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Here’s A List Of Confirmed Upcoming Wii U Games In 2013

lego_city_undercover_wii_u_box_artThere are numerous games releasing this year and beyond on Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii U, which launched in multiple territories toward the end of 2012.

Among the games coming exclusively to the new console are retail titles, including LEGO City: Undercover, Rayman Legends, Bayonetta 2 and Pikmin 3.

Several download-only titles, such as Toki Tori 2 and Cloudberry Kingdom, will be released this year on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

There will inevitably be more Wii U games revealed throughout the year… Here’s a list of confirmed forthcoming Wii U games:

  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2
  • Rayman Legends
  • LEGO City: Undercover
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Sniper Elite V2
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Pikmin 3
  • Wii Fit U
  • Bayonetta 2
  • The Wonderful 101
  • Sacrilegium
  • Game & Wario
  • Project CARS
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • Toki Tori 2
  • Cloudberry Kingdom
  • Mutant Mudds Deluxe

248 thoughts on “Here’s A List Of Confirmed Upcoming Wii U Games In 2013”

    1. Ha are you fucking kidding me? These are all lazy baby games for lazy 5 year olds just like yourself. You make me really sick with such ugly comments, cocksucker.

        1. Don’t you know anything, nintendweeb? COD is a wannabe manly game, just like every fucking game in Nintendo’s libraries. You make me laugh, shitstain.

          1. Look man, I’m sorry you didn’t get Pretty Cure All-stars for Christmas, but do you really need to take it out on others?

          2. You contradict yourself by first calling Nintendo games “lazy baby games” and then calling “every fucking game in nintendos libraries” “wannabe manly games.” You obviously have never played a game by Nintendo, and are clearly not much of a video game fan, so what in the world are you doing on a video game blog, let alone a Nintendo one? Twat

          3. Bill thats the problem with xbox and ps3 everyone only cares about COD i have it myself on xbox but im not a sad bastard like u

        1. Actually, his trolling is pretty successful. Bill is getting a reaction from you all, it’s kind of funny watching xD

      1. Wow dude what the fuck is your problem. Where you beaten as a child? Why the fuck would you tear people up over the types of games they look forward to playing. You should really seek some professional help or just blow out your pilot lights on your stove so your house slowly fills with gas and eventually ends your fucking pathetic bitch ass exsistance. Ps fuck you you fanboy fat fucking basement dwelling ass hole Chud fuck.

        1. My last comments were directed towards this “bill” fellow not anyone else here who was just hanging out and anticipating a games release.

      2. Don’t be so rude, I have been and always will play these types of games, just because you don’t like them doesn’t give you the right to be mean and rude to those who do.

    1. Alien: Colonial Marines, Lego City, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3 and Monster Hunter are promising. I bet we may have some surprises with other titles too.

    1. I’m excited for almost all of them! But my most anticipated games from the list above are LEGO: City Undercover, The Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends and Game & Wario.

  1. Mutant Mudds Deluxe? C’mon, at least read the Wikipedia list before copying it. That’s just off the top of my head. AND you reported on it TODAY for god’s sake.

  2. Not even interested in these multiplat games aside from maybe Aliens and Injustice.
    Luckily theres 8 exclusives

    1. E3 is coming man, don’t give up hope yet. I’ll be shocked if Nintendo blows it this time. Nintendo has absolutely no excuse to have anything less of a great E3 in 2013. Way too many exciting projects that have yet to be shown. I’m almost certain that Retro will be announcing a StarFox game this year. If not Retro, someone else will. There’s too much evidence floating around to label a new StarFox game as a rumor. I don’t want to get hopes too high, but Nintendo knows we want StarFox and F-Zero, and there’s a ton of silent projects Nintendo is working on.

      1. If it is I will be VERY disappointed. Why do so many people love a linear, repetitive, boring series about talking animals flying around in spaceships?

        1. I smell a troll.
          Or an idiot.

          Try playing Assault. It ain’t perfect, but its certainly not boring and repetitive. And Star Fox has always had branching level design, so dont know what you’re smoking.
          Also, its Retro Studios. They wont just make Star Fox 64 in HD, they’ll expand it, and tons of features, new gameplay, new design.

