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Digital Foundry Gives New Super Mario Bros U The Thumbs Up


Tech enthusiasts Digital Foundry have taken a close look at the well-received New Super Mario Bros U and given the game the thumbs up. The publication states that the Mario control interface remains untouchable – thanks in no small part to a locked 60 frames per second update that never shows any sign of compromise. Digital Foundry also mentioned that despite the Mario model remaining unchanged from the Wii version, the level design and lighting have all benefited from the power of the Wii U. You can read their full analysis here.

77 thoughts on “Digital Foundry Gives New Super Mario Bros U The Thumbs Up”

  1. The game is BEAUTIFULL. Nintendo made this game to use as little electricity as possible too.. So it’s not even using a fraction of the wiiu’s full potential.

    720p , 60FPS , 2 screen asymetrically. Nintendo land is even more technically impressive , that game is stunning.

    I love this game and is easily one of if not THE best wiiu launch title. The level design is trully insane.

      1. Definitely. This is a rushed launch game and you can see it doesn’t even use 50% of the wiiu.

        I think when they max the wiiu out there’s gunna be a lot of very stupid looking haters…

        The GPU in the wiiu is obviously a beast.

        1. are you stupid? this looks like nothing more than a HD version of NSMBWii

          if that’s what it takes to be called a beast in your eyes, then you need to seek some mental help

          1. You’ve obviously not played the game. It looks awesome when playing a level on a tv. Don’t sit there watching youtube videos on your sub HD laptop.

            I’m not stupid. And believe me when I say this is an awesome looking game. Some of the levels are stunningly good looking , I kid you not .

            1. I’ve played the game, and I’m seeing no significant difference from NSMBWii whatsoever

              Hell, it even looks like what NSMBWii does on the Dolphin Emulator.

              1. Well , you’re a fucking idiot. I have NSMBwii and it looks like dog shit compared to NSMBU.

                So stop lying and shut the fuck up.

                1. I’ve played them both, Not a great amount of difference, it’s noticeable, but not as huge as you preach it is.

                  1. Actually , I’m the Nintendo fan on the nintendo site. All you haters are the ones who need fucking help lol.

                    Aeolus = Needs help.

                    1. I do agree that people who dedicate themselves to this site only to hate does need some help or just plain need an outside life. Although Xbox is my least favorite, I won’t plant myself on their site to hate; it takes too much dedication being a fan to do that. Sorry Aeolus, I don’t think anything cures retardation for you, man.

              1. no please tell me youll take a break from being such a cunt aeolus. look, the fact is, that dude liked mario u, you didnt. so fucking what. he likes how it looks, you dont. so fucking what. the large difference is, he came to fan site to say he likes it. you come to a fan site, not to merely state you disagree, but to harass everyone on it who holds a different opinion than you by putting down them down at every turn. feel free to fuck off and use your time more constructively.

              2. Sub HD is native resoloutions lower than 1280×720 , like the screen on your dusty 1GB of RAM laptop.

                NSMBU is a great looking game. Now eat shit.

                1. My laptop has 6GB DDR3 memory and the screen is a LED display with a resolution of 1600 x 900.

                  NSMBU is a fucking upscaled Wii game, nothing more. Stop sucking cocks.

                  1. your laptop has 6mb of ram and that has what to do with a mario game and how is native 720 p scaled up and how is two screens just a wii game

                    shallbi actually currect you ps3 has just a ps1 controller FACT but you sux that shit up thru a scraw dont you JUST AVyou say keep dreaning anti gamer who like the rest of the fps on two analof stick FILTH think there core gamers lol

              3. Aelous and his daily necessity to express their insatisfaction with other people´s satisfaction. Get a life, little boy. No matter how much you hate, people will keep enjoying their games and consoles as much as they want and you can´t change that.

          2. again sony scum stop posting comments to yourselves stop publically airing your phycolagy issues you @know as far as i do mario wiiu had normal maps mapping texture effects lighting etc way way way above wii mario and the HD not the HD alone and its on 2 SCREENS so just as you were wrong wen you thought 2d mario would flop on wii with all the other fake cores your also WRONG about wiiu mario

            takes deep breath feels so much better now rhe troll is in its cage

          1. It sure was. He just tends to make up “facts” to suit himself and make him look smart, wait for the damage control.

          1. Don’t try to argue with Nintedward. He’ll just say something along the lines of, “Fuck you! Your opinion sucks! Go to hell!”.

    1. NIntend has becom rehase garbage full of rehase mediocroisy ps die ur killing gaming

      Well i personally give mario 2 middle fingers up for destroying video gaming

      1. Translation:
        Well i personally give mario 2 middle fingers up for being more successful and innovative than Halo.

