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Crysis 3 Maxes Out Current-Gen Consoles, Not Even 1% Left


Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has said on record that Crysis 3 maxes out the current generation of video game consoles, with not even 1% left. Yerli then went on to say that no video game on current generation consoles will ever look technically better than Crysis 3 does. Although Crytek managed to get Crysis 3 up and running on Wii U, they say that it’s not in development for the console.

“Crysis 3 is absolutely maxing out the consoles. There is absolutely not even 1% left.”

“No game will ever look technically better than Crysis 3 on these consoles, flat out. Most games are not even anywhere near Crysis 2 technically. I’m not talking about art style – art is subjective – but the pure fact of what we have been cramming in with Crysis 2 on Xbox [360] and PlayStation [3], I’ve yet to see a game do that still today.”

“Any day I will take a battle against Gears and Halo, whatever, the amount of data we put in and the detail level is far superior. With Crysis 3 we’re pushing that to another level, but the PC is just two levels beyond.”

127 thoughts on “Crysis 3 Maxes Out Current-Gen Consoles, Not Even 1% Left”

  1. ZombiU >>>> Crysis 3. :P

    Joking aside , if they squeezed all the juice out of the wiiu , God knows how good it would look. *insert troll saying it wouldn’t look any better , even though it would look 2-3 times as detailed*

      1. Yeh , because they’re called Launch Ports you fucking dick.

        Wait until Aliens Colonial Marines , Project cars arrive. The truth will be exposed.

        I find it ABSOLOUTLY FUCKING HILARIOUS , that people (trolls) actually think the wiiu has been maxed out on day 1 by xbox 360 ports.

        Let’s use Assassins creed 3 for example , a technically impressive , Huge Detailed game late in the cycle of last gen consoles. This just fits onto wiiu , it’s not using any of the wiiu’s modern features at all.

        with the GPGPU and 1GB of graphics ram , huge amounts of detail could be piled into it. But that would take a LONG time and an extra money.

        If Ubisoft had 2 years to Make Assassins creed 3 on wiiu , Make no mistake , it would look significantly better than the xbox 360 version that is on wiiu now.

          1. The truth hurts doesn’t it kid. It’s OK just get mumy to apply some E45 to your chapped ass.

            Example of a Sony troll ”OMG mass effect 3 looks exactly the same on the wiiu as it does on 360 and ps3 , that somehow , must mean the wiiu has reached its full potential on day 1 just because it’s running a 360 game that took about 7 months to port onto the console”.

            It’s actually sickening how much ignorant people are on the internet. I can accept people saying the next Xbox will blow the wiiu away , because that’s possible. But they act like the wiiu isn’t going to blow away the ps3 and 360 at some stage.
            Nintendo (zelda) + HD = fap fap fap.

            1. Amen. Obviously the console’s full potential won’t be tapped just yet. Look at Uncharted and Uncharted three for example. Uncharted three looks miles better, and it’s a first party title. People just need to chill and see.

            2. amen im a pc gamer and allowed to say pc looks a lot better because it does and no console will ever catch up but the wii with its new hardware isn’t even touched its more mocked then ever due to fanboy playstation gamers and xbox gamers I own all 3 systems and they are all awesome at what they do but in the end the wii is a lot more future proof then the other two and they all have a lot of amazing exclusives and I must say Zelda is going to be amazing along with the new smash bros but don’t listen to ignorance and game it up. :p

        1. theyve had at least a year to work on a port and still it doesn’t look better, you can stop fanboying and look at the reality of the situation. The 360/PS3 launch titles didn’t operate this poorly on day 1 and that was 6 years ago.

          1. Operate poorly ?

            Name them. Assassins creed on wiiu is the 360 version which looks better than ps3 version , Blops 2 on wiiu is the 360 version which looks totaly better than the ps3 version , ME3 runs smoother on wiiu than it does on PS3 , Trine 2 looks completely better than it does on 360 and ps3 , Batman actually averages the same framerate as the ps3 and 360 version , but drops quite low during a couple of fight scenes.

            On digital foundry , you can see that the wiiu version of Batman actually has a much higher framerate for the second half of the video comparison.

            They aren’t running poorly at all. They’re running admirably , and like I say aren’t even using half of the wiiu’s full potential.