      2. Yes, I read on the Krystal Archive that it might have a stylized art style, possibly cel-shaded or “anime”.

        1. Oh God No :( I cannot possibly see that very appealing… It may have worked on Zelda (Toon Link), but Star Fox feels more of a…. mature game (Cant explain it correctly but I’m sure you know what I’m trying to say)

        2. I am interested as to how that will go. I’m typically for the cel-shaded art style. This sounds new so apparently this’ll be a continuation of one of the stories from Command a.k.a Star Fox DS

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing how Project CARS will perform on Wii U. This game is the most photo realistic game I have seen recently, it could be the game that shows what the system can do. If it looks as good on Wii U as it does in the trailer, then I think Wii U will do fine in terms of hardware in the 8th generation, especially if this game is running in 1080p on the Wii U, though I’m not expecting 60 FPS. Probably 30 FPS is more likely, which is still ok by console standards right now.

    1. Wario ware touched and Wario ware smooth moves. The greatest underated games ever.

      They were the games that made me realise the wacky unique potential of both the DS and Wii….

        1. Rayman Legends looks like it will be a far superior game. Pikmin 3 will be great, but Rayman Legends will be better.

          1. That’s totaly opinionated. They both look amazing. One is a 2D side scroller and the other a 3D squad controll adventure game or what ever.

            In my opinion , Pikmin 3 is the bigger more anticipated title by a long shot. But both will be killer apps for wiiu…

      1. Im looking forward to pikmin 3 more then rayman legends. And thats saying a lot. because Im dying to get rayman legends.

  4. Monster Hunter ultimate , Pikmin 3 , Bayonetta 2 , Wonderfull 101 , Lego city , Game and wario , Rayman Legends , Aliens colonial marines , Project cars , NFSMW .

    Plus EU release for NG3 RE and Scribblenauts.

    Just take my bank now wiiu……. The 3DS is gunna steamroll my waller aswell. So will the few must have multiplats for 360….

  5. Just a shame that the majority of this list are ports of games that were available months ago on other systems.
    On the other hand, I’m looking forward to Pikmin, Rayman and Lego City Undercover!

    1. Wait until a couple months after the “ports” are released on the Wii U. We will start to here of games being released on Wii U AND Xbox AND PS3 together. Not just ports of games from pre-existing consoles. ^.^ Wii U is just catching up on some games, K!?

  6. Yes/Definitely:
    Wii Fit U
    The Wonderful 101

    Rayman Legends
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    Game & Wario
    Bayonetta 2
    Cloudberry Kingdom

    We shall see when the time comes.

    1. Kamek Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a must buy. Ask Sony fans how much of a great series the monster hunter series is! Play it until you slay your first Jaggi by yourself. Then realize you weapons have a secret of their own! Then, only then you shall shout Eureka!

      1. I’ve been told that, just never played the series yet and interested to check it out. It sounds like my kind of game.

        1. been a fan for years and it never gets old great game if you got buddies to play with wish they had a better chat system then wii speak

      1. Never played it actually. It actually doesn’t seem appealing either. I know Wonderful 101 is very similar to it, and I will see. I was blown away by W101 at an experience thing, so that’s why it’s on the list. I may rent it or something who knows. Just being a tiny commander in a garden doesn’t seem to be the best thing.

  7. There are two games on that list … okay maybe 3 that I will fap to when I finally get them on Wii U:

    1. Bayonetta 2 (I do hope they have a Lube Edition)
    2. Aliens Colonial Marines
    3. Sniper Elite V2… and I’m actually surprised, I didn’t see that one coming

    Also, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 for Wii U.. was going to get it for PC but man fuck it, Wii U it is then

      1. Wow, yet another person that can’t take a joke on the internet -_-

        kid, get the fuck off the internet if you can’t take a joke

    1. It is such a great game! The main character is AMAZING!(Bayonetta) She is sooo pretty and really funny and super strong. Oh and really sexy >.< The games is also really good gameplay-wise. It has some great replay value and the storyline isn't half bad at all. You should give it a shot ;)

    2. The ast style and general style of the game is amazing. You really have to experience bayonetta . It’s incredible. If you have a ps3 or 360 , go buy it now. I picked it up for £5 on 360 from a dodgey little shop!!!

