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Capcom Had Resident Evil 5 Running On 3DS, Inspired Resident Evil Revelations


During the latest Iwata Asks segment Capcom revealed that they had Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 up and running on Nintendo 3DS hardware. The Resident Evil team said they had the game up and running on the Nintendo 3DS to help bring inspiration for Resident Evil Revelations. Here’s what Capcom had to say about the feat during Iwata Asks.

“What kicked off Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D was we needed to actually run a game on a Nintendo 3DS system, so we took Resident Evil 5 and ran it on a Nintendo 3DS, and the impact it made was more than we had imagined.”

“Then we thought, “We can make this into a product.” The difficulties of moving this forwards as its own project aside, there was reason to make it just in terms of experience. In regards to the controls, we were able to make changes to Mercenaries and finish Revealations looking at the players’ feedback.

“And by making Mercenaries first, I feel like we were able to determine the capabilities of Nintendo 3DS. In terms of it being a developmental challenge, I would say that Mercenaries is the one that’s really pushing it hardware-wise.”

“The Resident Evil: Revelations team had experienced making Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, so they were on their second lap of development, allowing them to make it smoothly. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D made use of know-how from Resident Evil: Revelations, and Resident Evil: Revelations drew on feedback from Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, so I feel like we were able to interact with the players.”

48 thoughts on “Capcom Had Resident Evil 5 Running On 3DS, Inspired Resident Evil Revelations”

      1. Fuck you clone. Mercenaries is the one that pushed the system ? Revelations looks way better than mercenaries , more bump mapping and generaly detail…

  1. Having just finished Zombie U, I wonder if Ubisoft were inspired by Revelations? The scanning is very similar in Zombie U, which is a good thing in my book.

  2. Just wait some minutes and Nintedward will be here to praise the 3DS for its “immense” power that is exceeding the PS3 by far. I mean how could the Cell even dream of competing with the 10 year old much more powerful ARM11.

    If you find sarcasm you’re allowed to keep it.

    1. Are you fucking retarded ? When have I ever compared a 3DS to a ps3 , you complete dick head ? The 3DS is about 1/4 as powerfull as a ps3 , if that. It has decent power though , revelations basically looks good enough to be on the ps3 if it had a higher resoloution and a few more polygons here and there.

      3DS is on par with wii graphics but 3D which puts it ahead.
      Vita is about twice as powerfull as 3DS which is about half as powerfull as ps3.
      Ps3 is a home console with an 8spu cell broadband CPU which can produce amazing graphics like Uncharted 3 and God of War , which I doubt even the next generation of Handhelds will match.

      The wiiu , well that’s a different story. The wiiu has a much higher graphical potential than the ps3 and a tablet controller to suit….

      1. So you want to the whole 3DS system has about +/-50gflops to”offer which would be about +/- 2*Wii system.

        Do you know that fast overreaction and raging is a sign of low brain functionality AKA stupidity?

        Oh and do you think the graphical capabilities of the Wii U wilk exceed the PS3’s if the HD5770 in the Wii U has to do 4-5 tasks at once?
        Main screen, gamepad screen, AI, physics and maybe second gamepad screen.
        But GPGPU is totally not eating up resoures , I mean it’s not like even top of the line PC cards have a fps decrease in the area of 10-20 fps. And by the way Resident Evil revelations does only look good in small areas and has a max enemy count of 5.

        1. I forgot to mention the already semi modern 5770 in the Wii U is underclocked. If you look at the specs of a 5770 you will know what I mean. If you look at its power consumption data plus minus the “board” and the VRAM and its other capabilities you’ll notice it HAS to be this chip that is inside.of the Wii U.

          1. One more thing….
            Did you notice the word “sarcasm” in my comment?
            Maybe it’s really stupidity that makes you rage around.

  3. So if they could get an engine that runs of the xbox and PS3 working on the 3DS then doesn’t that mean the 3DS is more powerful than we thought?

  4. Funny Capcom got resident evil running on 3ds and yet people are questioning if Wii U is as powerful as PS360. Man the gaming industry Is on a decline.

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    1. Its cause the Wii can’t do shaders well (or at all). So porting Resident Evil 5 which uses them heavy becomes nearly impossible. The 3DS is allot more power than the Wii, from the speed of the RAM, which uses faster RAM then most devices do in the industry, to the multicore CPU. And again the Graphics Card allows allot of modern things that weren’t available to portables back then.

      1. The “multicore” in the 3DS is a bad processor because it’s ARM11 and that means it is about 10 years old….
        To make something clear some of you might think
        Cortex A9>>>>>>>>>ARM11 MP core.
        The 3DS processor is more in the area of a hummingbird in the first generation galaxy s phone……maybe even less.

        1. Its actually a custom processer, not a ten year old one, you must be citing wiki which has some bad info, it doesn’t even accounting in the speed of Fujitisu RAM. Nintendo don’t use standard ARM chips. The best you get from seeing the ARM chip is an incorrect guess from Wiki. This is the name of the chip actually in there: Nintendo 1048 0H ARM CPU.

          And it offloads some of the process on the graphic chip. That is why it is able to port Xbox 360 games engines and run the unity engine as well.

          Also the modern smart phones isn’t ten years old. The early ones started showing up after the Wii came out so that is another large exaggeration. Again its built like modern console but with slightly older parts (except the RAM) to keep the cost down. That is why its able to port the Resident Evil 5 engine over and get it running from the Xbox 360 and the Wii couldn’t.

  6. I really wish Capcom would release Resident Evil 5 on the Wii U. I HATE the fact that I missed out on that one. Even though I heard that it wasn’t as good as part 4 was.

      1. So, RE5 really DID suck? I wonder why Capcom would screw up a sequel as important as Resident Evil 5? Also, I wonder if RE6 will be any good?

        1. Yes it did suck. Read up on the original producer of the RE games and how he left after RE4, then it starts to make sense. I believe he is working on a new survival horror game due out in 2014.

  7. I just can’t figure out why they don’t make a Resident Evil 5 port with updated 3D display and local/online co-op. Oh wait this is Capcom we are talking about…..

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