        1. Halo for was so disapointing for me feait like i pay 60 for a expansion that was even has good has the last 1.

      2. he created it idiot IDIOT there wouldnt be a moving playable controlled camera in 3d games WITCH U ALLLLLLLLL TAKE FOR GRANTED if it wasbt for mario 64 IGNORENT FUKS

        there wouldnt be analog sticks if it wasnt for mario 64 YOU IGNORANUSES !!!!

    2. You´ve been enjoying your WiiU a lot, haven´t you ? I still couldn´t find NSMBU though… they´re selling like crazy in my city. So far I´ve been playing ZombiU, Sonic All-Stars and CoD Black Ops II and they´re a blast to play on the WiiU

  2. I give a fuck about what they say!!! why does everyone things there are specialists in videogames??? everyone should play the games they want and not becouse a noone says its good!!! Its good becouse you think its good and not becouse someone else says so!!!

    1. cool nick bro, lol. But there’s this new douche who goes by “Bill”, now that’s a troll, a shitty obvious one

  3. Game looks amazing. On a side note, Nintendo and third parties need to start giving us some software release dates. There are quite a few games coming out this month and February. However, the only game I know releasing for Wii U is Rayman Legends (February 26th). I can get a lot of games for my PS3, but would like more for my Wii U!

        1. Are you saying NSMB is a 3D Mario game? Please say it was a typo. I actually thought you were one of the smart ones on here.

        2. “Show us why the NSMB series is inferior.”

          Play the game. I felt so stupid for wasting money on something that disgraceful and disgusting.

          1. What what I should have said is: Rayman Legends will be better than the NSMB series. But 3D Mario games will still be better than Rayman Legends.

            1. Ok, even though I personally am sick of Mario in General, I agree with your statement. As much as I love Rayman, 3D Marios have been alright compared to there 2D counterparts.

  4. ive play both and by a huge margin, the level designs are interesting and sometimes challenging, dont get me wrong i regretted buying the 3ds mario which i did not see any appeal to it but this game offers alot and if you see that then you my friend are a indenial hater..

  5. Here’s my 2 cents. The game looks good, the characters are around 10% more detailed (i.e. the sleeves are mario’s/luigi’s shirt, bowser’s skin and hair), the backgrounds are deeper than before with some stages having actual modeled environments (check the background when inside caves or at rock-candy mountain). The lighting effects are the most significant here though for sure.

    For someone to say that it looks no different or that there’s nothing new added to the visuals isn’t looking hard enough at all. I noticed all of this the first moment I saw them.

  6. It looks amazing!!! No doubt! But I was hoping for a game as impacting as super Mario world, it didn’t quite happen

  7. I played this game,and its graphically way more advanced the NSMBWii especially when you compare the character models,but I hate this game,level design is too lazy and uninteresting,this game is far too inferior then the Upcoming Rayman Legends in everything,Gameplay,graphics,asymmetric play,level design ect,Nintendo have become lazy and dumbed down they games since they soldout to casuals,Skyward Sword sucked compared to Twilight Princess,Mario Galaxy sucked compared to Sunshine.

      1. They sucked, in my opinion. Sunshine was better, the older zelda’s were a lot better compared to the new ones.

        1. Well if that’s your opinion, fine. To me Sunshine was a inferior SM64 with a water-shooting backpack thrown in.

          1. Skyward sword was a good game in my opinion because the game showed more of link’s personality compared to most zelda games and has one of the best stories in zelda. The puzzles may not be as hard like they are in most zeldas. The game did offer new ideas like upgrades. The sheild upgrades made the player have to build up instead of giving the player the most powerful sheild from the start. Over time i think people will grow to love the game for what it had to offer, rember all the hate on wind waker the game has strong fan base now. Sunshine was great but at times it felt like i was not playing mario at times but it did grew on me but the game was under done it felt very boring with the areas to explorer.
            It did have some of the best bosses in mario but bowser made me cry with his boss batte and voice god that was awful peach and bowser jr’s were ok but bowser’s made my ears bleed. Gaxley is my fav next to world the game had a story much more deep then past marios other then the paper mario games. this is just my opinion

            1. I don’t disagree that Skyward Sword was fun, but shield upgrades in a Zelda game isn’t a new idea at all. There were shield upgrades in A Link to the Past.

              Sunshine was a lot of fun, but not nearly enough levels. I’d much rather have 30 levels with 4 stars a piece, than 8 levels with 15 stars a piece. The game was not flushed out enough.

    1. I think that Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy are equally great in their own ways. They’re 2 completely different Mario games, and it’s not right to compare the two.

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