        1. I don’t think it even has a big fanbase. The only reason it’s more widely known now is because it became an exclusive to Nintendo and the shameful display fans of all companies put on because of it. Half my friends have been playing games for years and they haven’t really heard of it that much and the ones who have played it, didn’t think much of it either.

  8. Anyway I’m looking forward to:
    •LEGO City: Undercover
    •Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    •Pikmin 3 (I’m most exited for)
    •Bayonetta 2 (I’m unsure)
    •Game & Wario (I’m on the fence)

  9. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
    Aliens: Colonial Marines
    LEGO City: Undercover
    Sniper Elite V2
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    Pikmin 3
    Bayonetta 2
    The Wonderful 101
    Project CARS

    that are the only good games of 2013 for WiiU
    And GTA V beats all of them.

    1. GTA is overated. While its a solid game its not all superior like you claim. And GTA5 will eventually be ported over to Wii U…All though it may turn out to be like RE6 in which case it failed so we dont want a port of it on Wii U anyway.

      1. GTA is overrated ? Lol.
        GTA V might turn out to be like RE6 ? Lol.
        You might not want GTA V to be ported to the WiiU ? … LOL.
        Who are you trying to fool ? Get real. Right now, GTA V is the most important game to arrive in 2013. And the WiiU is missing BIG TIME because of not getting it. It’s anything but a good sign if things like that happen to a gaming company, you know ? I mean, a major developer decides not to bring a major title to a particular console… To a console which is supposed to be next gen. But the last gen does get it. Doesn’t sound too good, does it ?

        1. It’s sad, but GTAV is the most important game so far for 2013…*sigh*, why do we live in a world where people play shitty games that havent changed since ps2.
          “Oh when you crash you go through the window, and ermmm…GRAFFIXS”
          Gee, how swell *tears out eyes*

          1. Why do you think everyone should conform to your view of hating GTA? It’s a great series that appeals to a majority of people.

            1. Sorry, you call Monster Hunter “stale”, yet defend GTA?

              Fucking Christ…”gamers” all around AKA fucking idiots, who like to mindlessly drone away at shite.

              1. Monster Hunter is stale. They’re releasing a port of a port (I believe) for christ sake. GTA V is nothing of the sorts. And you’re calling me a drone? Lol.

          2. I didn’t say a single thing about graphics.
            And if you say that GTA hasn’t change since PS2, you definitely didn’t play any GTA game since PS2.
            And tell me more about repetitive games, you’re probably one of those enjoying the New Super Mario Bros. series, no ?
            And yes, right now, GTA V is the most important game coming up in 2013. That is not my opinion only.

            1. Probably a tad bit off topic, but do you have PS All stars? Or any other multiplayer VITA games? We have to do some multiplayer some time! :) (Hopefully timezones don’t screw us over :P )

              1. Didn’t get that, was too expensive for the PS3 version.

                I have NFS Most Wanted, Mortal Kombat, Unit 13, LBP Vita (no online pass yet…)

                That’s about it for now.

                1. I have LBP and Unit 13, I’ll be picking up NFS soon too. We just have to figure out now when a good time is to play xD

        2. Kairi you need help, GTAV or whatever series is monotonous and mundane. I have a 360 and will not get it for my xbox. Nor for the PS3. Eventually GTAV shall grace the Wii U but count me out. The bigger third party companies, Capcom, Square Enix, EA, Ubisoft are already supporting the Wii U, try trolling a little harder lol.

          1. GTA V is monotonous & Mundane?

            Lmao! Kairi does not need help at all. She is one of very few on here who actually has some common sense. Big games from Capcom? Oh right, they suck now.

              1. No, she isn’t. What she commented is 100% the truth. The fact the Wii U is missing out is HUGE. For an apparent 8th Gen console to not get it (and probably won’t for a while) is kind of sad and not a good a sign at all.

                Calling Kairi dumb for what she just commented is about as ignorant as it gets. She is in no way, shape, or form dumb. She actually has common sense.

                1. Agreed. But remember. Nintendo don’t NEED the mega third party support. They would definitely BENEFIT from it though….

                  Who gives a shit about GTA , When Zelda , Smash bros , 3d mario games etc will be exclusive to wiiu ? that’s my 2 cents anyway…..