            If you think these day 1 launch ports are using the wiiu’s potential you are basically retarded and is like saying Resistance 1 , King Kong and CoD 2 use the full power of PS3 and 360…

        2. What people don’t take into account is, that the Wii U, not only is running ports perfectly (lazy developers/launch titles aside with the odd hiccup) even with it’s raw power, it is not only rendering the game in all its glory on the TV, but it’s also streaming the game, to the gamepad. I mean, the console is actually the one doing all the work on what shows on the tablet, the gamepad just receives the signal pretty much, which is using up a lot more CPU power, essentially rendering two separate gameplay screens.
          IF they develop Crysis 3 for the Wii U, depending or not if it’s made specifically for the Wii U, it could take 2 different approaches, 1 being that it can be a port of an Xbox360 version and utilise the Console and the Gamepad at the same time, and also, being a port will mean it’ll just resemble another Current Gen came.
          or secondly, be developed ON the Wii U and we can actually notice a decent version of it.

          Also, I find this article a bunch of horse shit because, if this game left sub 1% of the processing/power remaining, on the Xbox360 or the PS3, that means you wouldn’t be able to press the PS button or the Xbox button on the controller to access the menu screen during gameplay to quit the game, it would more or less crash the consoles.

          So the developers are either using more marketing gimmicks, or they’re getting some sort of jouranlist who knows nothing about the development to come and use fancy words (go back to the Mega Drive/Genesis “Blast Processor” thing).
          It’s also another way to secretly hype up Next-Gen, making people believe that there is no more power to use up, so new consoles must be around the corner.

          1. Indeed sir. The wiiu’s CPU , from what I can see from the performance of the console must be pretty powerfull. I guess Nintendo and IBM worked together to make the greenest most powererfull CPU they could.

        3. More ram doesn’t mean everything. The bandwidth of the Wii U’s memory is much, much less than even the XBOX360. So having more memory doesn’t mean as much as it would.

          Not to mention the CPU of the Wii U is slower and less powerful than XBOX360 as well.

          You might try actually knowing more than basic specs and actually understand how the mechanics operate together before you go insulting everyone.

          1. You might as well try knowing what you’re talking about , because you’re just stabbing in the dark and hopeing for the best.

            More memory means more textures , less compression on all elements such as sound etc. It means a lot and a couple of developers have confirmed that already. And the CPU obviously has been customized to the point where it’s either on PAR or even better than the Xbox 360’s whilst using less than Half of the electricity.

            The proof is in the pudding. You idiots actually think that if the wiiu’s CPU is just ”1.2GHZ” then it’s not half as powerfull as the 360’s ”3’2GHZ” ? that doesn’t even make sense. You have to consider all the other variables of the CPU.

            Because there is no way a game like AC3 or ME3 could run of a 1.2GHZ tri core wii CPU. Hence the fact that we know NIntendo and IBM have been working together to produce a pretty powerfull and supremely efficient CPU.

            And there is a number of other things which could affect the outcome of how fast the RAM is overall.

            The wiiu is a lot more powerfull than the ps3 and 360 , so please , learn what you’re talking about in future.
            Although , I know you trolls just love believing what you want to believe and that’s fine….

          2. Cpu slower? Yes, but you’re just taking into account of it’s speed and not considering the architecture of the CPU at all. From numerous sources, even from reviewtechusa, speed does not equate to the CPU’s overall ability. Think about it. It might be slower due to being made of much more advanced tech

    1. lol for ultra it says it NEEDS a gtx 680, and i have a 670. way to make me feel like my pc is shit now crytek lol. but i wouldn’t worry about it if i were you, the crysis games look amazing even on low settings.

      1. well no.. they don’t

        all games (that allow any meaningful amount of modification in the settings) look like shit on the lowest settings.. even cryengine games
        a lot worse actually than a game that has been developed for weaker hardware from scratch, because the artists don’t specifically design their assets towards that performance level
        an asset or an effect that is meant to look great in high settings can look like absolute crap on low settings

        just because it needs a 680 for ultra details doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get a reasonable graphics setting out of mid range hardware tho

  2. I remember when EA said that about battlefield 3. I also remember them only showing off the game on a 3000$ gaming PC.

