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Wii U Is The Greenest Console


Digital Foundry have conducted a number of power consumption tests and the results show that the Wii U blitzes the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The findings show that the Wii U draws roughly half the power of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which should save you some money on your power bill. The reason why the Wii U is so energy-efficient comes down to the CPU and increases in design efficiency and smaller chip sizes.

Thanks, Kathryn

102 thoughts on “Wii U Is The Greenest Console”

    1. The GamePad is wireless… it really doesn’t need much to run it…

      Unless you mean via the wall socket when charging they yeah gamepad I believe only takes about 23watts of power to charge it

  1. And the console still is more powerful than the current gen systems… you hear that, thats the sound of my wallet sighing of relif because I don’t have to pay a shit load of money for my electric bill

    1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

      that is debatable, it really hasn’t shown anything “better” than the gen 7 consoles, in terms of graphics or gameplay just yet, but time will tell!

      1. To be honest though, Black Ops 2 on Wii U is actually closer to the PC version in terms of graphics AND performance so really I think it has something to do with developers not taking advantage of the hardware.

        But yeah, only time will tell but with games like Project CARS coming out that look amazing, I’m sure the Wii U will show its true colours then.

        1. I’m not sure about Black Ops 2, but AC 3 definitely runs and looks better on Wii U than the other versions except PC. Ubisoft is a close partner, so maybe that has something to do with it.

          1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

            No, no it doesnt, in fact ubisoft had a hard time getting it too luck exactly like the xbox and ps3 versions (which is looks like) because originally they couldn’t get the light engine working on it properly, but they fixed it and now it looks exactly like the xbox and ps3 version.

        2. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

          Black Ops 2 looked horrendous, if you look at the comparison shots you can see how undetailed it is on the wii u, the faces aren’t as detailed as xbox+ps3 versions.

      2. It’s 8th generation, and runs at 50% less power than the PS3 and Xbox360 that alone tells you it’s better. Granted most of us already knew this. Am happy because the Wii U is going to be alright, if you doubt me, look at the 3DS had a rough start, then Mario Kart and Mario 3D jump started it, now the 3DS XL is selling like hot cakes :). The Japanese Wii U release has also solidified the Wii U’s success.

        1. It’s really not selling like hotcakes. outside Japan, aka, everywhere in the world apart from one small country, it is selling poorly.

          1. US:
            First Week (18th-24th): 425,000+
            Second Week (25th-1st): 130,733*
            Total: 542,583*
            First 2 Days (30th-1st): 178,615*
            Total: 178,615*
            First 2 Days (8th-10th): 307,471
            Total: 307,471*
            First 5 Days (18th-24th): 50,249*
            First Second Week (25th-1st): 16,114*
            Total: 66,363*
            Grand Total: 1,095,032* (yes 1 million).

      3. It’s not debatable. It’s a matter of fact. Go see Nano Assault Neo. That shit looks ridiculous .
        The console on Day 1 matches or is better than 7 year old consoles.

        CoD on wiiu looks WAY WAY better than it does on PS3 ver
        Assassins creed 3 on wiiu has a slightly higher Native resoloution than the Ps3 ver
        Mass effect 3 Runs smoother on wiiu than it does on Ps3
        Trine 2 looks a LOT better on Wiiu than it does on Ps3 or 360
        Monster Hunter Ultimate is Native 1080p , and a number of other Eshop games.

        Whilst the Xbox 360 version on those games match the wiu versions. People are stupid in their condeming of the wiiu.

        The ps3 is more powerfull than Xbox 360. But Xbox 360 has better multiplats.

        Basically all we can see so far is Last Gen games being ported onto wiiu , largely at a good standard.
        Before we say ”the wiu is only ps3 and 360 level graphically” we have to wait for Zelda , Smash Bros , Bayonetta 2 , etc before we can make such statements.

        The wiiu has better graphics , uses half the power , has an asymetric tablet controller which does remote play , miiiverse , etc. It feels next gen to me , even if it’s by far the weakest 8th gen console. It’s an 8th gen console none the less.

        1. “CoD on wiiu looks WAY WAY better than it does on PS3 ver”

          Which is also not better than the 360 version, the version that matters and has shadows baked rather than dynamic. Therefore it isn’t “way way better” than anything.

          “Assassins creed 3 on wiiu has a slightly higher Native resoloution than the Ps3 ver”

          That is a lie: the resolution matches the PS3 and 360.

