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Check Out These Retro Skins For Wii U And Its GamePad

wii_u_retro_skinDecalGirl designs skins for the new Wii U console and its 6.2-inch touchscreen controller, the Wii U GamePad. One of its skins is retro-themed and is designed to look similar to an NES. You can purchase this skin set for $19.99 here.

38 thoughts on “Check Out These Retro Skins For Wii U And Its GamePad”

  1. Oh GOSH, they should have made a Wii U that really looked like this. SOOOOO much better than the extremely boring black & white.

    I learned way back when I had those skins from Nintendo Power magazine stuck to my NES controllers that putting stickes on consoles and controllers RUINS them! It’s SO hard to get that sticky gunk off when you peel the skins back off.

    1. It SAYS no sticky mess… Hmm… Might reconsider getting this. If the gamepad looked a like a controller instead of another console, I would be totally sold.

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