                  1. Zelda – Stale, needs to be re invigorated, seriously, I’m sick of constantly saving the Princess, making it HD is a good start, now give me an entirely differently plot.
                    3D Mario – Lol
                    Smash Bros – That game I do actually like and am looking forward to it.

                    That’s my 2 cents.

                    1. 3D mario – lol ? Jellybean …… Mario galaxy 1 is the best game of the 7th generation , by a clear distance.
                      Mario galaxy 2 is just as good.

                      3D mario – no lol .

                      The 2 cents that matter are – Nintendo never have relied on third parties for anything , nor do they need to. The more the merrier for NIntendo. And they are moving in the right direction.

                      So what if the xbox , playstation get GTA. As I said , Nintendo will have Zelda , Smash bros , 3D LOL mario which are all clearly better than GTA.

                      GTA or any other similar game for Nintendo would just be a bonus. Not mandatory.

                      I would love GTA to be on wiiu and other similar games. If not I will buy them on other platforms. But Nintendo still keep me coming back with their exclusives and other games…

                    2. Mario Galaxy 1 being the best game of 7th Gen is totally opinionated, I for one, do not believe it is and that it is overrated as all hell. Nintendo are not moving in the right direction. Do not kid your self.

                    3. zelda-Each game does have a new plot, actually play the games before you judge them.
                      3d mario-They aren’t overrated. They deserve all the praise they get(except mario 64 that game is horrible.)

                  2. Living off franchises they have been using for decades now is, in my opinion, not a good thing for a company. When referring to the fans, that is.

                1. Of course. (:
                  Just give me yours, I’ll add you. And don’t mind my ID on PSN, it sounds rather “manly” I guess, I’m sharing it with my brother.

                  1. Do you have like a fake email or alternate means I can send it to you? I really want to avoid posting it on this site because well I got spammed by fanboys on this site who have a PS3 last time I did xD

                    1. Awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to Germany. I was starting to make plans to go last year, but flooding happened where I live and I’m in the emergency service that handles Flood & Flood rescues, so that got canned :( Hoping to try and ressurect those plans soon though xD

                    2. Oh, not good /:
                      But yea, Germany is a great place to live in, so I’m guessing it’s probably a really nice place to visit as well q: I’m sure you would ( or will ? (: ) enjoy your stay here.

                  2. Ah screw it, If I get spammed, I get spammed, mines Smittyy232 (If it’s wrong, I’ll post again later, I’m at work at the moment :P )

                    1. Sweet :D I’ll have to do some multiplayer with you sometime (If timezones don’t screw us over xD ), do you have a vita?

                  3. Will :P It may be a year or 2 before I get to go, but I’ll certainly go :P The weather is a bit unpredictable here in Australia though (which might hinder my plans again :P ), some people predict drought, others predict more floods xD it’s a headache xD

                    1. Sure do! :) More so the regional area though. I ain’t a fan of living in the Metro Areas xD You’ll (hopefully ;) )like Australia though :P It’s pretty neat :)

          2. Lol, monotonous and mundane… As a Nintendo-fan, you should actually know about monotonous games. But as you’re calling GTA monotonous and mundane, you apparently don’t.
            And about the companies… So what if they are ? As I said, GTA V is the most anticipated game of 2013 so far. And who developed it ? Rockstar Games. Is Rockstar Games supporting the WiiU right now ? No, they aren’t. What does that mean ? Listing all those companies was nothing but a waste of space. They don’t matter at all at this point.
            And I am not trolling. There is a difference between trolling and being able to face the truth.

            1. That’s the problem with the people on this site, you say something completely true that makes sense, and you either get labelled a troll or a graphics whore. Sad but funny at the same time :P

            2. I think rockstar is so far into development for GTA 5 that they don’t see a profit in making it for the Wii U which is understandable, it does suck we aren’t getting it but in reaility it wouldn’t boost system sales it would just make rockstar some money. Being a multiplat game you would want the best experience and if they aren’t supporting the Wii U then so be it, I have my PC and PS3 to play those games.

              1. Wouldn’t boost system sales? Sir, what are you smoking? A console needs a huge third party game like this. If Wii U had gotten this, there sales would rise.