          “Mass effect 3 Runs smoother on wiiu than it does on Ps3”

          Again with the PS3-only comparison. Why you continue to shrug off that it once again does not beat out the 360 release is beyond me. 360 doesn’t “match”; it beats it. The PS3 is known to screw up multiplatform titles, your comparison should be based on what’s usually the lead platform, the 360.

          But either way, you’ll dodge any fact that the console doesn’t outperform both of the current consoles except for a 2.5D game that doesn’t require much CPU usage (Trine 2). Literally the ONLY game that looks better on the Wii U is an enhanced version of a goddamn 2.5 sidescroller. Amazing.

          “Monster Hunter Ultimate is Native 1080p, and a number of other Eshop games.”

          It is also an upressed port of a 3DS game, which in turn was a port of a Wii game. Also, please tell me these “number of other” Eshop games that run in 1080p.

          Wii U has not shown “better graphics” and certainly not significantly better in any game that actually matters. Because it’s once again another repeat of the Wii from Nintendo. The next generation will run circles around it and your talk of graphics will be made irrelevant since you parade around this console being “next generation”, you’ll shut up when both of them melts your face off in tech demos and AAA title reveals come E3 2013.

          Then it’s just going to be “it’s all about the gameplay!” all over again when even the PS3/360 beat the shit out of the Wii U at that thanks to software.

          1. Uh… Meg? U mad… or U Hoggish Greedly? The Wii U is the 8th generation console and evidently and an ecologically friendly video game/social gaming/entertainment system. Captain Planet, motherfucker!!!!!

          2. When we are playing all the great Nintendo games and third parties that really matter and your PS4 is duking out with the xbox 720, we shall be here to console you Aeolus. Nintendo Shall ahve the best of Japanese developers and the Western ones that matter, even gready EA lol. While your PS4 actually needs Nintendo for they are two Japanese companies that feed of each other.

          3. Assassins creed 3 on Ps3 is slightly lower than native 720p and the wiiu and 360 version are 720p , am I right ?

            My point is , people like you are already judging the wiiu. But by your absurd logic , the 360 is way more powerfull than the ps3 , because CoD on 360 is dramatically more detailed than the ps3 version.

            Your already putting the nails in the coffin , even though the wiiu multiplat ports are outpeforming PS3 multiplats , which is the most powerfull 7th GEN console.

            Puddle , Little Inferno , Mighty switch force and Toki Tori 2 are all native 1080p , I remember reading articles about each one on this very site.

            My point is , we havent even seen the tip of the iceberg on wiiu yet. When we see the full potential of the console eg: Metroid prime 4 or what ever , it’s likely there will be comparisons with PS4 games and everyone wil be singing a different tune.

            Complex consoles take time to unlock. That’s why 360 launch graphics were no more than Peter Jacksons King kong. You can’t use ZombiU as a benchmark because AC3 is a way more technically impressive games although ZombiU has IMMENSE lighting.

            I acually think the difference between , Wiiu , PS4 , 720 will be like this.

            Wiiu = Dreamcast , PS4 = Gamecube , 720= Xbox1 .

            The original Xbox was about 4X times as powerfull as the DC , but the leap in graphics wasn’t even THAT big. Infact Shenmue is more beautiful than a lot of Xbox games.

            1. No, you are wrong. Read the damn link.

              Also no, PS3 multiplatform performance has nothing to do with the performance it has done for its exclusives, which almost /always/ look better than what’s on the 360. Once again, stop bringing up the PS3 in a multiplatform discussion unless it’s the leading platform. By the way, the PS3 is still harder to develop/port games to compared to the 360 and Wii U, so that argument is completely flawed.

              Cool, a bunch of 2.5D/simplistic titles are pushing 1080p. Such an impressive feat. /sarcasm

              The Wii U has no peak performance that will be significantly better than what is available now. The Wii did not and there is nothing to suggest that this console will. Period. You’re holding on hope that it will, but it FUCKING WON’T. It definitely won’t matter when the next generation comes around, so again. It’s retarded for you to bring this shit up because you know as well as anyone that it is nowhere SIGNIFICANTLY more powerful than this generation. Remove this bullshit thought from your head before you set yourself up for further disappointment. The CPU is weak, the GPU is based on a mid-range card from 2008, and no, GPGPU is no end all solution to a cruddy CPU, which has been explained enough times. I’m sick of these Nintendroids going on with the power of this piece of SHIT. There will be no significant difference between the Wii U and this generation and that’s something I’ll bet on.

