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ATV Wild Ride 3D To Be The First Racing Game For Nintendo eShop On 3DS

Mutant Mudds developer Renegade Kid’s upcoming racing game, ATV Wild Ride 3D, features online multiplayer, online ranking and 3D visuals.

Although it will be a download-only title, Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham says ATV Wild Ride 3D is a “retail-quality” game.

The game will be released in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.

What’s new in ATV Wild Ride 3D? What can you do on the 3DS that you couldn’t on the Nintendo DS with the previous ATV Wild Ride game?

One of the big new additions to ATV Wild Ride 3D is online multiplayer and on-line ranking; to determine who is the best Wild Rider in the world. Online racing without ranking seems a little empty, so we’re hoping the worldwide ranking provides a sense of competition that brings players back to the game.

On the cosmetic side, we have spent a lot of time and effort overhauling, well, pretty much everything really including, higher resolution textures, real-time lighting and shadows, specular highlights, mip-mapping, suspension physics, new engine sounds and higher quality audio across the board.

And, it is in 3D of course, which looks fantastic!

75 thoughts on “ATV Wild Ride 3D To Be The First Racing Game For Nintendo eShop On 3DS”

    1. Well? What were you expecting? First of all this is on extremely limited hardware, it is also a downloadable title that must fit in under 2 gigabytes, what are you expecting? Brand new Forza graphics? I’m just interested in the online aspect and features, sounds interesting, if it gets an 8/10 or higher I might look into it. Also we haven’t seen much of it, it may look a LOT better in motion on the 3DS screen.

      1. 3DS might not be a graphical powerhouse but I think the developers could have made a much nicer looking game then this.

            1. Yeah but that’s only because they get funded by Kickstarter or some person willing to give them the necessary money.

              1. Usually when that happens, they see potential in the game, this on the other hand, people probably saw no potential from them. I expected better from this developer, I thoroughly enjoyed Mutant mudds on my iPad.

        1. Well you can’t judge one frame in a blown up picture. That picture doesn’t tell anything.

          I imagine this game will look OK when it’s in motion on the smaller screen.

          1. But it looks like something the DS would have no problem running, besides the developper makes a great deal about overhauling the game and putting hi res frames…. it reminds me of some Final fantasy spinoff or catlevania, i don’t know, for the wii that had a commercial saying it was “one of the best looking games on wii” and it didn’t even stand close to Metroid Prime1 much less Corruption

      2. The 3DS despite it’s said “limited hardware” still manage to pump out beautiful games like Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kingdom Hearts: DD, DOA:Dimensions, Super Mario 3D land, LoZ:OoT 3D, Super Street Fighter IV:3D, and Resident Evil: Revelations. So there is no reason that these games should look like they belong to the PS1.

        1. I know that, I own most of those games, but these developers aren’t as skilled, and they don’t have the budget to PUSH the hardware beyond its limits. Yes I know it could look better, but I am mostly able to forgive them because it is a download only title, now if it was retail, I would expect it to be much better, but since its most likely going to cost less than 10 dollars, I am fine with the way it looks. And who knows, maybe the graphics will be polished a little more before it comes out.

          1. sub DS graphics on 3DS is 3DS WEAK HARDWARE lol @ a clear ds to 3ds port with a tuny budget limited hardware DREAMON VITA PURCHOSER OF DUMB

  1. How can you say a game looks shit based off of one screen shot?!?
    Also, you at the top. Are you going to say every racing game on 3ds is a rip off of Mario kart, just because it’s using a formula that’s been adopted by developers since the dawn of time?…..Jesus Christ……

        1. Yes they are important, not as important as gameplay aspects as such, But I dont want one overwriting the other. I want games with good gameplay and good graphics, not just this “gameplay > grafix” bullshit, because I for one hate playing games that look like shit.

          1. Now where do you get gameplay is a mystery for me that i may always ponder. Personaly when it comes down right to it,i have always preferred Story-Telling.

            1. Sorry, it’s just something I used to hearing from fanboys on here xD I agree though, story telling is up there too!

    1. some people just need to stop been fanboys or even haters….(im talking to the dumbassess that have a hate on the company but come here for no reason)

      1. Agreed. Granted, judging by this one screenshot, it may not be stellar in comparison to Ridge Racer 3D or Mario Kart 7, but it doesn’t mean that the game is going to be rendered unplayable.

    2. I understand the problem you have of people judging games by a trailer or screen shots. But in this case, I think we can all safely predict ATV Wild Ride 3D will be shovelware.

    3. God dammit, if morons actually read the damn article we wouldnt have retarted assumptions.

      The First Poster brought up MK7 because of Alba’s lack of knowledge, read the Articles headline and youll see what the first poster meant.

    4. it looks like shit fact not 3ds fault fact jesus some tiny 2 man show dev made a cheap game and your all blaming the 3ds DERPPP

    1. I dont know why but even the monster graphicaly 3ds games look bad in pic and videos but they look amazing on person.

      1. I think it is because the larger pictures just show off the absolutely horrible resolution of the 3DS. It is stretched, its still, the colors aren’t accurate. When on the 3DS screen, we get it in motion, the screen its desighned for, and its in 3D! It literally looks 10X better on the native screen.

    1. It’s weird that this was uploaded in 2011 though :/ You think it wouldn’t take this long to make an eshop game, even if they are indie.

    2. Couldn’t even force myself to watch thirty seconds of that atrocity. That game should be released on April 1 cause it’s a joke.

      1. This trailer was from a LONG time ago. If you read the article, the quote says the developers have basically improved everything since then.

      2. Now how the hell could you judge the game when you haven’t even watch the entire footage.Some gamers are so easy to get on board on which sucks and which doesn’t.

    1. Yep. It’s right at the top of my most anticipated games list. Just above Barbie Adventure and Cooking Mama.

      1. I don’t know about Barbie, and while it isn’t my type of game, Cooking Mama has been quite the popular series. The DS games have sold millions of copies.

        I doubt that this ATV game will sell even close to that much, but I’m sure some people will still enjoy it. There’s always that niche group who will buy and enjoy these type of games.

        1. Im puzzled how people who doesnt like something force others not to like it too,you may have saw in my comments that i dont like sertain games and console but trying to convincente some1 just cause they dont like is stupid.

    1. You do know ds games are avalible in retail? And graphics is not the only way to measure retail quality, for me retail quality is a very long game whit many game modes and online features.

  2. They should of gone with a more Vibrant & Colorful Art Style like Cel Shade because the Realistic looking Graphics they’re trying to go for looks like Sh*t. (;

  3. I do appreciate Renegade Kid and their game, Mutant Mudds, but I dont think they’ll be able to pull it off because so far, they arent doing so good in 3d gaming. But, I’ll check it out!

  4. That is one nice looking PS1 game. You have GOT to be kidding me. Renegade Kid is really starting to piss me off. From releasing Mutant Mudds for $10.00 on the eshop, then turning around and selling THE SAME GAME with ADDED CONTENT to IOS for a buck, to his shitty ass comments about pulling support due to “piracy concerns” when he devs for the PC which has the highest piracy percentage out there. This one takes the cake. If you’re just gonna pump the shop full of DS-level shovelware, piracy will shoot up just to get your sorry asses off the platform.

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