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WP: Video Game Consumption Does Not Seem To Correlate At All With An Increase In Gun Violence

video_game_mascotsBased on international data, The Washington Post concludes that the use of video games doesn’t relate with an increase in gun violence. And, as a matter of fact, countries where video game consumption is popular have significantly lower firearm-related murder rates. Also, because countries in which video games are popular are most likely stable and developed, countries where video games are popular tend to be the safest in the world.

It’s true that Americans spend billions of dollars on video games every year and that the United States has the highest firearm murder rate in the developed world. But other countries where video games are popular have much lower firearm-related murder rates. In fact, countries where video game consumption is highest tend to be some of the safest countries in the world, likely a product of the fact that developed or rich countries, where consumers can afford expensive games, have on average much less violent crime.

That video game consumption, based on international data, does not seem to correlate at all with an increase in gun violence. That countries where video games are popular also tend to be some of the world’s safest (probably because these countries are stable and developed, not because they have video games). And we also have learned, once again, that America’s rate of firearm-related homicides is extremely high for the developed world.

64 thoughts on “WP: Video Game Consumption Does Not Seem To Correlate At All With An Increase In Gun Violence”

  1. Finally, there’s SOME proof that this is true. Now if only some newstations were to realize this.

    Also, that picture is FREAKING AWESOME.

      1. It is true. Just like I learned in Statistics class, just because two things happen simultaneously, does not mean they happen because of each other. Meaning, just because video games are popular where things are more stable, doesn’t mean things are more stable because video games are popular. There could be several other factors that come in to play here. However, there’s other research that tends to leave similar results. Video games MAY lead to slightly increased agression, depending on the game, but nothing enough to make you wanna shoot a place, or anything really, up. The other factor that takes place there, is the sanity of the person playing the game. You have to be mentally insane first to play a violent game and then want to emulate what happens on screen. And then to actually go through with it? It’s a ridiculous statement to make.

  2. Maybe it’s got something to do with your stupid gun laws, we (the British) aren’t going to attack your country, you don’t need guns to defend yourselves
    Also, you give SOOO much attention to this pshychopaths on the news, that it’s almost a a popularity contest.

    1. People are actually trying to ban Mass Effect, because the Newton shooter ha it on his Facebook.
      I mean cmooooooon, you just bang aliens, and shoot evil aliens.

      I don’t why people blame video games…maybe because God didnt bless them, or they don’t have his teaching -__- looking at you Bill O’fucking Riley, you cunt.

      1. They blame Video Games because these gun loving hicks are trying to pass the blame to something else, typical Conservative bullshit.

    2. I’m not sure I’d definately consider attacking America if they changed the 2nd amendment, just to keep them on their toes.

    3. its a mixture of bad education over there, blunt stupidity in some cases, as well as social and psychological issues. gaming doesn’t have anything to do with it (it might be a symptom, but not a cause), and gun laws only make it easier, but are not cause. neither are the guns themselves.

    4. The reason we have the second amendment is because we have the right to defend ouselves against those invading our homes, and our own government who should be our worst fear. If a government took away our weopons then turned the military on us, its a slaughter!

  3. It’s life. People will always try and find things to blame. They never consider the fact that some of these gun toting maniacs are in fact maniacs!

  4. FIRST!! Well. I completely agree with this article, I don’t know why politicians tend to blame videogames when a person goes apeshit and murders people. Firstly, they shouldn’t let anyone be able to get guns so freely, and secondly, they should analize the kind of environment someone gets raised. Didn’t want to sound like an ass, but I hate the fact some people blame videogames when somehting goes terribly wrong with someone.

    1. Imaging a new world war should we blame a civilization game? Or if economie is so bad that people start stealing food should we blame gta? What i see is that we are so lazy to even find the true reason to our comunity illnes.

      1. It’s almost human nature to blame something else… People blame an imaginary figure for a lot of things… Imaginary figure being God

  5. Yea. The guy who killed all the kids in the US recently was said to be inspired by video games because the guys brother likes mass effect on Facebook (both fox and CNN reported this)

    That and nuts like the westboro baptist church who have gone on record saying the kids deserved to die because we allow gay marriage, and the the gunman was a hero doing gods work for him…. I mean they get publicity for doing it, but now there are people who actually believe you’re a hero for doing it?!

    Sometimes I hate this planet.

    Hell maybe that’s why I like video games so much. They make me forget about how shitty this world is, even if its just a little while….