              Also, don’t you DARE compare the Wii U to the Dreamcast; the Dreamcast looked better than the N64 and PS1 on DAY ONE. The Wii U is comparable to the difference between the original Wii and Xbox, nothing else.

              1. ”Ps3 multiplat performance has nothing to do with the performance for its exclusives”

                Now are you actually retarded Aeolus ? Sit down for a minute. The same logic applies to the wiiu. This is what I’m trying to say. These launch ports say absoloutly nothing about the overall performance of the wiiu.

                These launch ports have been made to run on the wiiu’s ”1.2GHZ” CPU in a small amount of time , nothing else. It’s a miracle there matching the 360 and ps3 on that basis alone.

                It will take a year or 2 for developers to use all of the wiiu’s assets , and once they do , you will have games that look SIGNIFICANTLY better than anything on PS3 or xbox 360.

                Assassins creed 3 has been shoe horned onto wiiu , in a sly attempt by Ubisoft to capatilize on launch excitement buys .

                That is an xbox 360 game using the features of the xbox 360’s GPU.

                Now , tell me honestly. If Ubisoft (for example) were given the time and money like Naughty dog were for unhcharted , how much better do you think they could make the game look ? I’m gunna say about 2-4 times as good.

                Because the same thing can be seen at the launch of Xbox and Ps3 and even Wii. Shoehorned games like King Kong , which looked almost exactly the same as the original Xbox version with a Sub HD upscaled resoloution.

                The consoles been out for a month and people are crying , even though it runs GORGEOUS games like Mass effect 3 effortlessly. Like I said , how much better could a game like Mass effect 3 look on wiiu with a huge budget and time to redevelop it without the launch time constraints?

                1. “Use all of the Wii U’s assets”

                  The implication here is that it has much more or they’ll actually give a shit to keep supporting it when the next gen comes around. I will guarantee you that they won’t, and I will once again be correct.

                  Watch kiddo, watch.

                  1. Just admit you’re wrong. Just because say , AC3 runs at 5FPS slower on wiiu than it does on 360 , doesn’t mean the wiiu is less powerfull , like you pointed out with the ps3 situation.

                    The game was designed for the 360’s CPU and then pushed onto wiiu with barely any tweeking what so ever.

                    I predict the next playstation and xbox may have games that shame the wiiu graphically. But the wiiu DEFINITELY have games that Shame the PS3 and 360 and have innovative new ways to play is all.

                    Just sick of people being deliberately fucking Ignorant and stupid , or maybe they were just born with the brain of a T-rex.

                    The wiiu will have better graphics than the already in some cases beautfull looking current gen , and it has a controller that changes pretty much everything.

                    In other words , the wiiu is the weakest , as far as we know 8th generation console. One that people should buy , unless they’re poor and butthurt.

                    1. So if you don’t buy a Wii U you’re poor & butthurt? That’s a pretty sad thing to say man. I’ve decided not to buy one anymore because I’d rather put more into my PC. does that make me poor & butthurt? Hmmm?

                      1. I obviously wasn’t walking litteraly , but in a biased/comical sense.

                        No you’re good. Btw , I thought you had a wiiu ?

                        1. Fair enough. IMO it’s worth owning now because Miiverse is like a killer app , Playing Games with remote play in bed is amazing , and ZombiU , Nintendo Land and NSMBU are all excellent :)

                          I love my wiiu and cannot stop playing the little bugger..

              2. Oh and by the way. You clearly are in some state of denial. PS3 and 360 beat the wiiu in Gameplay ?

                What a fucking sponge cake you are.

                  1. True , because I think some Nintendo wii games completely beat the 360 and ps3 in Gameplay.

                    Smash bros , Monster Hunter , Xenoblade , Mario galaxy 1 and 2 , Donkey kong country , Skyward sword , Metroid prime 3 etc….

      4. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Super Mario Bros. U ( which even biased game informer gave a solid 9.5 out of 10 ), Project cars, Lego City under cover, Pikmin 3, AC 3, Zombi U, Batman Arkham City, Aliens Colonial Marines, Womderful 101, my goodness even COD, now nintendo fans keep quiet and enjoy gaming our systems shall be fine. Remember Zelda, Metroid and Mario always steer gaming :).

