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‘Pokémon Rainbow’ For Nintendo 3DS And Pokémon Wii U Application Being Revealed Tomorrow?

pokemonAccording to an anonymous source who’s apparently successfully leaked Pokémon-related news in the past, the big Pokémon news being revealed tomorrow, via a short Nintendo Direct broadcast, will focus on two new projects – an original game for Nintendo 3DS and an application for Wii U.

The source claims that ‘Pokémon Rainbow’ is in the works for Nintendo 3DS. The unconfirmed game will supposedly encompass the settings and Pokémon creatures from generations one to four. The source also claims that a Wii U application featuring a globe with five Pokémon – Pikachu, Munna Treeko, Cyndaquil and Piplup – on its logo will be introduced.

This is what the anonymous source wrote in its entirety:

The announcement is, more or less, a love letter to the franchise. It’s being called Pokemon Rainbow, a 3DS game that encompasses the settings and Pokemon from generations 1-4: Red and Blue, Gold and Silver, Ruby and Sapphire, and Diamond and Pearl. You can take my word for it that the graphics are done up very nicely. The perspective is similar to what you’d expect from Pokemon games, but the camera is much more dynamic. The graphical style is characterized by very clean, dark lines. Almost cartoonish, but not quite. Battles look radically different, and move away from the use of pixel art. Though it seems that the interface is still made of pixels. The battle that it shown is between a totally new trainer and a wild Weedle. The trainer uses a Pikachu.

I’m not privy to any story details, as I only know what will be announced tomorrow. The story is concurrent with Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 in terms of timeline. There are over 20 new Pokemon, and two will be revealed tomorrow. One is an evolution of an older Pokemon Eevee, called Draconeon. The other is a totally new Pokemon, called Verbill. It looks like a rodent, much like the Pokemon Patrat, but has a sort of pirate theme going on.

A Wii U app will be launched along with the game, which will be announced tomorrow. However, all that will be said is that the app will be addressed “at a later date”. The logo for the app features a globe with Pikachu, Munna, Treeko, Cyndaquil, and Piplup popping out from various countries.

212 thoughts on “‘Pokémon Rainbow’ For Nintendo 3DS And Pokémon Wii U Application Being Revealed Tomorrow?”

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              1. Sir/Madam
                Thank you for being the greatest person I have ever seen on this website a wish you the best in your life.


        I am Miltanking Serebii Joe baby, MILTANKING HIS ANAL FISSURES!!


    1. Cannot they come up with a better name than Red, Sapphire, Black?

      That’s what I thought. ‘Sides, Rainbow is the best name for it, because of all the colorful Pokemon and Gen 1-4.

        1. Nintendo??? I didn’t know they made the pokemon games. Also that’s just opinion. I really didn’t like 4th gen but the meta game turned out nice with the physical and special attack moves split. I like 5th gen a whole lot more though.

          1. Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum. Gens I and V are the only ones named after colours

              1. I thought you had me there but I searched it up. Black and white are colours not shades because you can’t have pale black or something like that. In reality Black is the absence of colour and White is all colours

                1. other way around. If you mix all the colours together you get black however there is no way to make white by combining colours.

      1. thekidnintendowiiman

        I’m betting my money that they’ll release Gen 5 pokemon as DLC, don’t know if they’ll be paid or not.

    2. Well if its true and its branching these gens together then it would more or less be a rainbow… thats sparkly… and has a dark and light side

  1. “Generations 1-4”

    *BEEP* i don’t think so. Gen 5 has been running for a good 2 years, i doubt this is legit

  2. I admit I did a girly sqwee at the news but it’s just one day away and this will take away from when pokemon spin-off 3ds is announced and everyone will go. why isn’t pokemon rainbow real

  3. Hm… Kinda doubtful, because the source claimed how there would be generations 1-4, but also mentioned Munna, followed by Black and White 2. With the odd addition of only twenty new Pokemon being suspicious as well. And wouldn’t they just use the 3D models from Pokedex 3D? I mean, that seemed to be the idea when it launched first, make the 3D models and maybe some minor profit with Pro. But hey, they might be right and it could be rad as all hell. Or it could be wrong, and Nintendo has another plan. Oh well, I can wait, it’s only a day after all.