    The amount of money you put into buying a console and its only 2 steps behind a 1000+ dollar pc… Lol

    1. nobody specified how big these steps are.. if i look at how crysis 1 looks on consoles as opposed to how it looked like in 2007(!) on that $1000+ PC you speak of i figure these steps are pretty damn big nowadays
      just in case you’ve forgotten or never seen it

  3. Isnt that bad for the consoles? I mean when my PC starts using a lot of its power, it starts heating up, and sometimes it reboots.

    1. This can’t be good for the Xbox. Mine sometimes (not often at all, bear this in mind) overheats and suddenly turns off during CoD sessions. (It’s a Xbox Slim.)

      Wonder if this will affect the power usage.

      1. That’s odd, you may want to send yous in. My friend has a slim. And we played halo and cod nonstop at a party for nearly 5-6 hours nd had no problems. Is your fan working? Try uing one of those keyboard cleaners in the vent to clear any dust. It really shouldn’t overheat as it is a much more effecient desighn.

      2. consoles usually run at max power anyway.. there isn’t much variance between when you’re gaming and when the console is just sitting idle.. so no it shouldn’t be an issue.. it depends on how effectively you use the hardware.. in the end what he says is just a lot of marketing talk

    2. if your PC restarts because of heat then it definitely has issues.. it’s probably your PSU that’s causing trouble tho.. or a mainboard that’s faulty/old and can’t handle high currents as well anymore
      could be quite a lot of causes but behaviour like that is definitely not normal

  4. The Wii U game pad on its own can run Crysis 3, let the Alpha ( xbox360 ) and Beta ( PS3 ) testers have it for now lol. Not even 1% left hehehehehehehe.

        1. as much as i love my wii u, you are 100% wrong. the gamepad can’t run any applications on it’s own beside the tv remote function. i do believe, however, that if the 360 and ps3 and run it, then there really should be no problem for the wii u, seeing the graphical boost from assassins creed 3 and arkham city (which both have dirextx11 esc features such as the fabric and cape tessellation in both games and the advanced lighting and anti-aliasing). there really is no excuse other than laziness and financing to not port it over to the wiiu.

    1. The Wii U Game Pad doesn’t run anything but the audio and video of a game. The Wii U itself still has to run and read the game, and then the audio and video is downgraded to be played on the Game Pad. So your comment is irrelevant.

  5. Maxed out what? Not even 1% left of what? They’re just throwing terms around that sound fancy and have no actual meaning behind them.

      1. Aeolus, When the Wii U and PS4 are the gamers choice next year for great titles, can you play online Monster hunter 3 Ultimate with me? I shall join you for Drake’s re-awekening on the PS4 multiplayer.

      2. I’m aware of that, I’m just dumbfounded that a) people will see this and cream their pants and b) no one else has pointed out how ridiculous it is.

      3. It’s not , he’s saying if they add in any more data or detail or general fidelity , the game stops working at a reasonable level. 100% believable. I find it hard to believe the 360 can do more than the stunning looking , Halo 4.

        1. “No game will ever look technically better than Crysis 3 on these consoles, flat out. ”

          That is the PR talk. He seems very confident about that.

          1. Maybe he’s just right , you know , being a developer and all , unlike you.

            It’s not hard to believe at all. He even said you could make a game with a prettier art style (something like a new okami game for example) but technically, it’s unbeatable.
            Generation 7 is now complete.

            One reason I don’t believe him though , Is he talking about Xbox 360 ? Because If the ps3 is pushed to its max , doesn’t it have much better graphics than the 360 stupid architecture or not ?

            1. Why you continue to gobble up nothing but marketing from folks wanting to sell their product and enhance their ego with hyperbolic statements like this is beyond me.

              But uhh, go ahead and listen to them.

              1. Oh, of course, don’t take what Crytek are saying seriously, but if Epic come out with a statement about Unreal Engine 4 and the WiiU, then you can take that as gospel because, y’know, any statement that isn’t pro PS3/360 and anti WiiU can’t possibly contain a glimmer of truth. Hypocritical nonsense.

