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Developers Discuss How Big Nintendo Franchises Could Work On Wii U


Online gaming publication Games Beat has gathered a number of developers together to discuss exactly how some of Nintendo’s biggest video game franchises could work on Wii U. So far we’ve only really seen how 2D Mario and Pikmin work on the device. Here’s Sumo, Q-Games, and Gaijin Games, ideas about how key Nintendo franchises can utilise the Wii U GamePad.

Ocarina of Time, F-Zero, and Pokémon

“Lens of Truth, Ocarina of Time-style, except you use the GamePad to look around your living room for hidden secrets and fairies. A whole window into another world.” – Steve Lycett, the executive producer on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

“Thirty-player online F-Zero Wii U: Adjust your car setup anytime in the race, from top speed to acceleration — like you can in F-Zero X, but anytime you like. [It] should have five-player split-screen, too, just like All-Stars Racing Transformed.” – Steve Lycett, the executive producer on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

“Pass the Pokémon. Tap the GamePad and 3DS together to send Pokémon into your Wii U — sort of like how many people can you get into a phone box, just with Pokémon.” – Steve Lycett, the executive producer on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Zelda and Super Paper Mario

“I’d like them to make a full Zelda: Four Swords game with it. But I’d also like them to stop making new controllers and just focus on what matters: games.” – Edmund McMillen, the developer of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac

“A Super Paper Mario sequel where you have the 3D world on your TV and the 2D world on the GamePad. Which world the game focuses on depends on whether you’re using the analog stick or the D-pad. Also, a Zelda sequel where they have the map and a touch-controlled item select screen on the GamePad at all times to reduce the amount of time wasted in menus.” – Robert Boyd, one of the developers at Zeboyd Games who worked on Penny Arcade Adventures

Metroid and Clubhouse Games

“I haven’t had much time to put a lot of thought into how games might use the GamePad, but I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the return of the Metroid Prime series. The combination of touchscreen as map/navigation and controller makes a lot of sense for a game like that. I’m sure developers will come up with more unique uses for it, though.” – James Mielke, the PixelJunk producer at Q-Games

“A couple of us at the office talked about it, and so far our favorite would be a new 2D Metroid in HD on the TV that’s way overdue to be made with the map for it on the GamePad. Also, if we could ever require more than one GamePad at a time, playing something like Clubhouse Games with virtual hands that you can keep secret from your friends would be rad.” – Alex Neuse, the co-founder of Gaijin Games

43 thoughts on “Developers Discuss How Big Nintendo Franchises Could Work On Wii U”

    1. I second that! Thank you two for making a “one stop” website for all things Nintendo. Before I found this place, I would have to go to many different sites….now I just come here.

  1. I’m at work, and am so ready to get home.
    I’m traveling with my WiiU this weekend. As I won’t be able to hook it up to a TV at my in-laws house, I’ll be playing GamePad Solo only, I love that WiiU let’s me do that!

    The Ideas above are not bad. But my response is:

    -> Give me a Majora’s Mask Remake before another OoT remake. The 3DS OoT remake was excellent, But I do not need a WiiU Oot. Give me Majora’s mask. If you’re going to give me another Oot, I want it full HD, Totally redone graphics, new artstyle, ALL NEW HD… Then, you may keep the story the same, otherwise, give me a new Zelda.

    -> Not really feeling a platformer-exclusive Metroid. I LOVE fusion, but I’d like to keep Metroid 3D. Third person, like Zelda would be OK, but not 100% platformer.

    -> F-Zero: What the hell are U waiting for?!

    1. I’m currently staying at a familys friends house on a visit , and my wiiu is here with Gamepad :) . Off TV play is one of the best things ever to happen to gaming !

      Don’t care what the haters say! In my opinion the wiiu FEELS next gen. Forget about the Rushed launch ports for a minute . The gamepad , miiverse , Eshop etc feels amazing. My xbox 360 and ps3 are now dead. I’m going to upgrade my PC to get multiplats from now on that don’t come to wiiu

    2. I want a 2D Metroid, but on 3DS. Same with overtop Zelda, id prefer they kept an old school style with their handheld games.

      1. I would not mind a 3D, 2D platformer Metroid for my 3DS! (Just preferably not for my WiiU, although I’m sure I’d buy it regardless.)