    1. Exactly. Not only is this information fishy, but the fact that the guy is an anonymous informant only makes it worse. It’d be cool if it were true, but this is awfully convenient.

      1. If this was true, which I doubt. The person being anonymous doesn’t make it suspicious because, the person could get fired for even speaking about it.

    2. The thing is GameFreak like the 2D pixels, they said they wanted to stretch out till the very limit using 2D pixels. They’ve never actually developed a 3D Pokemon title ever.

  4. If this is tru and it’s still the same type of top down view camera I’ll be a little disappointed but considering it’s not a console game I guess it wouldn’t b a surprise Still would definitely get it tho lol

  5. It sounds legit. I mean concidering it has its own Nintendo Direct, the story seems up to proportion from what we were told, the source is somewhat trustable, andit would be completely idiotic to make such a story, that will be confirmed within 24 hours.

    1. um, anyone can make pokemon names, just from 2-3 words, eeveelutions? i have heard Draconeon a LOT of times during pokemon main series releases.

      i doubt its true, but if its true, well… im ok with that :D

  6. How interesting! A NEW EEVEE-LUTION!! YESSS!! I WISH THIS COULD BE TRUE!! If this is, awesome! This just made Generation 5 even more epic! Maybe we’ll see some more old pokemon with new evolutions or pre-evolutions out of those new Pokemon being introduced! And I hope this game is a full-throttle Pokemon battle-base game! And did anyone get the idea that Ash might be that trainer with the Pikachu? Hope not! xD

  7. This sounds decent to me……. Don’t see why everyone is having a hissy fit…..

    This isn’t the last 3DS pokemon game that’s coming out , it’s just the beginning (if true)

    1. I like the idea of the game but … Pokemon Rainbow? Now Im sure they could have thought have something better than that.

      1. Pokemon and the Psychedelically mixed colors of 4 generations ?

        Now that would be a sweet game. Instead of a bike you get a Volkswagen camper van….

      2. Man, the called their console, “WiiU,” I’m afraid Pokemon Rainbow is totally possible, and Nintendo (along w game freak) need to hire someone to name their shit so they stop naming their shit shitty names.

        If it’s in 3D, with an upgrade to the graphics, I’ll give it a try.

  8. Sounds perfectly fine. I can’t wait to see if this is true. People have been wanting this since ruby and sapphire came out!

  9. 20 new pokemon… are they gonna start doing smaller amounts of new pkmn?
    I don’t think from a software standpoint they can keep dropping 100+ pkmn every few years.

    1. Maybe the First Step to DLCs… a couple of new pokemon every few month to keep us interested… might be nice actually.

        1. I most definitely am. Did you know playing pokemon is dramatically more cool than playing CoD ? I’m talking real cool m not common ”Cool fool”.

          Pokemon is awesome ,l Don’t give a shit what you or anyone else thinks of someone else for playing it…..

          1. 1. I don’t really like CoD
            2. If you are an adult playing Pokemon you need mental help
            3. Keep telling yourself that you are cool, if you do it enough you’ll eventually believe it, even though it couldn’t be farther from the truth

            1. I am technically an adult who plays Pokemon. Just turned 18! Who says you have to stop having fun just because you reach a certain age… ITS ONLY BUT A NUMBER!!!

                1. I would be if I RAPED CHILDREn… but seeing as playing Pokemon has absolutely NOTHING to do with that… I guess I am not a pedophile.

            2. I don’t need anyone to tell me over the internet how ”cool” I am lol. I’ve been there done it and got the fucking T-shirt kid. I’m 21.

              I’ve done all types of drugs with all types of college chicks and beyond. I partied so hard in life from the age of about 15 that I went Nuts.