            2. No the consoles are basically the same. There are just more small linear games on ps3 that actually look better because of their linearity. That stuff just isn’t done on xbox 360 besides gears and ghe miracle that is Halo 4, being able to maintain open envionments, AI, physics, framerate, and look just as good if not better than uncharted. Seriously the consoles are the same, the only advantage ps3 has are the blue ray discs which can hold better quality textures.

                1. Basically like that. If there is a true difference in that cpu though, we haven’t seen it yet and I doubt we ever will. Especially because the next gen is almost here. Ps3 has some advantages over the 360, I’m not going to lie, but the 360 also has a few advantages of its own making any differences so close together that it is ridiculous to debate about.

        2. But that isn’t what he said at all. His statement is total rubbish, big claims with no distinct meaning behind them, and you’ve fallen right into the trap by assuming what it means instead of realising it’s just fancy talk.

          1. There’s a fine line between Gloating and premoting and saying this is technically the bursting point of the genration.

            Mario Galaxy looks better than a lot of 360 games , but technically it doesn’t come even close.
            He’s talking about all components of the console being maxed out without even 1% left to add in more detail and effects without sacrificing an acceptable resoloution and framerate.

                That statement could be taken in a dozen different ways. There’s no space left on the disk. There’s no spare processing power. There’s no spare RAM. There’s no space available on the hard drive if you install it.
                Maxed out and 1% left mean NOTHING by themselves, and it’s idiots like you who buy into the marketing and make up “clarifications”, and the game promotes itself because people suddenly think it’s the most amazing thing ever when no one has actually said so. You don’t seem to understand marketing and how fucking gullible you are.

      4. Aeolus, can I come live on your planet, where though people may seriously disagree all the time at least people have intelligence?

    1. If they don’t mention what it is It’s probably refering to storage.
      Taking up 8.4GB on the DVD, and 49.9GB on the BluRay :)
      I’m assuming they threw in a bunch of unlockable porn on the PS3 version.

  6. Didn’t they easily port it for trials on the Wii U, in a few hours and lines of Code and it run smoothly and easily lol. Sure now Sony is happy they too are going the GPGPU route :), where is our great friend Aeolus to enjoy the first game that actually doesn’t spazz on the PS3.

  7. BTW this game is the perfect example about next generation:
    *I dont think next PS and XBOX will be able to handle the Crysis 3 PC version.
    *The textures of PS3 and 360 kind of different from PC, but not too much.
    *IMO you get the same experience from playing Crysis 3 on XBOX and PC.
    *If courrent gen gets PC ports, of course Wii U which is more powerfull will get those games too, maybe not this time because of the development cost and because its a new hardware, but im sure next year we are getting a lot.
    *Rumors say next XBox will be 20% stronger than Wii U, to make a comparison of how much is 20%, Wii was 200% stronger than gamecube.

    1. Feel sorry for xbox and ps fans. They will be waiting eagerly for E3 2013, while we shall already be Monster hunting in glorious 1080P on the Wii U, while playing PC and 3DS gems.

      1. I also think ps and xbox fans will be dissapointed when they see that their next consoles arent as powerfull as they imagined.
        I hope xbox make something better about the kinect and ps something about move or whatever they will use on their next consoles, if they dont it will be like buying the same thing because it looks better but plays the same.

        1. The next xbox won’t be the most powerful gaming machine ever. But its definately going to be between 4-6 times more powerful than the Wii U. And that’s going to be good enough for me.

        2. “Arent as powerful as they imagined”

          Evidence? Nobody knows how powerful they will be, I don’t think we should judge UNTIL facts start to come out.

      2. really? you think they’ll actually hit 1080p when they can’t do it now in a 2d platformer? Youre going to have to sacrifice something for that resolution and I have a feeling like textures and draw distances in games like Crysis will be the first to get the axe.

        1. They’ve already said that they can do it, but all the early first party games begun on the earliest dev kit, which only ran at 720p.

        2. LOL your a tool if you think the ps4 and xbox 360 wont do 1080p. Pc gamers have a level of ignorance I will never understand. These consoles wont sell if they dont show a significant leap in graphics and both sony and microsoft know this. Do you really think people will buy the console despite being disappointed with the graphics?All large screen tvs today are 1080p with 4k coming at the end of this decade. Why the hell would Sony/Microsoft release a console that cant do 1080p when its suppose to last until 2020. I cant believe you would even question that. The PS4 will run crysis 3 at its max settings guaranteed , probably 30FPS but thats still good.

