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Nintendo Working On Cartridge To Allow Streaming Between 3DS And Wii U?


French gaming site Nintendo Master is reporting that Nintendo is hard at work creating a cartridge that will allow streaming between the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The publication says that by using both the special cartridge and the Circle Pad Pro, the handheld could actually function as a Wii U GamePad. The cartridge is rumoured to be released sometime late this year.

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110 thoughts on “Nintendo Working On Cartridge To Allow Streaming Between 3DS And Wii U?”

    1. I hope this happens too but withouth the use of a cartridge because if it uses a cartridge to do it that will ruin any capabilities of using your TV to play 3DS or DS games since you wont be able to put a game cartridge into the 3DS i would rather have a 3DS Player i miss the GBA Player for Gamecube also do you really want to use a tiny screen compared to the Gamepad?

        1. But really… what’s the point of playing 3DS games on your TV? The 3DS has two screens… how will you emulate that on a TV? Not to mention you’ll lose the 3D effect…

          1. Get a 3D tv? And it can easily emulate it. Just look at the DS PC emulators. It emulates both the screens just fine. Would be kind of retarded though if half the screen was 3D. It’d be like a bad bi-focals at that point. But the two screens issue easily solved. It can make split screen. Would be better if the main screen (TV) was the 3D part and the Gamepad was the touch part. Would take some getting used to at the point. Now making the 3D TV work for the 3D is probably a little harder in terms of programming but neither of the two problems are impossible to get them to work.

          2. as a mom who plays New Leaf with an 11yo and a 4yo trying to watch at the same time, this is something i need so badly i nearly wept when i found out it wasn’t possible yet. we always watched each other play on the wii, and now … ;_;

      1. actually, the cartridge could contain a cartridge slot themselves, just like those action replay thingies do. so even with a cartridge, not all hope is lost.

        also: i don’t really see the point in using the 3DS as a substitute of the wiiu gamepad, to play wiiu games on it.. at all.. every console comes with a gamepad, and the real deal will obviously be better than the substitute. especially when you even would need another addon (circle pad) to fully use it.. so why would somebody want that…?

        the other way around seems much more interesting and likely: streaming games FROM the 3DS to the WiiU just as you said, makes hell of a lot more sense. especially when the 3DS is only used as cartridge reader and the actual gaming is done with the gamepad.

        I’m looking forward to playing Pokemon on the Big Screen again. Lets hope this is what they do.

    2. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

      this will be one of the dumbest things nintendo will do if true. are you saying capcom are better but this is a fake report no logic or technological sense in doing this (not that it cannot be done i can its just stupid) . i know they have been doing special carts for animal crossing due go the large content and save data but this bleh looks like what a third party will do

    1. it would have the same amount of buttons if you use the circle pad pro (excluding the analog clicks which barely any games use effectively) and since it’s streaming it, it should be able to work fine

  1. That’s sound very amazing and unique but I hate to have extra shit just to do streaming ? Is it wireless ? I hope we don’t have to pay a big cost for a cartridge and the circle pad pro judging that 3DS XL CPP hasn’t even came out yet .____. I hope Nintendo makes this compatible with monster hunter now that ultimate 3 is basically all ready develop -_-

  2. That sounds pretty neat, but honestly I’d like to see the opposite. Playing 3DS/DS games on the Wii U would be awesome!

    1. i actually think that is what they are really doing, and that french gaming site got it all wrong. playing wiiu on the 3ds doesn’t make any sense at all if you really think about it…

  3. This sounds awesome. But there is a number of problems. No ZL and ZR buttons. 2 seperate screens in stead of just one widescreen touchscreen.

    I fail to see how this could work…… I hope it’s true though…

    1. Depends on the game, which i think is the main idea here.
      It wont be a substitue to the gamepad, anyone who chooses to use a 3DS over the gamepad is insane.
      Most likely it’ll be a game specific thing, obviously the likely game being Smash Bros. you don’t “need” ZL ZR for that game, Scribblenaughts is another game i can imagine using it.
      Then again, it does say to utilise Circle Pad Pro, which has ZL ZR buttons.