              Hate to sound like I’m bragging , but regardless of the fact that I like Nintendo or pokemon amongst many other games , I do know a thing or two about being cool.

              You on the other hand , suck….

              1. “I’ve done all types of drugs with all types of college chicks and beyond. I partied so hard in life from the age of about 15 that I went Nuts.”

                That isn’t cool and it’s not bragging. It just makes you look like a douche.

                1. I’ll take Douche as a complement :)

                  Basically , I Partied every fucking day for about 4 years. That’s all I’m trying to say.

                  It’s annoying that i have some asshat trying to call me uncool through the internet because I like Pokemon. Pokemon is cool where I come from.

                  Like only the cool people play Pokemon , all the stupid , common kids play Fifa , CoD etc…

                  1. He’s obviously a troll, he came to a comment section where clearly everyone there is gonna like Pokemon. Just snorlax, man.

                  2. the mere fact that you have come with the intension of bashing some really awesome games, online for kicks tells me that your bewildering youthfulness is slipping away. especially coming from some former party animal. Im pretty sure anyone would give more respect to a Pokemon player than a shrivelling fun sponge like yourself. you’re just a dick :)

                2. Lay off him. Who are you to judge? If a guy wants to drink a beer, no one raises a fuss. A guy wants to smoke a bowl for the exact same reason as the beer drinker, but doesn’t like alcohol. That makes him a douche? No. That makes you a narrow minded and intolerant twat. Go play in traffic.

                  1. You must be a pro drug advocate. I’ve lost friends to drugs who though it was “cool”. That’s why I judge now.

            3. Not gonna lie dude, I got a wife and a well paying job. I still play pokemon. I know you’re trollling and all, but I’m pretty proud of that haha. Oh I also had that whole crazy college experience that other guy was talking about. Some fun years. But yeah, to anyone who thinks you can outgrow pokemon.

    1. Everything sounds stupid when it’s announced. Like Pokemon Black and White, people said, “Have they ran out of colours?” I think it sounds cool.

  10. This sounds pretty real to me. I mean, there is sooo much detail in the leak that it seems believeable. Usually “jokes” are very lacking in detail. Plus, why would someone ruin their reputation of posting leaks by making a false claim? ALSO!! I sooo want this to be true! I am like wicked excited that it is!!! COME ON! Bring me Pokemon Rainbow!! P.S I like the name :P

      1. If your talking about the NSMB series then I agree with you. But 3D Mario agmes and the original Super Mario Bros. trilodgy are some of the highest rated, most innovative games of all-time.

        1. I am implying that you think CoD is for “adults” and then I am saying(through my implication) that you are wrong.

          1. I don’t like CoD. Read my original comment again. In no way was I implying CoD is for adults. I didn’t even mention CoD.

            1. I implied that you think CoD is for “adults” because you seem to think you know all the “age requirements” for videogames. If you so ignorantly believe that Pokemon is only for children that makes me assume that you are also the type of ignorant fool who believes CoD is awesome and for “mature adults.” I think you need to look into the assumptions of my arguments a little more. I never said you “actually” thought this…. Thats why it is an ASSUMPTION!

                1. well mister “i know everything about everything” Pokemon is for all ages hince it’s rating E for Everyone, not C for Child or L for Loser, honestly if you think its for kids then why didn’t you just not comment at all, didn’t your mother tell you “if you don’t have anything nice to say, dont say it at all”? and before you go accusing me of being said brat i’ll have you know im possibly double your age and i still play. this stating that Pokemon is for those who find enjoyment in competition with battling others and getting stronger. if you dont like it then your far welcome to hate it, just keep it to yourself. us “snot nosed brats” as you say, do not want to hear your Futile griping on a topic you clearly dislike

                  PS. find me some proof that it is for snot nosed brats and i dont mean your bias, i mean hard actual proof that it is for kids and ill leave this alone, and i also want to hear from this source aswell. til then, quit griping and deal with it, its not like your actually gonna persuade someone into not buying it just because you hate it… that’s just childish in it’s own right.