                1. Not really because how many 360s/PS3’s have sold? exactly most people have these systems and thus wouldnt justify buying a new console just for a game for a system they have.

            3. gta aren’t very good games. gta5 is only the most anticipated game of 2013 in YOUR OPINION not everyone, some people might anticipate other games more than gta5.

              1. Wasn’t it voted most anticipated game of 2013 though? Plus alot of websites have put GTA V in there most anticipated list. Seems you’re trying to think the minority is the majority. Also, GTA are extremely good games, if they came to the Wii U I’m sure you’d be singing a different tune.

    1. No it is not, it is but a part of the 50 launch Window games. I pity you for not liking Variety and novelty. Imagine the Wii U a new system, has more exclusives than an xbox360; now the 360s lack of exclusives is pitiful.

      1. “I pity you for not liking variety and novelty”

        iOS & Android have this “variety & Novelty”. But you Nintendo fanboys hate on it all the time for being full of “shovelware”.

        1. please dear god you didn’t just say iOS and Android games are better than Nintendo games….. come on dude what playing a shitty port of GTA on my ipad when I can play it on my PS2? No Angry Birds? No the games are short lived stuff to play on the bus, in school, etc. Not full games that are as engrossing or deep as Zelda and Metroid.

          1. One, I never stated that that the games are better.
            Two, iOS has the 2012 GOTY on it (This game I do believe is better than Nintendo games)

          2. I was just simply implying that just because a platform has variety and novelty, doesn’t make it any less pitiful.

  10. When people see this why would they go buy a wii u??? Seriously nintendo you need to sort it out we need more big games on this system just look at all the games the have been canned for wii u. I really cant see me buying any of them games apart from maybe bayonetta cos the first game was not bad.

    1. The only ones that even slightly intrigue me is Lego city and Rayman Legends. The rest, I’m either getting on other platforms or look crap.

        1. Considering you called someone dumb when there comment made the most sense and was 100% true, you clearly have no credibility.

            1. Wow. You really are stupid. Kairi is in no way retarded. Probably the most intelligent person I’ve seen on this page. What she said is 100% true and you’re a blind fanboy if you think otherwise.

    2. Hang on, give me a sec
      *digs through draws*
      Sorry, swear it was hear somewhere..
      *continues looking*
      *pulls out MyNintendoNews archives*
      Hmm…ah, yep, what i thought, you have no credibility

      1. I mean seriously, is the only genre of game you like sport and 3rd person shooter? Because they’d have to be if you geniunely call all of those games trash.

        Rayman Legends, no need to explain that
        Pikmin 3, it’s niche, but doesnt make it bad, and i severly doubt youve even played one of them
        Injustice, is made by Netherrrealms and Ed Boon, and it uses DC characters, how can it be made
        Wonderful 101, made by Hideki Kamiya, the guy who made Devil May Cry, Okami, Pheonix Wright, Veiwtiful Joe, fucking Resident Evil 1, 2 and Zero, and Bayonetta 1 aaaand
        Bayonetta 2, a game everybody who disliked Nintendo cried like a bitch about.
        Aliens, its a Gearbox game, it’s not picking up the pieces like Duke Nukem, it’s build by them, like Borderlands.

        And amongst a few others on their, that while may not be new, and already released, certainly aren’t bad.

        1. Out of the ones you just listed, Rayman Legends is the only decent one. The rest look crap or I am getting on PC.

          1. Doesn’t make it “pityful” because you want it for your PC though. I don’t look at a game i want for my ps3, find out its on the 360, and say, “must be shit”.

            Complaining about absolutly nothing.
            All the games i listed are great, amazing even, and a lot of them exclusive to the console, besides 2.
            You have a ppor taste in video games if you look at something like Bayonetta and call it crap.

            1. I’ve never liked Bayonetta anyway. I didn’t like the first game, so I doubt I’d like the second game. My taste in video games is just fine thanks, maybe I should accuse you of poor taste in video games because you call GTA crap? Hmmm? Which is one of the biggest games coming out this year.

              1. Yeah, and shitloads of people also play COD and FIFA, and Madden, but they’re all fucking terrible games that haven’t changed ever, amd have the most lazy cash grabbing developers on the planet, with an equally stupid fanbase, of mindless drones happy to buy the same game with a new lick of paint or “derrr new gun”, for the £50/$60.