        Yeah, It’s next gen, gamepad and Miiverse are next-level, quality features that add value!

    1. YES YES YES!!!!! 100 times YES!!! With the ability to battle online with your Black and White pokemon… I have been waiting for a P.S.3 for EVER! I will cry if they announce this in the future.

      1. There already is a ps3.
        I would rather want something like Pokemon XD be cause you could trade all your Pokémons from black(2)/white(2) and it has a story mode. It would be like a Pokémon stadium just with story. That would make more sense.

        1. There is not a P.S.3??? Unless you were being funny and were talking about the PS3(console?) How about this, why not have a Pokemon game with mini games like in the Stadium games, Colosseum battles like in PBR as well as online battles like in PBR AND a Story mode like in the Pokemon XD??? I don’t understand why the Pokemon Company can’t just make one big epic console Pokemon game like this? With HD and cross play w/ the DS/3DS, and porting B/W pokemon from the DS cards. It would sell like hot cakes and it is what we pokemon fans have been dreaming of.

      2. As much as I want Pkmn battles on the wii u With black and white 2 characters, I think they should wait until the next generation comes out. Pbr didn’t get a sequel on the wii and it should have. I doubt they will make 2 games on wii u but who knows.

  2. Oh gosh! All their ideas are awesome! Sooo… chop chop make this happen Nintendo!! lol! I really like the idea of a 2D Metroid game(some might disagree though :( ) Also a new HD Zelda game with all the maps and items on the controller is what we have all speculated from Day1 of the gamepads reveil, I bet you $100 that is in the works right now.

  3. How can fzero work online? You know how many people would be pissed off if someone kills them during the race and they can’t continue?

  4. Here are my ideas:

    1). Co-op 3D Mario

    The idea here is that Mario and Luigi would work their way throughout the game together. One-player mode would see you controlling Mario while Luigi would follow you around using basic AI, helping out stomping on Goombas etc. The twist being that while the TV would show the main gameplay, the gamepad screen would display a map of each stage, allowing you to draw paths for Luigi to follow, while additional buttons on the screen would allow you to call Luigi back over to you or swap between controlling the two characters, allowing for fun co-op puzzles utilising both brothers creating a mix of Mario Galaxy and Four Swords gameplay.

    For two-player mode, one person would control Mario using the TV, while the second player would control Luigi via the gamepad and its built-in screen.

    2). A True Metroid FPS/2D Platformer Hybrid

    Carrying on from the ideas put forward in Other M, this game would show the first person view of Samus on the TV while the gamepad would show the action from the viewpoint of the classic 2D Platformers.

    Using the two analogue sticks, L, R, ZL & ZR buttons to control Samus in 1st Person view, the D-pad, a, b, x & y buttons would then take care of the controls in 3rd Person. Personally, I’d like the 2D action to be strictly 2D (I.e. not using a 2D viewpoint to run around a 3D environment like in Other M) by locking Samus into predefined paths as soon as you touch the D-pad controls. Hopefully achieving the feel of Samus’ original platform adventures mixed with Retro’s ‘Prime’ series.

    3). Cockpit Controls For Starfox

    Using a basic peripheral to essentially turn a Wiimote+ into a PC-style flight simulator joystick by attaching the base of the controller into a stand designed to spring back into an upright position, the B button on the Wiimote would control the basic laser and the up button fon the D-Pad for selectable weapons such as Bombs freeing up your other hand to use the touchscreen on the gamepad for other functionality.

    Swipe left or right on the screen to perform the classic ‘barrel roll’, pushing your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen to activate the speed boost or from top to bottom to engage the brakes. The touchscreen would also come into use for selectable weapons, for example when activating an item such as heat-seeking missiles, you would be able to select a target shown on a map or radar via the gamepad screen, while air-to-surface missiles would present the downwards view under your Arwing via the gamepad screen to help you to accurately hit targets.

    4). Virtual-Reality Zelda

    I realise there’s not really much chance of this one actually happening, mainly due to it needing a brand new piece of hardware to work, however I thought I would include it anyway as it would be truly amazing if Nintendo could pull it off.