                  PSS. just because we’re not out doing the stuff you would call normal [ listening to rap, getting drunk, smoking, being whores by having sex with every girl and spreading aids] does not mean we are “kids” it just means you need to grow up.

    1. Its just fun. That’s why. Its a well made and addictive rpg, in a sense its a lot like cod, a solid first person shooter, that is ikncredibly repetative and never changing it doesn’t mean its bad, and for some people it isn’t there thing, and I’m fine with that. But for me its my second favorite game series with Halo on top!

    2. I don’t think you’ve ever discovered that an evolving(no pun intended) competitive meta game exists…Since 8 years too.

    3. pokemon take more strategy then zelda & mario i love mario & zelda but pokemon a deep game it self. It take a patients & hard work that alot of games don’t offer anymore. So it’s far from childish, don’t let the cuteness fool you. you’re only as good as u make yourself

  11. Yes! Finally! I hope this is real! I’m not too excited about that name! But who cares! It sounds epic!!! The game I bought a 3DS for is finally coming!

  12. I really don’t believe this. The only way I’ll believe it is if I wake up tomorrow morning and see this news on Serebii. It makes no sense. Why would the game only be Gen. 1-4 with no mention of Gen 5 then add 20 NEW Pokemon on top of that? It makes no sense to leave out a whole Gen.

    1. Well black 2 and white 2 just came out basically, so why would you make it so that it would stop selling. To me it makes perfect sense. Its so they don’t kill of black and white 2 sales. While still mkaking EVEN more money with this game. I hope its real. I believe it 80%

    2. You do realize he said that the game’s event will be happening at the same time as the b/w games right? Not saying it changes your point, just saying there WAS mention of gen 5.

  13. Pokemon rainbow confirmed as fake! The next gen will be revealed tomorrow. They will reveal the starters and title of the two versions.

  14. OMFG!!! I’m a fan of Eevee and its evolutions so hearing that has brightened up my night!!! Even though I’ll be in class tomorrow I’m gonna try and catch what the news is about on the Pokemon site. So looking forward to this! ^___^

  15. Sounds amazing if it’s real, can’t wait to see what Pokemon would look like in a 3D-ish world instead of the pixelated mess that we’re used to. The gen 1-4 idea sounds awesome too, it would be a nostalgia overload

    1. pixelated mess? Ouch dude, I grew up with that “mess.” I love it, although I will admit it’s time for a change

  16. I always thought they’d eventually make a Pokemon Rainbow game. Only question is, what would the second title be called? If Rainbow is one, what’s the other? Clear? Invisible? Blank? Hmm……

    1. But how would they possibly make a new Pokemon game after ‘Rainbow’ if this game has all regions? Wouldn’t that cause problems?

      1. No, think about it. If this is true, well it clearly says that it includes only gens 1 to 4, clearly leaving room for more games to come after Black and White, it’s more like they’re rapping up the previous generations of Pokemon and preparing the fans for something new.
        Also, Nintendo clearly advertised the announcement as something that would “evolve the world of Pokemon” not end it.

  17. All I know is that this big announcement isn’t Pokemon Ranger, or any other pokemon spin off games, or something big for the Wii U(the Wii U isn’t selling that well from what I’ve heard). Probably sixth gen, or a remake of some kind. But no remake has been big enough to receive this much hype.

    1. I figured if the U isn’t selling, putting Pokemon on it would be one of the best things they could do, but we just can’t know… till tomorrow.

  18. Pokemon Rainbow…does that mean the pokemon on the boxart will be Ho-Oh? He does leave a rainbow when he flies. It’s just a rumor since it sounds too good to be true, but if it was, this is as close to having a pokemon mmo we’ll ever get, since it’ll have almost all the regions.

    1. Man, I will die If gamefreak made a good pokemon rhythm game like Square Enix Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Not the Harmoknight, I want the real symphony of Pokemon music and not the funky sounds. Now thats will be epic. Otherwise including the Gameboy Retro Sounds in the game will be freakin sick, just like they did with SS and HG.