    1. “The guy who killed all the kids in the US recently was said to be inspired by video games because the guys brother likes mass effect on Facebook”

      Clearly this person is insane he got inspired by video games who killed the kids, and then these people will blame us, the gamers because just the one person that did it making us look bad. I feel for the kids, but come on you cant use that as a fact for that one person. It’s horrible!

      I guess it’s true and always has been that people hate everything that somebody likes (even loves) doing.

    2. Please refrain from spreading anymore misinformation. No one knows why this happened. All we know is that he clearly had issues and was an evil human being. Our media is out of control and got every single fact about this wrong because they were more interested in pushing an anti-gun narrative than reporting the truth.

  6. There is more than meets the eye to this situation yes in a perfectly sane person shooting games have no relevance to violence in america but when you let you child do whatever he wants and put no boundaries you can have some shady consequences occurring also just for reference if the shooter was playing shooting style games because he had a mental incapacity he could go into a rage like what occurred due to the differences between reality and video games. i dont believe there is any proof yet stating that he played those types of games but if he did thats where the issue lies if someone has issues mentally then that person should not be allowed to buy firearms but in the same sense that should also apply to violent video games as well i am sorry if you dont agree but maybe it will take something that hits closer to home for you to realize this. I mean gun violence escalated along time ago like 30 years ago when they started to show more violent movies in theatres and on TV. But the real people to blame for this is the mother because her son had issues and she owned all three of those weapons and was unable to keep them secured but honestly what did the mother have a need for own a semi automatic assault weapon in the first place. More and more isolated incidents will continue to occur until parents realize how to smartly handle their children and their weapons. Kids who break into peoples cars and houses tend to do that because they are not properly raised/punished by their parents and the kids succombs to peer pressure because they feel that they need to do it in order to belong and because the cool thing to do is to break the law we have these issues. You may not think this is the case in your situation because you have you shiot in control but not everyone is like you.

    I mourn for the parents of everyone who has had a loss due to this tragedy and hope that no one else has to go through what occurred at Sandy Hook.

  7. also i would love to know who they used in that study probably college students how about we apply that study to people with multiple personality desorders or people with other medical condition of the mind!

    1. It would had make the study wort less cause is not rocket sciense that people whit mental illnes will try to kill or suicide it just matter of time.

  8. Yeah I agree with this article, video games are always the things people point at as soon as something bad happens. I understand their concern but parents have to learn how to keep their kids under control with the video game violence thats out there. It’s not the developer’s or retail’s fault if a parent just walk into a store to buy their 10 year old an M-rated video game because it’s their birthday or Christmas wish. Parents NEED to learn how to not spoil their kid with everything they demand and watch over them. Honestly I don’t blame video games or movies for everything that’s happened.

    This bastard had problems since he was younger. They say he was always very quiet and never socialized and had some sort of mental illness. Then who would be to blame in this case? His mother for having associations with firearms while living with an unstable kid, sure she didn’t use them maliciously but even having them close by was a grave mistake on her part.

    1. i think is cause usa is the country of blame some 1 else, it has always been like that wen the japanese attacked pearl harbor it was not out of simple i want to destroy usa naval fleet,usa earned that attack.

      1. You’re a fool who is ignorant of history. Did the 19% of the Fillipino population who was wiped out by imperial Japan or the South Korean woman who were made sex slaves during world war ii deserve it too?

  9. Real shocker. I don’t think it matters how much proof there is, people will almost always blame what they’re ignorant of.

  10. yeah that a cracker shoots in the crowd after playing COD isn’t the fault of COD, it’s because he’s a cracker in the first place…

  11. I’ve actually always thought of people who are obsessed with shooting games to be people who have the potential of killing in real life (which is how I always thought about Sony & Microsoft fanboys). Because I can’t understand the appeal of those types of games. And I’m 34. And I’m talking about Call Of Duty sorts of games. Not games where you casuallly find a gun. Or games that have only one gun as an option. Don’t even get me started on Grand Theft Auto. SO MUCH bad stuff in those games.

  12. Video games? Fuck off!!! How about the media with their constant coverage of shootings like this? Back off! You are drawing massive attention! When there is a streaker at a football game the cameras never put him on tv. Why? Because they don’t want people to imitate his behavior. Same with these shootings! I think CNN is more to blame than mass effect is

    1. This. Criminal psychologists have said again and again not to make these mass murderers into anti-heros with their wall to wall coverage because it encourages other would be nuts. Within a weeks time span of this shooting, there were three others. Thankful not as many people were hurt or killed. Two of them were stopped by other law abiding citizens who were armed and confronted the would be killers.

