Nintendo has announced that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, which are exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, will be launching simultaneously worldwide this October. Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie are the names of the three starter Pokemon. You can watch the trailer here.



  1. Most impressed here. Though I’m not really wowed by the starters, I have to say the legendaries don’t look bad. The title “X” and “Y” sounds cool too. I’m quite excited.


  2. X and Y make me think they’re going to the basis of life: Chronozomes LOL

    But in all seriousness, I’m extremely excited to hear what changes we’ll be seeing this time around. b/w didn’t add a whole lot other than animated sprites and some story telling. Having my fingers crossed for more balance this time around for multiplayer!


  3. I’m not feeling it guys I’ve lost the hype for Pokemon: they finally ran out of colours 3D
    Sorry but I can’t do it. I liked the 2d pixels.
    I can’t do it anymore…


  4. me and my girlfried play one game each, but still havent gotten round to black/white 2. now there is a new one out soonish. i dont know if i should just skip b/w 2 and wait for x/y because this looks so fun


    • If you don’t have anything else to play on ds I’d go for black or white 2 since they are really fun. I just bought white 2 not too long ago and I don’t have regrets even after the new 3ds versions Just being announced


  5. My God
    The rise in 3DS sales when these games release would be almost catastrophic
    Ill be waiting desperately ofcourse for this game


  6. Such a beautiful news day! It’s announcements like these that make me a proud owner of the Nintendo 3DS since its release.

    All of these wonderful memories of my childhood just came back rushing towards me at full force when watching this trailer. :’)

    The new 3D engine looks amazing! I’ll definitely be downloading this on its midnight October 2013 release on the Nintendo eShop! :D

    On that note, I’ll also be getting Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate. Hopefully, we get some new RE news at E3 this year. They need to do a reboot of the series as their last great RE game was Revelations.

    This news, on top of whatever is planned for 3DS and Wii U this year, leaves me chucking my credit card at my Nintendo 3DS and Wii U GamePad.


  7. The name of this generation is clever as hell. X and Y are the coordinates for 2D grid/chart. Third game will be Z. They’ll have all the values for a point in 3D space.


  8. Okay we get that Pokemon isn’t manly! But my childhood days were the best and I can relive them and rewind with Pokemon and as an adult Pokemon has more depth and challenges. This looks epic so grow up.


  9. OCTOBER? Man, nearly a whole freakin’ YEAR away? Good thing I’m not a total die-hard Pokemon fan who needs my games or I’ll go crazy.


  10. Never before have I been more excited for a Pokemon game. I am loving the new look of it with the cel-shadeish graphics and 3D display. It gives a new look to the worn out battle sequences and makes them look more interesting. I’m also interested in all of the features that Pokemon X and Y can take advantage of. I imagine we will eventually see Pokemon AR cards and I’m also sure the Pokedex 3D Pro as well as Pokemon Dream Radar will come into play with this game. There will also more than likely be video chat for online play like there was for DSi users in the last couple of Pokemon games. Can’t wait until October 2013.


  11. Lmfao.
    Bill is still butthurt? Come on man, why are you talking shit about Pokémon if it’s better than CoD. Are you living in your mom’s basement?


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