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More Old School Mega Man Games Could Come To Nintendo 3DS


Capcom’s Senior Community Manager, Brett Elston, has hinted that more Mega Man games could come to the Nintendo 3DS. Elston was asked whether they had any plans for a classic 3D update to the Mega Man franchise similar to what Nintendo have done with games like Kirby’s Adventure, Xevious and the original Kid Icarus.

“A great idea, and one I’ve brought up before. It’s just something both Capcom Japan and Nintendo would have to collaborate on. Never say never, but no official word at the moment.”

On the Capcom forums Senior VP, Christian Svensson said that it’s unlikely that any more Mega Man titles will arrive on the Wii Virtual Console, but he’s hopeful that we will see more games arrive on the Nintendo 3DS. This is partly due to the strong fan feedback the company has received online. Here’s what Svensson had to say.

“I’m hoping the [Capcom online games] group is looking at 3DS stuff though. We’ve made some requests for a few things to be explored based upon feedback here. We’ll see what happens.”

41 thoughts on “More Old School Mega Man Games Could Come To Nintendo 3DS”

          1. I’ve seen The goblin Menace levels of Trine 2 (they look outstanding) and the Rayman Legends demo is Jaw dropping. Rayman legends is one of the best looking games I’ve seen. It has Next Gen Lighting Like nothing you’ve seen on ps3 or xbox. The textures are really tight , it’s kinda 3D layers and all runs at native 1080p 60FPS. My TV has never felt so alive.

            Nintendo Land is a really really really good looking game IMO aswell..

  1. A demon quest secuel that game was amaizing or atleast the super nes version on eshop, megaman that was on gamecube would be great and 3d versions of viewtyful joe.

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  2. Yes. Capcom as all wise people have seen, let’s get back to real gaming :). The 3DS has games galore :). Nintendo fans we really are spoilt.

  3. How many Megaman games are there? I thought they announced the release of a bunch on the 3DS e-shop already…now they are saying that there are more!?!?

  4. Wait. No more Mega Man games on the Wii Virtual Console? So, what Svenson is saying is that we won’t be seeing Mega Man X3 for the SNES make an arrival on there? What the hell!? It’s nice to see that more Mega Man games will make it on the 3DS eShop, but how about finishing up the SNES trilogy of Mega Man X games before moving on.

  5. If you haven’t taken their survey yet check it out. I think IGN posted the link. It gives fans a chance to offer Capcom feedback as to what they would like to see in future retro Mega Man releases and such.

    I suggested they add the overseas Megaman compilation ‘Rockman Megaworld’ to a future anniversary collection. It was a 16-bit revamp of Mega Man 1, 2 and 3 for the Mega Drive.

  6. Most news never excites me anymore. Because I know they’re probably talking about stupid e-shop download games. Something I have zero interest in. And with Mega Man, the original series is all I care about. And I already have them all on the NES and the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on Gamecube.

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