  13. Well I do think that video games “inspires” certain people to increase their stupidity from what they already suffer from.
    And I do agree about the media.
    They are most certainly one of the worst idiots out there trying to scare people.
    It’s just a shame many americans fall for it.
    I was in USA last year and was amazed of how little World News there actually are in tv…
    It’s always something about murder, shootings, black people doing something, more shootings, arabs, more murders…
    No wonder many over there are so brainwashed…

    1. It’s people not guns. Blaming guns is just as stupid as blaming video games. Timothy Mcveigh slaughtered 169 people, injuring 450 others, over 30 of the dead where children with a car and a trunk full of fertilizer. No guns.

    2. With the amount of guns that we have we don’t even have that many crimes involving guns… It isn’t a gun problem it is a people problem. We need stricter laws on who should own a gun, for example a psyche test. That would minimize the risk of a crazy freak getting a hold of one…. however no matter what laws are put in place if someone wants to kill with a gun they will find a way.

  14. It sounds like there are loopholes in this.
    For example Japan, they have a high video game consumption, but they would rather play Animal Crossing rather than any COD.

    1. This. The truth is 2012 will the year with the lowest amount of human violence since they started recording it. This includes all the wars and mass shootings. Humans are just plane nasty when they lack morals.

      1. Are you sure its the lowest?? In America alone we had 4 mass killings, and Israel has been exchanging missiles with Palestine for months… and I am sure there are more examples too.

        1. And I can tell you that in Honduras (from where I’m from), violence is skyrocketing. :(
          In my country, more people are killed daily, than people from countries that are in war :S

  15. Truth is no one knows why this freak did this. The mass media in my country is a fucking joke. They got so many facts wrong in their reporting no one knows the truth. What we do know is most of them are very anti-gun rights so they sensationalize these killings for political reasons. It’s absolutely disgusting.

    Bottom line, evil exists in the world. No amount of gun control laws( CT already has VERY strict gun laws, the 4th strictest in the US) and video games or movies don’t make people evil. This madman was evil. That’s it. And he picked a gun to do his evil. If he couldn’t get a gun he would have found another way. The day after a man in TX intentionally drove is truck into a crowd and killed 14 people. That wasn’t reported because our hack Media has no agenda to ban cars. Not yet anyway.

    And for those who blame American violence on guns, please do some research. The violent crime rate which includes mugging, rape and yes murder, all skyrocketed in countries that have banned guns. When law abiding citizens are left defenseless criminals reign. Guns are practically banned in (unconstitutionally I might add) in our Presidents home town of Chicago and the violent crime and shooting deaths are the highest in the nation. 450 this year alone. Then you look at a state like Texas where gun ownership is celebrated, violent crime….not so much.

    We as Americans believe in freedom and that includes the freedom to defend ourselves from home intruders, foreign intruders and yes a tyrannical centralized government. Our founding fathers understood what was vital to preserve a free state. The British tried to seize the colonies weapon among other things and they weren’t having it. The British tried to tax them for a war they had no part of so they rose up, used guns, and fought for their freedom. Guns and games are not the problem. The evil is people’s hearts are and since we will never stamp out evil, we have to do better to defend against it. Had a staff member or teacher in that CT school been armed and trained, those kids would probably still be alive. Israel armed their teachers after countless mass murders of children in Israeli schools, guess what? The terrorist stopped attacking schools. We have stupid politicians who lass stupid feel good laws like ‘gun free zones’. The only people who follow those asinine laws are law abiding citizens. Madmen bent in mass murder see those areas as open season. They know they won’t meet any resistance until the police show, so they get anywhere from 20-30 minutes to murder as many as they can. When cops are seconds away, seconds matter. There are countless stories of people being stopped dead in their tracks by law abiding, trained carry conceal permit holders stoping robberies, muggings and yes…mass murder. Just days before the CT massacre a gunman walked into a mall in Oregon and started shooting people. A young with a carry conceal permit man pulled out his Glock, when the would be mass murder saw him gun, he turned his rifle on himself. Buy you won’t hear that from our corrupt mass media because it doesn’t fit there anti-gun political narrative.

  16. This is pretty much pointless. It is as enlightening as the conclusion to a study about whether people only like ice cream in the summer and not the winter. Fact: less purchases of ice cream in the winter, however Fact: Less ice cream stands to purchase from in the winter. So just because “things” LINE up doesn’t mean they ADD up…

  17. Video games are just the latest scapegoat for the human condition. It used to be music and movies, now it’s video games. It couldn’t possibly be mental issues, or guns being too easily accessible. It must be the games.

  18. i hate people who said games promote violence it has been shown know not to be true. i think it is a problem that the US needs to address and the first step is not to find scape goats and to find the rout cause of the problem

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