                  1. NSMB, not Mario in genral. Mario Galaxy had more creativity in one level than other have in a whole game (said almost everyone when it got released)

                    1. Mario Galaxy is overrated, in my opinion.
                      Sure, it wasn’t bad, not at all. But I personally don’t see how it’s supposed to be the best rated game ever. I know tons of games that are better, including Mario games. Mario Sunshine, for example. Such a fantastic game, if not even the best Mario game ever made. Found it more creative than Galaxy as well. And lasted a whole lot of hours longer than Galaxy.
                      But yea, just my opinion.

  11. I hadn’t heard anything about Sacrilegium prior to this, but I do like a scary game and it’s good to see developers continuing the trend ZombiU started. I hope it turns out to be a good one.

    Including that and other games I’m on the fence about, I guess that makes 16 of these titles ones I’d be interested in. I hadn’t downloaded Mutant Mudds on the 3DS, aside from the demo which I’ve really enjoyed. The footage from Project CARS is just amazing, and while I know that’s PC footage it still gets me excited. I really hope Slightly Mad Studios pulls it off on Wii U, given the digital triggers.

    1. -___-

      You must not play alot of good games then.
      Aren’t you a PC gamer? Explains alot, hurssing you bought Leauge of Legends, and now think everything else is bad.
      Forgive if im mistaken though, you know the likes that come on here.

      1. I probably should of added I’m getting a few of them on PC (Now I look at my post, I worded it wrongly xD ) Still stand by my comment though :P Plus I hate League of Legends, boring as all fuck now.

      2. Now that I look at it, there are only 4 (including what I’m getting on PC) that interest me. A few seem to be old ports I’ve played & finished. Pitiful.

        1. Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 (again, Hideki Kamiya and Platinum games), Rayman Legends.

          At which point do those games become pitiful?
          Those are sort of games “hardcore” post death threat to SEGA and Nintendo about.

    2. Just because only 2 games spark your intrest dosent make it a bad list.. Just saying. :) E3 is coming soon and im sure there will be alot of e-shop glory as welll :)

      1. It does seem that way, but Nintendo usually pulls through (otherwise they still wouldn’t be here, or a least not make consoles and handhelds). There will always be periods of time, like now, where many users feel justified in thinking this is the end of Nintendo: But like the many times before that (i.e. the 3DS’ sluggish start, the Wii’s apparent pre-release dismissing, their profits margin cuts, even older events like the Virtual Boy and the N64 sticking to cartridges, ect.), Nintendo makes their comeback and the doubters reside until their next opportunity to gather attention by going the negativity route with unfortunate ease, like Jellybean and his/her/its friend/accomplice Kairi over there (they’ll probably predictably reply with a “lol” comment or some kind of negative comment proving my point even further). An unfortunate cycle that seriously needs to end, but given human nature to be attracted to negativity, it’s a hope deferred…

        Time and time again, Nintendo proves that you shouldn’t keep betting against them to no end, which makes it funny when the nay-sayers proclaim when Nintendo never learns their lessons and repeats the same thing when they are doing the exact same thing, spouting doom and statements that their line-up of games will never appeal to anyone…even though 95% of announced games are slated to appear during the launch window, which ends on the the 31st of March. What happens after that, for the most part, is still debatable (well, from the disdain-happy point of view, seemingly nothing at all or very little that’ll somehow make the Wii U a failure like the Virtual Boy or the Dreamcast).

        All and all, those who hate the Wii U and dislike it to no end shouldn’t be bothered with; they are no different from those who made similar claims during Nintendo’s past outings. The cycle will repeat and they’ll never learn their lesson.

        They are lost causes.

        They are repetitive.

        They are barely worth anyone’s time.

        They make me feel bad as a game-lover, being put in the same category as them.

        I have friends who asked a question once during the Wii’s and 3DS’ introduction on a few websites along the lines of: “Why do you guys think the [insert new Nintendo device here] could make Nintendo’s day or break them?” The answers they got were along of lines of “because THIS time they can’t afford to make a mistake! They’ll fall and become a third-party/iOS developer. lol”

        I’d ask the same question for the Wii U, but I know I’d get similar answers, whether it be short, “clever” ones, or long-winded pseudo-explanations in an attempt to act smarter than others.