    You may have noticed when playing Nintendoland or games with similar functionality, that the Gamepad is really good at tracking your movements. This is due to the fact that Nintendo have included Nine-Axis tracking into the design of the pad:…_axis_controls

    Seeing as the GamePad already has this built-in functionality as well as it’s own screen, it’s not impossible to think that Nintendo could release a VR headset utilising this technology. Using a VR headset to view Hyrue through Link’s eyes in first person view would be an incredibly immersive experience – imagine looking down at your hand and seeing the master sword as if it was really there. The motion+ control system used in Skyward Sword could then control your other movements.

    1. In my opinion, the 1st one could work, but I don’t think metroid would work well that way and that it should just be 1st or 3rd person. The star fox controls seem a bit too limited I think and it may be difficult to get used to. Plus you would have to change controllers for on foot and maybe land master fighting. I’d just prefer using the gamepad or wii remote/nun chuck like metroid blast. For the last one, maybe although it would be difficult.

  5. All those ideas are cool, but keep 2D Metroid to 3DS, WiiU needs big big games to push it ahead of the competition.
    Keep in 3rd person, but dear god, let us aim, none of this boring autoaim, autododge, flip to first person crap, thats what killed Other M for me, the combat, it was just boring, and you dont even do anything.

  6. Metriod Ultra, plays like a third person space adventure, raising the gpad will put you in f person mood, and 1or 2 areas that will be 2d when a 3rd party is aiding u in the game. The graphics will be sooo awesome, I can only imagine.

  7. Give me an HD Kid Icarus, make it a cross between free roaming and on rails. Have some of the weapons require different gamepad motions/swipes/controls. Don’t let it become a shooter, but have an option for 1st person. (similar to Mirror’s edge) Seriously, they better not wait another 25 years for this.

      1. Kid Icarus 3DS remake on Wii U would be amazing because the only downfall of a 3DS version was the controls, but putting it on the Wii U will completely fix that problem. The game would be flawless! I can already picture the online multiplayer as well :D

        1. If by flawless you mean a bigger touch screen that you can rest in your lap… because Dual analog would not work in that game at all.. and I’m sure even though the gamepad has dual analog… they STILL would not include that option in the game … and rightfully so…

  8. Remember how Metroid Prime and Fusion came out around the same time? That was an amazing time for Metroid. Metroid Prime was completely new and everyone loved it. And we had another installment in the Metroid series: Metroid 4 on our handhelds. THAT’S what I want to see. A new installment of Metroid (either the start of a new Prime trilogy or something completely new) and Metroid 5 going with the traditional platformer style of Metroid 1-4 on the 3DS. I definitely think they could make that work. Imagine how much hype and excitement the Metroid series would have again (it’s been quiet for a long time…) if we had 2D Metroid 5 and a brand new 3D Metroid experience on the Wii U…. man, how AMAZING would that be?

  9. To that guy who said stop making new controllers and just make games, you’re an idiot. What he basically said is “I don’t want to do anything new, give me the same thing over and over again.”

      1. At least it tried something different and is also a handheld game. I’ve personally never played a handheld Mario game. Judging from its sales it has found an audience.

        My only problem with that game is that Nintendo released it in the same year as NSMBU. I can’t help but think that some people held off on buying NSMB2 to save for NSMBU thinking they would be basically the same game.

  10. That 1 Dec who wants Nintendo to stop making new controllers….yah fuck you. New system should have a new controller. Otherwise your lazy and not innovating so screw that dude.

    1. dualshock was next gen on ps3 hhhmmmmmmmmm yes whatever u say sony fans

      if we didnt have controller evolution we would be playing cod on a atari joystick ONLY JELOUS SONY,MS FANS SAY THAT SHIT?

  11. “I’d like them to make a full Zelda: Four Swords game with it. But I’d also like them to stop making new controllers and just focus on what matters: games.” – Edmund McMillen

    Says the man who develops for keyboards and standard controllers. I guess that could be taken as a lack of impact on standard control design on other systems, though it’s only been one generation of that (as long as it’s been).

    I am curious about how Inputting, a game in the upcoming LA Game Space 30-game bundle, will offer a new way to use the keyboard we’ve been using for years, and I’d like to see experimentation with button use on a standard controller. I’d love to see Edmund take that approach to one of his games, since it so directly affects the “games” as he put it.

    The comment actually reminds me of some people who comment on game sites who complain whenever something isn’t “news” or “reviews,” though even then they’ll complain that another site already reported it or diss a score w/o actually reading the review.

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