    2. I’m pretty sure the next PS and Xbox will be able to handle Crysis 3, the versions that run optimised for that hardware will look great, not maxed out 1080p 60fps Ultra DX11 settings PC quality I agree, but still great. Have to disagree about the PS3 and 360 textures, they look much much better on the PC, especially Crysis 2 with the texture update. More than likely the next Xbox will be more than 20% more powerful, RAM, CPU, GPU. Really can’t wait to see what Microsoft bring to the table actually!

      1. You know that even with all the power the next box shall have, Nintendo and sony still have more and better exclusives and first party games. Oh! well microsofty still have halo and gears.

        1. Yes, this is true, 360 doesn’t have that many ‘must have’ exclusives on it, I don’t care for Halo or Gears, I can’t think of any other exclusives for it that I want. PS3 has some attractive ones, especially in the last two years or so. I do really want to play a new Zelda, Mario Kart, Wii Party, Metroid, Kirby, Star Fox, Mario and Pikmin on the Wii U. I’d love another Silent Hill, House of the Dead Overkill, Dead Space Extraction, Zack and Wiki, Fatal Frame and plenty more 3rd party Wii exclusives too. Hopefully at least some of them will be made for Wii U.

            1. Yeah, but the last Banjo game was a mess, so I wouldn’t buy the next one. In my opinion, Fable is rather overrated and I just don’t really like pure racing games like Forza and prefer ones with weapons and items etc like Mario Kart and Sonic Racing. Halo and maybe Gears would be the only reason I’d buy the Nextbox.

  8. Bold words from Crytek, they need to keep the hype up because Crysis 3 has missed Christmas. They do make fantastic looking games though, I can’t wait to play Crysis 3, I loved the first two, an eye candy fest for sure.

    1. THIS! Crysis and Crysis 2 are over rated as hell. The amount of motion blur used made the games unplayable for me. This developer has an ego that needs to be deflated.

  9. They look better on PC, but not too much in my opinion, anyway its something that doesnt affect gameplay.
    You need a great PC to run Crysis 3 at it maximum capacity. If they make next Xbox and PS able to handle that, the prices will be very high, for the console and the games.

      1. Yes, that’s the really interesting part of the next two machines to launch, how far do Microsoft and Sony go with maxing out their spec without making them prohibitively expensive? Of course taking a loss on each console will help but it’s still a fascinating balancing act, I guess we will have to wait until E2013, ages away! Hope not though.

        1. I dont think microsoft and sony will make next consoles at a loss.
          I mean all the companies doesnt want your enjoyment, they want you $$$, and they dont try to make bussiness that lose money.
          Wii U is sold at a loss, but not a big loss, they just need to sell one game to make a profit, and as far as i know most Wii U owners have bought at least 2 games, so now they are making it profitable.

  10. Well thats a lie, the ps3 has more more beef than the 360, from power to disk space. Maybe 1% of the 360, but ps3 still probably has a good load more. Oh, and best looking game to come out of this gen?
    Sorry, i cant hear you over the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes footage.

    1. dat fox engine

      I want to see footage of Crysis 3 running on consoles to see if there’s any credibility to what is being said here. Otherwise, he’s just embarrassing himself.

      1. True. I mean Crysis 2 looked pretty good on the ps3 (didnt see the 360 version), but didnt wow me.
        But yeah, FOX engine is damn good but im a little confused…Ground Zeroes is for current gen…but MGS5 is said to be for next gen console. But the recent “The Phantom Pain” trailer which is obviously MGS5, looks the same as Ground Zeroes…

        1. I could probably see MGS5 being multiplatform for both current and next generation consoles. They mentioned that the game was running on PC hardware “similarly spec’d to a PS3”

          Wonder which museum did they hit up to find those parts…

  11. If they seriously not going to bring this to the Wii U, then I will get it for the PC. No other console is worth getting this game for.

    1. Crytek doesn’t consider Wii U next generation. They know what they’re talking about. Wii U is current generation hardware performance and next generation in release date alone. Guess what people actually talk about when “next gen” is used?