      1. No way! I personally love the unique upbeat themes that Gamefreak composes for each of their games. It makes the games different in a way. Also, them trumpets in RSE and BW are nice.

        1. Opps read my post twice, yep thats exactly what I want originals 8_bit, updated one and all the original tracks created by gamefreak, but have you seen gamefreaks harmoknights rhythm game featured pokemon songs, they have weird noices rather than keeping the track original, I was sad to find that out.

  19. Will either be
    -Pokemon Ranch U
    -Pokemon Dash 3D
    -Pokemon Pinball Black and White “hopefully”
    -Pokemon Ranger 4
    or another games similar to the ones on Gamecube/Wii
    It WILL NOT e the next entry in the main series especially since it usually takes them 3-4 years to release them and black and white just came out laste year.

    1. Why would they set up an entire Nintendo Direct JUST a a stupid spin-off? It’s gonna be big. Plus, if I remember correctly, they said Gen V would be shorter than the other ones.

  20. “I’m not privy to any story details, as I only know what will be announced tomorrow. The story is concurrent with Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 in terms of timeline. There are over 20 new Pokemon, and two will be revealed tomorrow.”
    So you only know what’s going to be announced tomorrow, but you know there are additional new Pokemon besides those being announced?? Way to contradict yourself in the span of two sentences. Doesn’t help much with the credibility here.
    Plus it all seems too fanservicey to be real to me.
    “Look everyone! A new Eeveelution like you all wanted!! And since you hated gen V, it’s not there!! PLUS YOU CAN GO TO ALL DA REGIONS WOWEEEE”

    1. I like the way you think sir!
      But however “fanservicey” it seems, it’s also just the sort of crap Nintendo would pull to save face on their last few “mistakes” (Mainly Paper Mario 3D and the fact that we don’t yet have a real Pokemon game on the 3DS)
      Anyway, we’ll all know soon enough.

  21. If this is true, then it’s probably going to feature a new protagonist and storyline rather than being a remake of Gen I through 4.

    I would’ve liked a remake of Ruby/Sapphire though, but visiting the region again with a new story and protagonist would be nice.

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  23. You guys we have to use our facts. Recently, red genesect was unvield, also Gemesect hasn’t been mentioned yet in the games, so we’ll probably see a BW 3 or it might not even be called BW3. New legendary pokemon could be announced for the sequel too.

  24. The only thing here I’ll put any faith in is the part about the new Eevee evolution, because, for those of you who don’t follow the official Pokemon twitter, they posted a tweet titles “trivia time” just yesterday, asking fans if they know how many Eevee evolutions there are, which of course was a trick question as well as a hint related to tomorrow’s (or rather today’s depending on your time zone) announcement.
    It’s elementary my dear Watson *smokes pipe*

  25. The name Pokemon Rainbow seems quite strange, as Ho-Oh! is already known as the “Rainbow Pokemon”
    So unless they have a bunch of other versions, with different names, the use of the name “Pokemon Rainbow” is not only ridiculous, but will once again, confuse the hell out of google.

  26. I don’t believe this at all because of a minor point that the anonymous source claims. Why would this game only include Pokémon from Gen I-IV? Why exclude the fifth generation of Pokémon? I could understand not being able to physically visit the Unova region because Black 2 and White 2 just came out a few months ago. But why exclude the said Pokémon from the region? When they remade Red and Green, and Gold and Silver, they didn’t exclude the newer generations just because they didn’t exist at the time of the original games releases.

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  28. U guys are all idiots. The New Pokemon game is X & Y and is a proper 3D Game in third person. It is not a wrap up of all previous versions as we are working on a remake of Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. I believe this is also 3D but IDK cause I’m not on the test team or visual or ideas team. And no not telling the plot line. Go effin buy it and see

  29. Sono impressionato dalla qualit delle informazioni su questo sito. Ci sono un sacco di buone risorse qui. Sono sicuro che visiter di nuovo il vostro blog molto presto.

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