      5. Wow. I knew the Wii U had to be the most energy efficient out of the bunch, but I had no idea its numbers were so good. :)

        Guess I don’t need to feel bad keeping it on 8+ hours straight when I’m in the zone now. XD

        Nintendo should definitely be getting some type of notoriety on the console’s box within the coming year, or so, due to its energy-efficient qualities. I was surprised not to find any American Heart Association logo on the Wii U’s box, to be quite honest. I do hope that the AHA sees the potentiality in the Wii U and how it can be “fitness-friendly.” The same goes for the Nintendo 3DS, as I think many people underestimate how much certain features, like StreetPass or Play Coins, almost force everyone to get out and get active with their lifestyles.

        1. In todays world , power consumption is IMPORTANT. A lot of people here in the UK are always checking the Watage and power consumption of every device so they can estimate the yearly bill. The same thing happens in Countries Like USA , Germany and Japan.

          Eco friendly casuals will choose wiiu if the 720 and ps4 use up 2X plus times as much power as wiiu.

            1. I’m not on that level of checking the wattage of all my devices yet , but I certainly don’t like paying over the odds bills .

              1. Here in the USA, we’re no different, either.

                Our electric bills have gone sky-high, so it’s good to know that the Wii U is so energy efficient. :)

      6. The good news is not only the low power consumption, but it also helps generate less heat. That means you could play a game for a long time without having to worry about the system overheating. And in case your body starts to feel cramped, you could switch to the game pad and play on your bed or something.

        When Killzone 2 first came out, the fan on my PS3 was at max level after 30 minutes of gameplay, and it hardlocked my system quite a number of times. They fixed some of this in KZ3, but Nintendo’s approach is like a dream for dedicated gamers. I played AC3 for about 4 hours straight the other day and my Wii U was still quiet except for when the system is reading data off of the disc. It barely throws warm air out of the fans, and the base of the system remains cool. It’s pretty awesome.

        1. That is because something is wrong with your PS3. I never once had a hard lock on my ps3 while playing KZ2. Not a single freeze.

      7. weird
        i’ve heard reports from a gaming magazine that was testing assassins creed 3
        according to them the game drew just under 40 watts
        it’s a fairly popular magazine and it’s not that difficult really to measure power usage so it seems unlikely that they have made a mistake
        maybe digital foundry have omitted AC3 in their test

      8. Who cares? All this going green shit is a fuckin scam used by old Soviet Union members to push their hidden Marxist, deindustrialized, top down world wide government control agenda.

        Man made global warming is a fuckin hoax. The baby boom generation was afraid of the coming ice age that never happened and now his generation is afraid of a coming heat wave that’s stop warming 16 years ago.

        1. Its mainly not about the earth. Its more about saving money. The less power it takes up the less you pay. Regardless on you stance on global warming having it be “green” saves you as the consumer, money.

          1. I agree with you it’s good to conserve but this green movement isn’t about conservation. It’s about controlling the industrialized nations and to redistribute their wealth to 3rd world nations. If it was about conservation people like Al Gore and Leo Decaprio wouldn’t be flying around on their massively expensive private jets lecturing the rest of us about “conservation”.

        2. Its not that what matters is the electricity bill … Of course in a country where I live that doesn’t matter a lot …. But you got to see it from other people side

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      11. I look at it this way, People can easily assume that the 720 and PS4 will be more powerful than Wii U. But people seem to forget. Of course it can be more powerful. When Nintendo made the Wii U, they had to be the first to go through the challenges of Long upgrades and delays in video games etc. All Microsoft and Sony are going to do is take from what they took from the Wii. For example if the Toyota Corolla came out with 220 HP, of course another C segment car will debut with more HP and more fuel efficient since they have a goal to force the new product to be at least more powerful. Hell when someone is doing it first, you gotta start somewhere which is why cowardly pS4 and 720 has yet to be unveiled. They don’t wanna be the first they just want to copy and make it more powerful which is easy to do.

      12. hi there soo what wii u uses 75 watts soo nintendo could sell 110 watt 150 watt or 220 watt sollar cell then you would be negative wattage solar powered wii u solar powered 3ds solar powered 3ds xl lets e-mail nintendo too have solar powered consoles be greener

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