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Disney Confirms Release Dates For Digital And Physical Copies Of Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck it RalphWalt Disney Pictures confirmed the release dates for digital and physical copies of its 52nd animated feature, Wreck-It Ralph, which is still playing in movie theaters.

On February 12th, in North America, the high definition digital copy – in both 2D and 3D – will be released. However, physical releases of the film will not hit stores until March 5th.

51 thoughts on “Disney Confirms Release Dates For Digital And Physical Copies Of Wreck-It Ralph”

    1. Physical will soon (if not already) become obsolete. Video Rental stores are struggling, and so are book stores. Once the infrastructure becomes better in countries, don’t be surprised if movie/game stores struggle too. I know people may not like it, but it’s the way the world is heading.

      1. Don’t think so about games. The ability to sell your games and buy them second-hand is still a huge factor for people when they plan to get a game.

      2. um no not going to happen, doing so will hurt the economy in many ways, plus i have the right and buy the physical and give it to my friend or even sell it to them , but digital does not allow me at all.

        1. They’ll just implement ways of selling digital copies. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s already happening. Physical books are dying, Physical Movies are slowly dying and games will follow. Just you watch.

            1. Which country you in? I know games will still be sold physically here in Australia until our infrastructure gets better. For a first world country, compared to other first world countries, our internet infrastructure would be one of the worst there is.

              1. Um in the U.S. most people here like having the physical because we like owning a product we like. You can say “but it takes space and easy lose it” same with digital if you have lots of memory flash dives laying around or unless you have a messy house or unorganized place to put your stuff i can see how could you lose it so easily.

                1. The selling on and trading in of games will stop in the coming years. Has nobody seen the patent Sony has applied for? Its software for the actual game that will only read on one account and or system. When they fine tune it and it works, every game console developer will adopt it. They have been complaining for years that pre owned games are taking millions each year from them. So yes, it will 100% happen. Its nieve to think otherwise. They’re in it for the money, not you or I.

                2. Well if you keep your place so unorganized without a reason, you deserve to lose your stuff. I for one, have never lost anything of mine, game related. Why? Because most of my games I own now are digital and I’ve put my old stuff away to go up in value so I can sell it.

                  1. do what you want to do i for one don’t like the idea, we still have newspaper till this day and people say its will be gone by 2010.

  1. I don’t think digital copies of movies are terribly popular yet. They are just releasing the digital version first to entice people to buy that one instead.

      1. Cool. I’m still upset that I own it on Wii. I really want 2 and 3, but I don’t want to spend another 10 on games I already have (original copies + MM Aniversary Collection + virtual copies on Wii virtual console).

        1. I forgpt to ad the question mark what i was ascking is if the game will be released on monday or i have to switch till thursday?

  2. So relevant to Nintendo, right guys ?
    Also, I understand they want people to buy the digital version, since it’s coming out first, but releasing a movie twice just sounds silly.

  3. Only complete baby Nintendo nerds would want to buy this pathetic little movie. You Nintendo babies jack off to it because BOWSER SHOWS UP FOR A SECOND!!!

    1. dumbass don’t know what he is talking about, you know all gamers like this movie, especially your so called old schooled gamers plus the sony and xbox drones.

  4. I can’t believe how movie companies are doing the same thing that game companies are doing, by releasing their movies digitally. But at least they’re being released with both digital AND retail copies. This world would suck SO bad if all movies (and games) went digital only.
    February 12th, my dad’s birthday (as well as Lincoln’s birthday). Sucks that Wreck It Ralph is coming out in March on DVD/Blu Ray instead of February. This is the first NEW Disney film that I’ve probably ever wanted to buy. And when I do, it’s gonna be brand new for me, because I haven’t ruined it by watching it in theatres.

    1. I’d be happy if everything went digital only. Save space, save money and it’s the way the world is heading. It’s an impossible fight to win too.

      1. um no that not a good move at all, you do not own that game at all to begin with, if you lose your console or memory, game over man. If they do that with ps4 or even xbox 720, trust me it will bomb and end up the same fate as onlive and i been telling people don’t support digital consoles only.

        1. 1) I’m not a cluts who loses things
          2) Most digital games are tied to accounts so we can download to other consoles, something which Nintendo needs to implement ASAP.
          3) I mainly game on PC, I don’t think Ill lose that, it would have to be stolen, even then I’ll find it with the tracking stuff Ive put on it.
          4) Everything will go digital. You may not want it to happen (Which I respect) but it will happen. (For all we know, it could be decades away)

          1. The problem is even if tied to account they can teminated your ownership of the game unless the profile you dl it never connects back to the internet.

            1. You only have your account terminated if you do something wrong, in other words, do the right thing, you keep your account.

                1. I’ve never had that issue. The only company I know to ever randomly remove the licence was the creators of WarZ, look how that turned out for them :P

      2. Digital gamers are NOT true gamers! I can’t understand how ANYONE can stand digital crap! You can’t even resell the games if you want. It’s SO dang stupid!

        1. Digital gamers are not true gamers?

          Holy fuck really? Because some of us don’t like having tons of games everywhere and would rather it in a convenient, centralized, easy to access location we aren’t true gamers? So a true gamer hates convenience now? And I get labelled the cunt of the gaming community >_>

          1. I don’t believe that even HALF of todays gamers are really what I consider “true gamers”. But I’m old-school, so maybe that’s why.

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