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Capcom Digital Survey Asks What You Want Them To Make


Capcom have prepared an extensive survey for its digital range of games which asks consumers just what they want Capcom to release next on digital platforms. So, if you’re after a new Mega Man, or a Resident Evil game for the Nintendo 3DS fill out the survey and send them your suggestions.

56 thoughts on “Capcom Digital Survey Asks What You Want Them To Make”

  1. As Capcom has fucked up Resident Evil beyond repair, Megaman I suppose.

    Maybe one day, reboot Resident Evil, and get back to Survival Horror. Until then, ZombiU is the last frontier of survival horror on a Nintendo Platform. (I don’t own other consoles. I can only afford to fund one gaming company, and Nintendo is it.)

      1. I agree Revelations was pretty good.
        As a whole, they don’t know what the hell their doing anymore. We were lucky Revelations came out so well.

  2. They put up a survey but knowing capcom they are probably just going to ignore it and go for what they want meaning more streetfighter remakes lol

  3. LOL.. so it isn’t going to be a Street Fighter crossover remake thing?! CAPCOM actually wants to make a game of the “gamer’s” choice??? I don’t know… we’ll see. I am sure everyone is saying Megaman so if Megaman is announced soon we’ll know they were telling the truth(how much you wanna bet they cancel the game again -__-)…

  4. Wouldn’t object to a new Breath of Fire. Just saying is all…. Unless they plan on putting 3 and 4 on the 3DS e-shop? (is 4 on the PSN yet? I know 3 is due to the PSP version.)

  5. I hope this servay would get them to realize that ppl want megaman rather then street fighter n resident evil
    Sega should do a survey too to see what franchises would work well since they’re careful. In fact. Ill do one. Once u fix my labtop charging problem.

  6. It was a cool survey. I’d like to see a new strider game, a compilation of breath of fire, and new megaman titles. Def battle network

  7. Keiji Inafune left capcom along with mega man universe. I think capcom would rather release lost planet over and over again rather than please their devout fans with another mega man game.

  8. They should revive some of their older franchises that haven’t seen the light of day in ages espicially their older fighters like Power Stone and Rival Schools.

    1. that means they would have to pay western translaters and this game has a lot of dialogue. capcom is too busy with another lost planet and emo dmc

  9. Capcom…really? You don’t know what to make. How about making a Dino Crisis remake (with inventory management on the gamepad), Contra remake (both a 2D and a Gears of War like 3D one), Marvel vs Capcom for Wii U (where you can chain moves together using the gamepad), etc. Also make them compatible with the pro controller. There….how hard was that?

  10. Yeah… no.

    Fuck you capcom, whats the point of doing surveys, when you as a company never give a shit about us gamers. Take youre survey and shove it up your ass.

  11. Fuck Mega Man or Resident Evil, Power Stone all the way.

    Oh, and for all you who want Mega Man Legends 3 to come back, don’t. It’s dead, fucking deal with it and move on.

  12. What do they mean by “digital platforms”? Are they talking about crap digital downloads? If that’s the kind of game they’re gonna make, they can just not make it.

  13. megaman. he’s one of the legendary trio of gaming. Beside mario & sonic. I would be more then happy to see a brand new game on my wii u. Praying it’s mmx9 but i will take what i get

      1. Out of all of the big video game brands, Capcom is one of the few that takes the time to listen and care about the fans. They recently released a game nationwide that a fan made, that alone is a pretty cool gesture.

        1. Sorry, but that is absolutute BS. It’s been stated many times by everyone, including most of Capcom’s former fans, that they are nothing now but conniving con artists who will do anything to take people’s money. Including their fake DLC and numerous unkept promises for their games. Feels more like “Capcon” to me…

  14. Resident Evil Revelations 2, Mega Man Legends 3, Mega Man X9, Mega Man X Street Fighter on 3DS with better controls, Maximo 3, Viewtiful Joe 3, Breath of Fire 5, Dragons Dogma 2, Ghost’s N Ghoul’s, Gargoyles Quest 4, Bionic Comando 2.

  15. They are just making this survey to encourage the fans to make the games they want by themselves and save them the time/money of doing it and then put it to download for free and win back the fans by saying “hey, look! we are giving you a free mega man game!” just like they did with stree fighter x mega man

  16. Onimusha was my favourite. Port it and I will definitely buy it. A new onimusha game and I will definitely be pre ordering it! From the UK.

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