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Code Of Princess Coming Soon To Nintendo eShop On 3DS

code_of_princessAtlus’ latest action role-playing game for Nintendo 3DS, Code of Princess, launched in North American retailers on October 9th, 2012.

According to the Nintendo eShop, the game will hit Nintendo’s online marketplace on January 3rd, 2013. There’s no word on the price of the downloadable version of the game, but expect it to cost the same as the physical version, which retails for $39.99.

16 thoughts on “Code Of Princess Coming Soon To Nintendo eShop On 3DS”

    1. I was tricked into doing a play for what I assumed was a bunch of orphans.
      Turns out it was Tingle trying to get some publicity for the attractiveness of outrageous outfits.
      He is now hanging on a high tree limb by the seat of his tights.
      I have taken his balloon, and it’s a long way down, with a lot of branches, spaced perfectly and supple enough that they can’t support his weight if he grabs one, between him and the ground.
      Did I mention how happy I am right now?*Grin*

  1. Sweet! I was hoping this would happen. I can’t find it at any of my local stores and if I did I would be too embarassed to buy it. This makes it super convenient for me. Can’t wait to download it.

  2. If digital titles were 50% off from the retail prices then I would be tempted. I wonder if Nintendo will ever drop the digital prices for full retail games. Also am curious how they are doing sales wise with hard copies vs. digital.

  3. I’m kinda cheeses off that it’s coming on the eshop. I rushed out to buy it because atlus games always go out of print quickly, I’m complaining because I have a stoopid complaint about game cards. I don’t like carrying around my game cards when I’m on the go, I been perferring having em digitally because I it’s better to have retail games that I would keep on me digitally all the time :-[
    I been playing the game less because its on physical media, mario kart or Pokemon black 2 have been the only games that been in my 3ds because I would play em all the time.

    1. I had to get a used copy of Radiant Historia, but luckily it was cheap at the time.

      I feel for you. I’d much rather have virtual versions of Mariokart, Kid Icarus since those are games I could play anytime. But they did not have virtual versions when I purchased them on their release days. I could “re-buy” Mariokart, but then I lose my save file… ugh.

  4. Not buying it unless it’s cheaper. I would have paid 40 dollars already if I thought it was worth the money (personal opinion btw; not saying people who bought it wasted their money or anything like that). If bonus + physical copy did not attract me, 40 dollars for download version will certainly not make a difference.

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  6. Good for people who cant find it. I got it on release day mostly because of the soundtrack CD and the art book. The game itself is really good, though I’m having trouble with those twin dragons. I may need to team up with someone online to get through that level.

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