        On-topic, I’m surprised that Sniper Elite v2 is going to be on the Wii U soon; it’ll be interesting to play that using the Gamepad to realistically aim, something that could have worked with the Wii’s motion control, but with the limitations to the hardware, was not fully utilized.

        1. sir you are totally saying the truth. You almost made my day with this words. I still don’t have a wii u, but when i get it , I would like you to give me your nintendo network id. So we could enjoy our lovely nintendo hd system. no homo

  12. Rayman Legends, LEGO City: Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101 and Game & Wario are the games on my list there that I want, plus Scribblenauts Unlimited as it hasn’t been released here in the UK yet.

    1. Also Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, another game that hasn’t been released in Europe and I think Australia too that I want.
      Can’t wait for all of the unannounced Wii U games that are going to be released in the future such as Retro Studios game, 3D Mario, 3D Zelda and Super Smash Bros. whenever that’s going to come out.

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        1. You are correct.
          Once people actually play it, the light bulb turns on.

          I use off screen play all the time, it’s ingenious. The TV is no longer needed to get some game-time in.

        2. Actually I do own a Wii U. I have played Mario U, Black Ops 2, AC3 ad Batman. 3 of those games are fucking ports. Admit it, Pratcher was right. 3rd party support sucks for the Wii U. You pussies who populate this site know it, it just hurts your vagina’s too much to admit it. So fuck off you twat.

          1. calm ur tits anonymous u can go play with urself and ur shitty ps3. xbox and wii u are better.also BIG FAIL mario u is not a port u gay twat

    1. Why not buy more games for a PS3 you already own? Or put it towards PS4, more rumors have popped up about it, it shouldn’t be too long before it is released.

      1. Good idea, but I kinda like the new design of the PS3. Plus you can get one with 500gb of storage. Beats the hell out of 32gb and 8gb.

        1. Haha yeah :P The new design and storage space does look pretty cool, I was almost tempted to pick one up then more rumours came out about the PS4 so I held off a bit.

  14. Everyone needs to relax trust me this E3 Nintendo Sony and Microsoft are going to destroy. Its going to be probably the best E3 ever. Nintendo is gonna announce Retros project, a 3ds Zelda game, show off Zelda HD, have a playable demo for Smash Bros 4, announce 3d Mario(please not mario galaxy 3), along with tons of other stuff. Sony is gonna announce the PS4/Orbis, show off some kick ass sequels , and Microsoft will announce the Durango along with Bungies project (looks insane). Can’t we all accept that we just want good games and stop bitching at each other? Seriously if you want Nintendo Sony or Microsoft to fail you’re an idiot. Why so theres less competition and thus less effort is put into making games? Logic. Enjoy games for what they are not to shit on each other when the companies do something bad (Wii, PS move, Kinect, PS All Stars, New super mario, PSN hacking)

  15. Wouldn’t hold my breath for Bayonetta 2 in 2013 since the game hasn’t even released a gameplay screenshot. Looks to me like they announced the game pretty much as soon as it got funded.

  16. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    Its slated to release this year so i sure they will start to release screenshots like 2-3 months before release just like how they kept quiet on animal crossing till they announced the release date and for like 3 months we got videos screens and details about the game sikr posted details alot before the game was released and boom(like jet) the fastest selling game on the 3ds

  17. Seriously, there is not big names.. I will pick Rayman Legends and maybe Lego city and Wonderful 101 if they are at 30$and less… But, I can wait for Nintendo E3 in June for big names li MKU ,SSB4,Zelda,Metroid,M3D etc…

  18. If Nintendo doesn’t start whipping out more GREAT games, I’m gonna start losing interest. Pikmin 3 is the only game on this list that I care about or want.

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  20. wii u needs an upcoming Mario party game. I have a feeling that a Mario party game for U will dominate in it’s field.

  21. I’m liking forward to Aliens Colonial Marines, I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty frickin awesome. Hopefully it’ll live up to the hype & have an online feature that actually works, ah hem I’m talking to you AvP.

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  24. why do all these nintendo haters pop up on this site….if you dont like nintendo,then JUST LEAVE THEM AND US ALONE

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