Dark Souls. You HAVE .. to finish it.

  6. @Annickroll…
    Then why are you on a Nintendo Fansite when you are NOT interested in Nintendo? Have you ever!? played a Wii oder the Wii U?
    Then when you played it, you will notice that These Consoles are great compared to the other…. not in Graphics… but in the Gameplay they’re truly awesome….
    therefore MS + Sony tried to copy the Controller from the Wii (Move, Kinect (more or less)) and Wii U (Smartglass + Vita)

    1. Oh god damn it -_- *facepalm*

      Why aren’t people getting this through their thick skull… the Playstation Move was in development a whole year before the Wii… its not a copy of the Wii because it doesn’t use LED tech, it uses the camera to detect the light coming from the bulb on the top of the controller which makes it more better for being able to move in a 3D space.

      Also it was in development back during the PS2 era and move onto the PS3 later when Sony seen how well the Wii did with its sales.

      Microsoft on the over hand… yeah they just stuck two playstation eye-toys together and called it the Kinect… oh a Smartglass was basically made up after… E3 2011 when Nintendo announced the Wii U so really the only one here that is copying is Microfail… I mean Microcock… I mean Microsoft.

      The Vita being used as a controller for the PS3 is basically copying the Wii U… but only the “using it as a controller” part, the rest like the Vita being its own system and running its own games is completely different.

  7. While I agree with the above contributors comments about not enjoying frustrating games, some other people do any Zombie U could fall into the frustrating hardcore category. I want this Dark Souls 2 and all other 3rd party games to come to WiiU, like Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V, Metal Gear Solid 5, Remember Me, Castlevania Lord of Shadow 2, Lost Planet 3, Devil May Cry, 1313, Crysis 3, etc.

    1. I don’t think will be seeing MGS 5 on the Wii U since its a Sony own property, everything else I’d say yeah they should come to the Wii U and I believe most of those games will be making their way onto the Wii U either later next year or early 2014.

        1. Actually yes and no, Yes in saying that its owned by Konami, No because the Metal Gear SOLID series is property of Sony meaning the SOLID series is only in development for Sony consoles

          1. Explain to me why the collection is on xbox360 metalgear 3 is on 3ds and why phantom pain is also coming to 360 you most be realy young to thing metal gear has a whole is sony exclusive

  8. First, games will sell on Wii U. Developers just have to make it. Truly the only time Nintendo lacked in 3rd party support was with the Wii. Reason? Hardware wasn’t as powerful as 360/PS3. Trust me, if developers could’ve put their game on Wii without a major investment, then they would have done so. More money too make. Anyhow, maybe a Wii U version will be announced later. If not, then that’s more money I save!

  9. Also, if your a true gamer, then you want ALL consoles to succeed. I can’t think of a better time for gaming. Looking forward to the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, but in the meantime, I’m loving my Wii U. Love the controller and Miiverse!!

    1. ^ This isn’t true. Nintendo has had third-party troubles dating back to the Nintendo 64 because of their decision to continue using cartridges. These troubles have carried ever since then for various other reasons.

  10. Nintendo and all the game consoles are all great platforms, they have their ups and down. There is no elite game console out there, or one elite company, manufacturer, etc. There will always be one that will have certain aspects better than the other. So there really is no use to fighting over something as pointless as this. All are good, but in their own way.

  11. Im not to surprised with this, the game was most likely already being produced long before the Wii U even hit US markets. If this was a year into the U’s life cycle then Id be worried. & Im glad some games are still coming out for the xbox 360 and ps3 they’ve gotten no love since I brought home a wii U . It’s sad really :( Since people have played my wii U there never on xbox live anymore </3 They went out and bought wii U's now I have no one to play with on xbox anymore haha

  12. No Wii U version, no purchase, simple as that. And yes, I have a PS3 and I will be building a gaming rig later on, but that’s not the point. Developers/gaming companies not taking enough risks is the reason why the gaming industry is in the gutter right now, so I won’t support a conservative attitude

    1. You do know that you are making yourself and the rest of the Nintendo fans look bad because by what I can see from you comment you probably think the game is terrible because its not coming to your platform but in reality, the game will do well despite not being on your console of chose.

      I would love to see a Wii U version of this game but for now I’ll be glad to pick up the PC version in the mean time, and yes I do like PC gaming but I’m also a Nintendo Fan

      1. I challenge you to quote me on where I said that the game is terrible, because I readily admit that it is far from it. Stop making silly assumptions. My comment was more than clear. I never referred to the quality of the game

  13. If this doesn’t come to the Wii U, I’ll probably still get it for PC since I’ve changed from a PS3 gamer to a PC and Wii U gamer. The Master Race hybride right here XD

    1. I’ve become a Wii U and PC gamer too, should work out to be a nice combo for the next few years. I can’t see the next Xbox getting any more exclusives this time round, a PC will get most of the games cheaper and run them better.

  14. I can see this happening very often with the Wii U, so we should just accept it and enjoy another cycle of Nintendo games and a few exclusives that are built from the ground up. Third party support of the Wii U is a nice idea but I can’t see it happening, it has been this way since the N64.

  15. Voice of reason in this harsh, harsh world.

    Everyone calm down and listen
    Ports are expensive, £10,000 just for an iphone game if the developer desont think that the investment will be justified by getting profit then the developer is not going to make the game. right now development costs are too high to take significant risks the Wii U currently has a very small install base. The people that own one few will be interested in what the game is using as a unique selling point as they want to relax when playing and not stress themselves if you need to play this game chances are that you already own an PS3 Xbox or a PC for those that don’t it’s your bad luck and a petition wont help a thing.

  16. At E3 2011 Nintendo showed great 3rd party support and these developers released a fair selection of launch titles for the Wii U. Nintendo’s also done a good job arranging some exclusives. But I can’t think of a single big crossplatform title announced for the Wii U outside the launch window. Not one. This is pretty worrisome to me.

  17. They should definitely bring this game to Wii U. Namco is working with Nintendo on the next Smash Bros game so I think it will happen, eventually.

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