      I still don’t see Nintendo making a game that for 3DS crossplay requires you to not only own the 2 systems, but a circle pad pro, AND this cartridge thingy.

    2. It would have the Circle Pad Pro attached so it would have ZL and ZR buttons. If Nintendo wanted they could just leave the top 3D screen blank.

    3. Well maybe this could be used for the next Smash Bros.

      With wifi I’m sure they’ll be some lag because of the Internet conection people have but if 5 people are playing Smash on same room with the Wii U and a 6th wants to get in the action by streaming it may have the same latency as the Gamepad does so maybe no lag. More fun.

      1. Well the Wii U can support a second GamePad. I would rather play on that than on the 3DS with the bulky and very uncomfortable Circle Pad Pro Attached.

      2. @all you guys. Uh huh….

        I sure as heck would not like to play wiiu game on the Bottom Low res 4:3 touch screen of the 3ds. That thing is great as a secondary screen. But the best screen on 3ds is the top screen and that thing isn’t touch….

        Maybe the rumours wrong and Nintendo are working on letting us play DS and 3DS games on the wiiu ?

        We can dream…. Maybe it’s some sort of soloution instead of having to buy two gamepad to play certain games…

    4. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

      seems like a useless idea if it was the xl and the cpp was outside japan may cosider it . but i dont have a 3ds or a wii u so am not sure the diff ingameplay

  4. Hmm… It sounds like something they’d add, but a cartridge and circle pad pro dont…
    The whole point of the gamepad and the “why its better than Vita crossplay is it comes with the system, and you dont have to purchase a whole handheld to have that feature.

    Plus, wouldnt it be easier to just hae a software update? A cartridge sounds like something a third party would bring out non officially.

    1. It might be interesting to note the concept art of the cartridge is of a DS lite /XL.
      Most likely this was an idea that was going to be incorperated with the Wii, but eventually ended up being the basis around the WiiU

      1. Thats actually a good point. Which makes it way more likely that the French were thinking the wrong way, and that the cartridge is actually for streaming a 3DS game to the WiiU. Which would be way more awesome and interesting if you ask me…

      2. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

        exactly this is fake smash bros was announced to connect both together at the very start and unless capcom was better at using the wiiu and 3ds then this is a dumb idea

  5. They don’t need a cartridge they only need to modified the 3DS software for NFC communication i really don’t think thats hard at all. they have to make the 3DS software more like the wii u software and kabbooon endless possibilities for games on both devices!!!

    1. Do they though?
      Obviously if they designed the 3DS is hindsight for cross platform play, then yeah i imagine it wouldnt, but it still has to stream it, which i have trouble imagining not only the 3DS to do, but also the WiiU itself. We know the WiiU is supposed to be able to use 2 gamepads at once, but at what cost in power? With a cartridge it saves alot of the power.

      I still don’t think its legit though

      1. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

        it is just dumb. mh3u does this better without an extra and that requires u to have 2 copies of the game, unless nintendo want to stream wiiu games to the 3ds or the other way around with just one copy of the game like download play kind of thing. and the like mh3g you cant go online when playing with 3ds and wiiu just local which is due to 3g already made before this and capcom had to create a app that lets you to share save files and if this is to much for nintendo then they need a rethink

    2. Do you even know what you are talking about? do you know what NFC is? NFC is NEAR-Field-Communication. “near”, in that context, means milimeters, maybe centimetres of space between both devices. I’m not sure in what way that should help in this scenario, at all. Especially since the 3DS doesn’t HAVE an NFC Chip.

      What you are thinking of is Wifi. And – if they really want to use the 3DS as Gamepad – not even that would work, as they have special tech in the gamepad to deal with decrypting the wifi-signal to give that high-performance video streaming that isn’t usually possible like that with normal wifi.

      So yea.. they need a cartridge.

        1. Still trying that? Really Dragon? Just because we disagree you think I am the brainless troll that goes by the name “Bill”? Please grow up.

            1. Oh yes, it was you Nintenlord. Silly kid. I assure you if I ever wanted to troll I would do much better than our friend Bill.