      When people think of next-generation games, they don’t think about ports of 360 titles or exclusives that don’t look any different than them.

      When will you idiots learn?

      1. They weren’t talking about the wiiu at all in this article , apart from saying they don’t want to bring the game to wiiu. That may be because it requires to much effort to get the game to run on wiiu let alone look better. and may not interest them with the small installed base , etc.

        They said Current gen consoles , Xbox 360 , Ps3 – the powerhouses , and the underpowered wii , which is indeed a generation ahead of its father the gamecube.

        NOBODY can say the wiiu is not ”next gen” because that is….. RETARDED.
        You could say , The ps4 and 720 will be in a different league , although in the same generation. Generations (in major consoles) are defined by time. Some try to say it’s power , but that simply doesn’t even make sense.

        If somebody says ”the wiiu is not next gen” they look like a retard..
        If somebody says ”I don’t think the wiiu is truly next gen like the next xbox will be because it’s weaker” then that’s still wrong , but less retarded.

        If somebody says ”The ps4 , 720 and wiiu are all 8th generation consoles , but the wiiu is less powerfull but different because of its controller and other things, and I’m personally not interested in owning the weakest 8th gen console” than is a 100% logical and mature aproach to the situation.

        Retard= ”The DS and PSP are in 2 different generations , so are the ps vita and 3ds and so are the wiiu and ps4 , all because of power”. See what I’m saying?

        If your brother is a midget and you are a basketball player , you are still in the same generation of family , according to the actual meaning of the word ”Generation”

        1. I like how everybody keeps using this one example and ignore the other 360 titles that clearly look better.

          Like PGR3. Sorry, your argument is completely bust. :)

          1. Doesn’t really matter if they look somewhat better, you can clearly see in all systems that the graphics always get better throughout their lifetimes as developers learn how to max out the hardware. Wii U can play the maxed out 360 games day one, and it will only get better from there. If you really think graphics makes a console anyway, you are surely not a gamer. I bet when Microsoft/PS come out with their game pad clones, you will come to this site to brag about how “next gen” it is to the people who don’t care.

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  13. I could get into the whole PS/Box vs Wii U argument here, but I won’t. I could get into the Gameplay vs Graphics argument but I won’t either.

    It’s great PR for the developers to present screenshots pushing the hardware to its limits. I’m not an expert, but I think that a console running at near-maximum for however long people want to play it is very bad for the console’s longevity.

    The next thing you know, you’ll be playing Crysis 3 one day and your system won’t be able to turn on the next day. I’m no expert and that’s probably an exaggeration, but I could see it happening to people who own “fat” PS3s from launch day or older Xbox 360s that haven’t fallen to the red ring of death yet.

  14. not a butt hurt 3rd party



  15. not a butt hurt 3rd party

    impression of DA industry we gotunreal engine 4 running on a phone we wont be suporting wiiu THE DERP THE INSANE LEVELS OF DERP

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  17. Crysis 3 or 2 or whatever pale in comparison to any Halo or Black Ops game, who cares about graphics. Halo 4 looks better and plays way better than Crysis and Crysis 2. Nintendo just needs to make their own FPS to compete with Halo.

  18. The sheer buffonerey of some of these comments is amazing. I weep for the gaming industry nowadays, beacuse it’s at the mercy of cunts like them.

    Cryengine 3 runs beautifully. Just because Crytek are not working on anything, it doesn’t mean the engine can’t be used.

    UE4 will work on Wii U. Again, just because Epic themselves aren’t doing anything, it doesn’t mean somebody else won’t.

    Seriously, everyone will RGAE to the heavens when the next wave of consoles are released. Not because they won’t be powerful, but thier overblown expectations will burn them, as will the fact that PCs will start stomping all over their outdated power levels within months.

    Power is no longer relevant in the console space IMO, innovation is. Lets just hope that everyone else realises that before Valve rear thier harware heads. That could seriously infringe M$oft and Sony’s power space as rumor has it, it’s upgradeable a-la PC out of the box.

    Let’s see how many people ‘defect’ over to them.

  19. Glad I have a PC no one is going to deny that its far more superior in graphics than the console :) My PS3 is collecting dust LMAO! 360 well I never owned one and Nintendo well Mario is still the reason I started playing games but that’s in the past.

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