  6. 12:56/ Cipher Peon Greesix

    Whatever Wii U pkmn game they make will probably use this cartridge with the 3DS pkmn games. This makes me think the upcoming Gamefreak news/games are the next gen of pkmn. But I’m sure they have other applications in mind…

    1. Highly doubtful it will. Not that there was any reason to hope for 3DS to Wii U connectivity in the first place.

    1. Yes, but in the future you may have two gamepads games, so Nintendo can sell more 3DS using this feature as marketing.
      I know it costs more than a gamepad, but hey, it´s a whole new system….

  7. Sounds interesting, I think it will be for something like Zelda Four Swords with the GBA to GCN link up though and not full streaming like the Wii U gamepad.

      1. Probably not, the screens are both widescreen, and it would be no different from how 8, 16, 64bit games look, but better, but it’ll still have more jaggies and obvious pixels

  8. They probably had this working long ago. Only need to apply it to commercial models of the Wii U. Everything I wanted nintendo is implementing.

  9. This actually makes sense to me.

    A specially-designed cartridge that could disable HOME Menu access from your Nintendo 3DS while it is being utilized could actually allow Nintendo to use the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U console in tandem. This could be one of the ways they are going to fix the issue they have been trying to work out with more connectivity between home consoles and portable devices.

    There’s a major oversight to this, though.

    The Nintendo 3DS does not use the same 16:9 ratio or 480p resolution on the GamePad, so games that utilize this feature would have to not only be programmed to operate on the GamePad device but also the Nintendo 3DS. The ratio of the 3DS top screen is 5:3 and the touch screen is 4:3, so every developer would need to release a major upgrade to their games that would allow for such functionality in the first place. On top of that, the 3DS can only do 240p, so the major downscaling that games would have to do on the Wii U to show on the 3DS display could wind up making games look very washed out.

    Obviously, this functionality could only work on games that support Off-TV Play to begin with. It would be highly impossible to play games like Nintendo Land when they don’t support such functionality from the get-go.

    This rumor is surely interesting, though. Thinking of this functionality on games like Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, I would love to see the implementation take place, as I take my Nintendo 3DS XL with me wherever I go. It wouldn’t be difficult for me to pack my Circle Pad Pro XL (when it eventually comes out) and this cartridge along with my Nintendo 3DS XL when leaving on vacation, surely.

  10. I don’t think that this will work well since the 3DS has two screens, the screens have different sizes and the display resolutions are different too.

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  14. Sounds made up to me. I figure if this happens it will be in an update. I don’t think Nintendo would make their users buy a cartridge just to use the thing as a controller. Also, I think Nintendo would be stupid to make everyone buy circle pad pros just to stream. This concept would fail and Nintendo just know this.

  15. 2.21 million Wii Us sold in a month and a half, developers taking notes :). If true monster hunter 4 Wii U says hello.

    1. Not really because there is two versions of Super Smash Bros 4, one for the 3DS and another for the Wii U. They are actually talking about making the 3DS a gamepad controller, SSB 4 only uses cross platform play that the PS3 and PS Vita does

      1. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

        yep without the internet lag lag lag lag even though its not with pretty good connection but not everyone has that in my country i will not try it

  16. This might be true because Nintendo were thinking of streaming Wii U games onto the 3DS by some way so maybe will see Wii U games in full 3D and Developers will have ANOTHER toy to play with

  17. This is what I have been asking for since last year. Personally, I would like to see a “Game Boy Player” style set up with the 3DS/Wii U connection. I would like to play my 3DS games on my television. Even if it isn’t 3D on TV, that’s not a big deal since the 3D is optional. Since the top screen of the 3DS is the primary screen for game play, having one screen on the TV will work. On Youtube where they are used 3DS capture devices, the screen was set up to show the Top screen on the left side of the screen and both the top and bottom screens on the right side of the capture screen. I was thinking that should be an option for this idea. I do not care to have an unofficial capture device for my 3DS, but I would like Nintendo to consider this idea so I can record my TV screen for Youtube.

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  20. This can be awesome, but it would make infinitely more sense to release it as a free (or really cheap) download than a cartridge. A cartridge would only bring us back to the GCN/GBA problem.

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